Boost Mobile Phones 2017

A wireless telecommunications brand that is used by two countries that is united states and Australia is called boost mobile. The company was founded by Peter Adderton in Australia in 2000. this telecommunications brand was possessed by boost Tel PTY Limited in Australia. The Telstra 4G Mobile service is provided by the company. Its functions were performed by Dish Wireless LLC which is a Dish Network subsidiary in the United States. The T mobile phones network is used by Boost Mobile Phone company to supply wireless mobile service to its users in the United States. Boost mobile phones 2017 was the year in which these mobiles were sold in high quantity. 

Optus solutions licensed the boost mobile phones. Now more than 9000 boost mobile sims and starter kits are sold by the retail chain in different locations at its independent stores nationwide. The customer ID is used to sign up at the telecom stores. 

History of Boost Mobile phones

First, the boost mobiles were launched in New Zealand and Australia in 2000. later in 2001 peter Anderton, Kirt McMaster and Craig cooper introduced the mobile phone brand in the united states. After that, the company signed a joint venture agreement with Nextel Communications. In the early years of its joint venture with Nextel IDEN network, the company offered unlimited call service to its users. Only one dollar was charged for the service at that time when cell phones were not as famous they were offering free hour calls in one dollar. But unfortunately, this service was restricted to some areas including the areas of Nevada and California. Most of its marketing services were done in urban areas. Even the urban slags were mostly used in the advertisements. 

in 2003, the sole owner of the operations of boost mobile in the united states was shifted to Nextel Communications. Later in 2004, Sprint Communication acquire the boost mobile company and Nextel started to expand the company all over the united states. This announcement was made on December 15, 2004. after the merger agreement was approved in 2005, sprint corporation took possession of Nextel communications. And left the assistance of boost mobile company to sprint Nextel corporation. The old infrastructure of Nextel iDEN is still used by the boost mobile to offer its services. In 2006, they started a promotional technique by the name Unlimited by Boost Mobile by using the network of Sprint’s CDMA. The unlimited calls, internet and messages were offered by them. This helped them boost their overall growth. And the company refused to shift its ownership to CDMA completely. 

 Marketing of boost mobile phones

Many sponsorships, promotional activities and sports events were arranged by boost mobile phone companies to continuously market themselves among the other mobile phone companies. Another social media marketing technique that was used by the boost mobile company was lifestyle-orientation marketing. The young generation was targeted by the company to continue the promotion of its products. Since the inauguration of boost mobile phones in 2000, since then the company has focused its self to keeping Aussie youth to stay connected.

In 2018, a partnership was signed by the company with Stadium Super Trucks in America to grow the range of its products that are present in Australia. 

Launched phones of boost mobile phones

The Motorola i1 smartphone was launched by boost mobile in June 2010. it was the first iDEN based smartphone of boost which offer push to talk feature. In April 2011, another android phone Samsung Galaxy Prevail was launched. It was the first android phone of the company that was based on CDMA. 

Another most selling and popular smartphone of the time which was launched by the company was named BlackBerry Curve 9310 in July 2012. this mobile was widely sold all around the united states and helped to increase the growth of the company. 

In March 2013, another hot selling was released by them named HTC One SV and another android phone that is ZTE made boost force phone. It was the first device of the company that has the feature to use Sprint’s 4G LTE Network. The same year, another mobile was launched by the company which was named LG Optimus F7. it was the first device of the boost mobile phone company that enables a feature of removable Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) which is used for authentication of LTE network access. It is the SIM Card module that has the new pattern of subscriber identity.

Lumia mobile phone series was launched by the company in December 2014. it was the company’s first android phone that uses Microsoft Windows Phone which is was used to be an effective and one of the widely used operating systems all around the world. 

In 2015, the NETGEAR Fuse series was launched by the boost mobile phones. That was the first mobile phone by the company that has a wi-fi hotspot feature so that it can be easily connected with the other wifi devices. 

There were many different strategies that were used by most mobile companies to increase their growth such as a mobile app of boost mobile was also launched. Through this app boost, the mobile account can be easily managed. Payments can be made such as AutoPay. It also helps the users to check their usage and much more and all from online. The boost mobile company announced an offer that users s who signed up to the boost mobile service before the 15th of October 2021 will get unlimited mobile networks and MBs.  

They have spent much on online platforms so that they can make advertisements for their products. The promotional activities and information related to the product were posted by them on social media accounts. Continuous conservation with the followers and replies to their email messages were given by them so that people get more engaged with their product. This helps them to increase their overall sales and helps the company to effectively work in the industry. 

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