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Endless Runner Games like Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfer is a game almost everyone has heard of if they own a smartphone. You can play the endless running game on any operating system, mobile or desktop. You played the role of a teenager running on the subway in order to escape an inspector with his faithful, but a fierce dog.

These games are popular for a variety of reasons. There is no obligation to complete certain levels or missions. You don’t have to play the game for a certain time. You can play for as little as a minute or as long as you like in this endless-running genre game. You can still enjoy the game, even if you fail to complete a mission. You will also be chased by an inspector every so often. Finally, the competition is minimal, making it easy for players to play the game in their own way. You will likely get bored if you play the game for too long. Here are 15 awesome Android games similar to Subway Surfers:

1. Sonic Dash

Temple Run is the first game that springs to mind when you think of Subway Surfers alternatives. Temple Run is not on our top ten list because of one thing. It’s the “level of seriousness”. Sonic dash is like Subway Surfers but it’s a fun and merry game. The gameplay of Sonic dash was developed by Hardlight. It is very similar to Subway Surfers. Sonic must complete levels while collecting rings and avoiding enemies and obstacles. When you are jumping or sliding, your camera angles change frequently to give you a clear view of your surroundings. These beautiful rendered in 3D. You will enjoy the graphics and the variety of soundtracks that are available to keep you entertained.

Sonic isn’t constantly being chased by anyone. Other characters, such as Subway Surfers, can be unlocked at higher levels. In-app purchases allow you to purchase power-ups or boosts.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

2. Temple Run 2

It is difficult to decide which game is best. Subway Surfers or Temple Run. We’ll just skip that part and make the comparison as follows. The more serious endless running game is Temple Run. While being pursued by a Guerrilla, you have to avoid obstacles and keep yourself from falling over the edge. Imangi Studios have downloaded the game over a billion times. The plot leads to unlocking more characters. You can run on minecarts or zip lines and jump over and underneath obstacles that relate to your environment.

Instead of swiping the characters, you can tilt the device to move sideways. This game is more advanced than its clones and rivals. This game is one that inspired hundreds upon scores of clones.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

3. Zombie Highway 2

Another endless runner game where you must drive along a road for hours while trying to avoid zombies. The game does not have a human player but requires you to drive vehicles. Zombies are obstacles that try to turn vehicles around. You can only overturn the zombies if your vehicle is more advanced. This is why the player is constantly motivated to play more and make more. There are many guns available to you, including sidearms, explosives, and bio arms. To avoid running out, ammo must be planned in advance.

You will find it more difficult to kill zombies as you progress through the game. Keep your ammo safe for the final stages, when you will be most in need.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

4. Jetpack Joyride

is a side-scrolling game, so it has a different gameplay than Subway Surfers. However, the game offers the same fun. Halfbrick Studios created this action-adventure in which Barry Steakfries steals an advanced jetpack at a secret military lab. Barry must overcome obstacles such as laser beams, zappers, and missiles to finish his run. It is easy to use, the graphics are high-quality, and the gameplay is addictive. If you are looking for some entertainment, it is worth a try.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

5. Into The Dead

This game is fun, even though it’s not as popular as Subway Surfers. This game is a bit different. You must fight for your life against a relentless horde of zombies, who will stop at nothing. You can also purchase in-app items to enhance your game experience. Enjoy the spooky graphics and a thrilling experience. You can pick up weapons from the sides and run to assist you in your survival mission.

The game was developed by PikPok and is a must-have for all mobile phones. It is a simple game, but it offers immersive gameplay. The only problem is that players cannot aim their weapons at zombies directly in front of them while giving those at the sides the opportunity to kill them.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

6. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

A player must control one of three Minions: Carl, Dave, or Jerry to earn the title of “Minion Of The Year”. As a reward, you will earn bananas by playing funny fast-paced challenges. Unless they have power-ups that allow them to avoid bosses and obstacles, minions must not be attacked by them.

The game features many modes including special missions, global events, and races that are limited-time. Gameloft developed the game after the animated film Despicable Me. This game is for fans of running games and Minions.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

7. Rail Rush

The game is a thrilling adventure that puts the player in the shoes of Bob Molenchaser as he travels through the mines. While you must stay alive, you will face dangers such as volcanic hot water or other dangerous obstacles in the mines. Jump over the broken tracks to grab gold and gems, while you tilt, weave, and avoid obstacles.

