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Logical DOC is a cloud-based document management solution. It is free software and supports all major DBMS. This document management system is built with a content repository and a set of automatic import procedures. It has been developed with Java technology. It supports various file formats, including Microsoft Office.

Logical DOC is a document management system

Logical DOC is a proprietary document management system that is designed to manage documents within an organization. It features an indexing system based on Lucene, an Activiti workflow system, and an automatic import procedure. It is developed using Java technology. It is designed for large enterprises and is capable of handling millions of documents.

LogicalDOC is a web-based document management solution that supports multiple levels of document organization. It also supports classification by tags and type, and allows for smart full-text searches. The user interface is easy to learn and implement within any office environment. Although the free version of LogicalDOC is limited, there are a few paid features that can expand your system’s functionality.

It is a cloud-based solution

Logical DOC is a cloud-delivered document management system (EDMS). It is designed to manage and store digital documents. It provides a flexible interface for collaborative document management. It also helps manage metadata and supports full-text search. It also allows users to view document versions from anywhere and access them from any device. It also offers barcode and optical character recognition technology for automating data entry using document templates.

The LogicalDOC system helps businesses store and share documents with their employees. With its drag and drop document upload feature, employees can quickly access and manage company documents. Other features of the system include optical character recognition, forms management, barcode recognition, duplicate detection, integrated document workflow, and event logging. The software supports a variety of languages.

It is 100% free software

LogicalDOC is a document management system based on Java technologies. It offers a web-based interface and supports most major DBMS. This open source software can be used with MySQL, MariaDB, PostreSQL, and Oracle databases. It can be installed on Linux, MacOS, and Windows platforms. It can be installed by following a Java-based installer. After installing the software, you’ll need to choose a database or a local-only file store and set up a default username. The program also has scripts that you can save for future installations.

LogicalDOC’s Community Edition is available for free. It’s distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The source code is available to the international community, and it’s free to use, modify, and redistribute. The software is free to download and use, and the developers offer a user community forum where you can post questions, find answers, and ask questions. It also comes with free Apps for Android and iOS devices.

It supports all major DBMS

LogicalDOC is an enterprise-grade document management solution for large and midsize organizations. Using a Java-based technology, LogicalDOC allows teams to co-author, manage, and track documents. Records are important for optimizing numbers and keeping records properly is important for business survival. In order to meet government and business regulations, record-keeping has become an important issue for businesses. In addition, businesses must keep track of recurring processes and documents.

DBMS are widely used for data management. They provide a platform to store and recover data, including transactional and non-transactional data. They also provide tools to manage database workloads. Modern DBMS support multiple database workloads and can handle distributed database scenarios. These systems also provide top-down views of data. Different DBMS come with a range of integrated tools and components. Some of these systems also support third-party tools or services that extend their functionality.

It is easy to use

LogicalDOC is a server-side application that lets users work on multiple documents at the same time. Its user-friendly interface helps users manage documents without having to install software on their computers. Moreover, LogicalDOC is compatible with most common web browsers. Its open source design allows multiple users to work together and reduce the time spent on managing proprietary software clients.

Its user-friendly interface and customizable functionality make LogicalDOC easy to use in an office environment. However, customizing it requires a certain level of programming knowledge. Moreover, the user manual may not be as clear as it could be. The free version of LogicalDOC has limited features, while the business and enterprise versions add more functions and additional user support.

It is secure

LogicalDOC has a security paper available that outlines its features and how they prevent attacks. It details the importance of using an integrated firewall and finding suspicious users. It also explains how to apply encryption to documents and files to protect them from hackers. The paper also explains why users should never share their password with many people.

The software supports cloud storage, allowing users to work on documents anywhere, anytime. It is also flexible, allowing businesses to set timers for activities.

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