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How do you hide apps from a Samsung phone?

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Want to hide apps on your Samsung smartphone? It is easy. Just tap a few buttons.

Let’s move on to the important stuff.

How can you hide apps from your Samsung Smartphone

This guide is for Samsung Android smartphones. Samsung uses OneUI as its Android software.

  1. Go on to your home screen. Click in that area. Long press on the blank spot.
  2. You have the option to choose Homescreen settings or settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and choose the Hide app.
  4. Select all of the apps that you wish to hide. Then click Apply. Alternatively, click on Done.

After an app is deleted, It will disappear in your app drawer. But it will still be visible when browsing your apps via Settings.

To hide an application, go back to the Hide App page. Click on the apps that you wish to unhide then click Apply.

Can you hide apps easily?

Hide apps on your Samsung phone. But is that enough? Google’s Digital Wellbeing can be used to help determine when it is time for you to disconnect.

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