Best document management software of 2022

Document management software that is the best makes it easy for a team to manage files.

As the idea of a paperless office becomes a reality, document management is becoming more important. This is especially true with the rise in cloud storage (opens new tab).

Instead of keeping paper in bulky file cabinets, documents can be securely stored online. It’s not about just archiving information. The whole process of document management can be made easier by using branded templates and collaboration tools. You also have the ability to sort through technical information. This is on top of the general document management (opens new tab).

Document management software (DMS), must be capable of working with different file types. This includes office software (opens new tab),note-taking applications (opens new tab), technical plans and images, as well as legacy file formats. It will now also support esigning technology (opens new tab).

Many suppliers and contractors still deal with paper so any DMS must have a Document Scanning (opens new tab), solution. This can often be used as a standalone or as part of an OCR scanner software (opens new tab), package.

Although the paperless office was a long time in coming, it is finally here for those who are ready to embrace it. These are the top document management software options.

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1. Templafy

An all-in-one document management solution

VISIT SITE (opens in new tab)

Simple to use interface

Numerous features

Mobile apps

Automated compliance checking

Templafy has been voted one of the most useful document management software available. It aims to connect essential office suites and other solutions that are used daily by businesses.

It can be frustrating to have to create brand documents with different software. Templafy is able to help you avoid this. It allows you to create multiple files and manage them all from one feed.

It is compatible with many devices. The cloud allows you to access all of your documents from any device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can also perform compliance checks and give feedback to employees.

For a quote on pricing, contact us. Not surprisingly, the cost of the service will depend on how many users are using it, as well as the features and add-ons that they offer.

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2. M-Files

Software that detects duplicates in documents

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Handy integrationsMobile appsDocument alerts

M-Files is a document management company that aims to improve internal processes and ensure the security of important information. Many large corporations like Comcast and Yokohama are its customers.

One vault can hold a multitude of files. You can search them by client, date, status, or any other criteria. Software is designed to prevent duplication. It’s not uncommon to have two copies of the same report or more.

M-Files will notify you if a document was saved twice by analysing names and project data. There are many great integrations available, including Microsoft Office (opens in new window) and Salesforce CRM.

You can get a free trial, but the pricing is not set out on the site. So you will need to contact us for a quote.

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3. DocuWare

Cloud-based document organization is a move to the cloud

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Full range of document tasksCloud storageMobile supportHidden pricing

DocuWare uses a cloud-based model for document management. To create a digital workplace, it combines cloud storage with office automation. Another example of the Digital Transformation is this paperless approach to all office tasks (opens in new window) that is driving many processes these day.

DocuWare provides services that help you create a “cloud workflow” for documents. You can start small and scale up as you need. Once use-case scenarios have been created and reliability has been established, the service can then be scaled up to support a larger deployment.

These apps can also be integrated into the workflow via mobile apps. This allows you to scan receipts from your smartphone, approve invoices quickly, and sign forms right on your device.

DocuWare offers a free demo and a trial period. However, pricing depends on what services are chosen. Prospective buyers should contact DocuWare for a customized quote.

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Update: Docuware now offers a free trial in partnership to Techradar. To claim, click here.

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4. MasterControl

DMS that focuses on compliance

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Mobile optimizedSupported By RegulatorsGlobal Standards

Many large companies have processes and regulations in place to ensure that documents comply with company guidelines and are compliant. It can be difficult to adhere to these rules when there are so many files.

MasterControl Document Control Software is used by many of the largest regulatory agencies around the world. It is document management software that addresses complex standards and regulations across the globe. It is designed to lower compliance costs and improve internal efficiency.

It fully automates the routing, delivery, and approval of vital documents. You can also store and search business files in a secure, central archive.

The company cannot offer a free trial and pricing is not available.

(Image credit: XaitPorter)

5. XaitPorter

Cloud-based collaboration at its best

VISIT WEBSITE (opens new tab)

Fully cloud-optimizedSmart collaboration featuresSalesforce Integration

XaitPorter is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create documents.

This system is extremely flexible. It allows you to work with colleagues simultaneously and can also share feedback. You don’t need to worry about layout, numbering, or formatting.

XaitPorter also offers useful tips and tricks for integrations. It can be used with Salesforce, Oracle SAS, Microsoft 365 OpenText, Microsoft 365 and Dropbox. It’s used by more than 45,000 companies around the world.

There is a free demo, but you must contact us for pricing.

Other DMS platforms to consider

There are many dedicated office and document platforms that we could mention, including LibreOffice, Adobe Document Cloud and Office 365. However, these platforms are more focused on creating and managing documents, rather than managing documents from different formats and sources. We’ll continue the list with some other DMS options worth looking at:

Samepage is slightly different from standard document management. It’s about creating one central point for all communications and projects as well as document sharing tools. It is intended to make everything easier than having different software programs for different tasks. It is easy to use and has collaboration built in. Samepage is a flexible tool that can be used to meet multiple needs.

Dokmee is a web-based enterprise content management system that allows users to manage, organize, and secure files. It can handle a variety of file formats and offers data capture and document imaging. All files can be intelligently indexed with AI. Files are automatically stamped for indexing. Rules-based routing makes storage and archiving much easier. This is all possible through secure cloud hosting. Collaboration is possible with auditing and permissions available to make file management easier.

eFileCabinet is a document management solution that uses intelligent automation to name, organize and store files according their content. To customize your document folder tree, templates are available. You can set permissions and file/folder expiration. Notifications can also be created for file sharing. All of this is done via a secure URL. You can also set up general accessibility rules based on company policy.

Abbyy is perhaps best known for their file reader and scanning service, but they also offer a digital document archive service that allows for secure storage and the use of documents. Access can be tracked and logged, and documents can be reused or edited as needed for reissue. Meta keywords can be used to make it easier to search beyond the normal search functions. They can also be easily distributed via email or the internet as needed. Abbyy services are designed to store PDF documents.


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