Buying A Used Electric Vehicle: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electric cars have long held a special place in our hearts because they are environmentally friendly. Over the last decade, electric vehicles have grown in popularity as consumers continue to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Since the first EV models were already around a decade ago (Renault Zoé, Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn, Tesla Model S, etc.), the second-hand market is starting to fill up with electric vehicles. That means an opportunity to sell a car in UAE and make a good deal by buying a pre-owned hybrid or EV.

Although it might seem scary at first glance to be a used EV if it is your first time shifting from conventional cars, buying a used vehicle can offer significant savings compared to purchasing a new one. What are some advantages and disadvantages associated with buying a pre-owned EV?

Advantages of Buying a Used EV

  • Low Maintenance costs

The feedback on the used electric vehicles is excellent: the biggest advantage over time is obviously at the level of the maintenance budget, which is much lower than that of conventional vehicles.

Devoid of wearing parts and regular maintenance points (oil changes, belts to change, fluids to check, etc.), the powertrains of electric vehicles make it possible to reduce operating costs as much as possible over the long term.

However, EVs are not immune to breaking. Some of the factors that affect the lifespan of an electric vehicle are

  • Driving habits

Bad driving habits shorten the vehicle’s lifespan and its resale value. Among these habits are hitting speed bumps, mounting sidewalks when you want to park, overloading the vehicle, and shifting from driving to the reverse position before the car stops.

If the car or 4WD has a skid plate it can minimize some of this damage. Skid plates may also be a good indicator of how well the car has been treated in the past.

  • Battery health status

No used car has a 100% performance battery. If you are lucky enough, you buy it while the guarantee is still active. However, you can use this point to negotiate the price as the battery’s age affects the car valuation in Dubai.

  • Lower Feuling Costs

Going electric means you can skip costly trips to the pump, saving money every month on gasoline bills. A study found that the average fueling cost of an electric car is $0.85 a mile, compared to $7.11 for a gas-fueled vehicle. EV Drivers spend About 60% less each year on fuel costs compared to gas-powered cars.

However, home charging gets you higher electricity bills. You can estimate how much you can save on fuel depending on the car’s efficiency. That is how far you can drive with a certain amount of charging.

You need more charging for long trips. And if you depend heavily on the charging stations, that will cost more.

But in the long run, EVs spend much less than petrol or gasoline vehicles.

Disadvantages of Buying a Used EV

  • Worries About Range

Despite the availability of charging stations in Dubai and other Emirates, going out on long journeys without considering the remaining charge level causes your vehicle to stop in the middle of the street – something that all electric car owners avoid.

To avoid the downsides of buying a used electric car, look for an electric car with enough charging range to cover the distance between where you live and your destination. If possible, buy a model that can travel for at least 500 kilometers before without recharging.

  • Battery Lifespan

A used electric car’s battery can lose significant power if the owner hasn’t properly maintained it. To get accurate information about the battery’s condition, one must take into account the vehicle owner’s habit of maintaining the car. Most vehicles are covered under warranty for a specific amount of time or mileage, so any problems detected before the end of that warranty period are fixable. By comparing the charging range indicated on the car’s manual to the actual charging ranges at fast charging stations and at-home chargers, one can determine whether the battery needs replacement or not.

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