Once you have completed one challenge, there are more. The challenges are much more frequent than in other running games, giving this game a more challenging feeling. This game requires focus and quickness of mind. You can change the characters and purchase additional equipment to make this game even more enjoyable.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

8. Agent Dash

It is fascinating to imagine yourself as a secret agent. This is the same idea that’s incorporated into this game. You dress up as a secret agent and run endlessly across enemy territory, trying to destroy everything you come across while avoiding traps. The game is similar to Subway Surfers and Temple Run, except that your character can carry ammo so he can shoot at different targets. The gems can be used to upgrade characters and buy new ones throughout the game. This game is easy to play and addictive. It is an excellent contender for Subway Surfers in terms of entertainment.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

9. Giant Boulder Of The Death

It is an endless running game. The character is a rock. You can move sideways or jump to avoid obstacles and destroy the targets. Instead of collecting coins you can destroy trees, smash cars, yetis, and golden cows. You basically have to crush everything that comes in your path. PikPok has succeeded in satisfying your killer instinct. As, you will roll down the mountain track, obliterating all in your path.

You can also upgrade to a spiky stone and face any obstacles with strength. You can earn gold and gems as you go. You can compare your scores to those of your friends by connecting the game to your Facebook account. You must complete as many objectives as possible without being obstructed.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

10. One Epic Knight

Another endless runner. This time is a character dressed up as a knight. You might be wondering why a knight? You will have to confront some dangerous enemies along the way. Either you have to defeat them with your sword or you can move to the sides to avoid them. While shields can help you overcome some obstacles, they do not protect you from all of them.

As a reward for your bravery, there are coins and coin chests along the route. You can also use these coins as currency to increase your strength. The tracks are intricate, the falls are high, and the obstacles are difficult. If you are a fan of medieval heroes, this game is worth playing.

Availability: Google Play (Free)

11. Monster Dash

Halfbrick Studios has a new endless runner game called Monster Dash. You can run on the traditional Arabian rooftops in the side-scrolling game. Jump to avoid falling and avoid spiky obstacles. Kill all enemies along the way before you get hit three times. To unlock more surprises, pick the hearts that shape your lives and shoot the boxes containing upgrades. You can chase down monsters in 6 locations. Portal-hopping is possible.

The soothing Sufi music that plays in the background is a unique feature. This makes the game even more appealing to me. Halfbrick keeps the game fresh by providing regular updates. This game, although not the most popular in the Play Store, is sure to be a lot of fun if you give the game a chance.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

12. Ski Safari 2

Let’s make it more interesting and switch from running to skipping. Sky Safari 2 lets you navigate the hoverboards in the snow while trying to avoid a variety of obstacles. To earn more points, you can do front flips or backflips. You can also ride nearly all animals that live in snowy areas. Sea Lions, Penguins, and even a bird that takes you so high up that you can do a dozen stylish flips while you’re on your way down. You can break into houses to steal items that will help you on your way. You’ll be reminded of Subway Surfers by the gameplay and the music.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

13. Canabalt

Canabalt has the right game for you if you are tired of all the power-ups and coins. Jump and run. It’s that simple. Canabalt is a running game that packs as much charm and visuals as any other endless running game. You must avoid certain obstacles in this side-scrolling, fast-paced game. You will be slower if you hit an obstacle. This can also affect your ability to do certain jumps. The background view is one of the most interesting aspects of this game.

Semi secret software also went the extra mile to include those details. Robots can be seen destroying everything. There are flying ships and smoke coming from burning buildings. The game has a gritty feel. You will find the game addictive thanks to the combination of a futuristic scenario and chilling music running.

Availability YouTube Play (Paid $2.99).

14. Hunger Crunch

Rice Bowls, a non-profit organization, developed Hunger Crunch. It takes you on a quest to solve hunger problems, one level at a. You can control Beasty simply by tapping the screen. The game requires you to avoid traps and hungry minions, while also keeping an eye out for enemies and candy. As you progress on your run, the game becomes more difficult. While it is possible to replay the same level several times, which can be boring, the game becomes more interesting once you move on to the next level.

To make you’re run more enjoyable, you can use the candy coins to purchase permanent upgrades or one-off power-ups. This game is fun and enjoyable. However, it also contains a beautiful message.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

15. Looney Tunes Dash

Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters are a favorite of many. As you may have guessed the Looney Tunes dash is an endless running game where you can run as Bugs Bunny while Elmer Fudd chases after you. This game has an endless number of goals and objectives. Slide, jump and smash your way to the end. You can also spend star ratings and coins to increase your power-ups or boost your favorite character. As a long-term objective, a Looney Tunes bin is added to the game. To unlock the complete Looney Tunes character set, you must fill up all the cards that you can find along the way.

Availability Google Play (Free when you purchase in-app items)

These Subway Surfers are Android Games

Subway Surfers can be a lot of fun, but if it is not for you, these endless running games are a great alternative. These are great running games. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by commenting below.

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