Firefox is great, so why has it lost almost 50 million users?

Reddit user noticed that Firefox had lost 46 million users in the past three years according to Mozilla’s Public data Report. PC Gamer reports that Firefox still has 198 million monthly active users. However, this figure was higher at 244 million at the end 2018.

Firefox was once the most popular browser on the internet, but it now accounts for less than 3% of browser usage. Firefox was used by 30% of web browser users in 2008, trailing Internet Explorer’s 60%. Firefox currently ranks in the first place on our top web browsers. But, if Firefox is so much better than its competition, then why are people abandoning it?

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Google out-muscles

There are several reasons that the migration is occurring and why Chrome is most benefitting. Google’s web browser is the best for many websites. It allows for faster loading times and easier access to other products in its ecosystem, such as Google Sheets or Google Meet.

Chrome is preferred over other browsers by many businesses that use G suite. Chrome is the default browser on Android devices. Google will also encourage you to install Chrome if you are using another browser such as Edge.



Edge, which is now built on Chromium, offers more compelling advantages than Microsoft’s now-defunct Internet Explorer. It supports Chrome extensions and instant web compatibility.

Firefox comes with its own add-ons and Firefox users who have been using Firefox for a while will be familiar with its privacy protection. However, recent Firefox updates feel a little lackluster and are noticeably slower than Chromium browsers. Many users will choose the path of least resistance. Given Microsoft and Google’s irritating ad campaigns, it’s not surprising that many people will eventually give in to their demands and use their products.

Although Google’s anti-competitive strategy over browsers is concerning, Firefox won’t disappear overnight. Even though it is being beaten down by Chromium-based rivals. ItsFoss (opens new tab), originally reported on nixcraft’s Reddit thread, recommends downloading Firefox to use as a secondary browser to fight against Google’s search for dominance. While it’s easy to argue against, we doubt this will be practical.

Mozilla must improve its performance to match Chromium’s if it is to be a viable alternative. It won’t help that your favorite websites take forever to load.


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