Family Tree Templates Microsoft Word & Excel

Many of us can identify a few generations of our family’s history.

Many websites offer assistance in researching your ancestors. These templates can be used by anyone who wishes to build a family tree using the information they have.

Here are some family tree templates that you can use to create family trees using Microsoft Word or Excel. These templates can be used by both children and adults.

1. Family Tree Templates for Adults

These templates can be used for any number of generations.

Family Tree Chart For Five Generations

Microsoft Office templates are available to create Word or Excel templates.

The template includes five generations of family tree information and is available for free download. It does the job.

Add your name and move on to the next generation. Choose to only include the information you require.

Generator Three-Generation Family Tree

Another Microsoft Office Excel template. This template creates your family tree. Click on the Families tab. Enter three generations: parents, children, and spouses.

Fill in your details and click Create Family Tree. Once you’re done typing, click the strong>Create Family Tree icon.

Use this Excel spreadsheet template to quickly create your family tree.

The family tree can be used to track your family’s history. These methods will help you find your exact age.

Template for Six-Generation Family Tree

Vertex42 provides a template that will help you trace six generations back through your family tree. This Example tab shows a great example of this and also lists the states of each person’s residency.

You can add one photo to each family member. This is a bonus feature.

Template to create a Four-Generation Family Tree

This template is suitable for use in four generations. This template is landscape-oriented and can be used in Word.

Enter the names in the box. Add more people using the Word editing tools.

Generator for Four-Generation Family Trees

To take your template collection to the next level, download this Template Archive template. This template also includes the Excel family tree generator.

Scroll down the tabs to enter the addresses and names of your maternal-and paternal family members. unique 

Other than filling in the names, the family trees template is because each tab contains detailed information. You can add information about your child.

To go to the page of that person, click on the Details button. To return to the person in the tree, you can click on the Back to Tree option.

This is the best family tree generator and template.

2. Family Tree Templates

A child may need to complete a school project. Although they aren’t as detailed as family trees for adults, they offer visual ways for children and their families to enjoy the tree.

Family Trees for 12 or 20 members

TemplateLab offers a wide range of family tree templates for children and adults. You can add each family member’s name or use the spaces to place photos.

For smaller clans, the second tree will contain 20 spots. This template allows for more written names and photos.

Family Tree of 15 Members

Template Archive also provides a Microsoft Word 15-member family diagram. This template is ideal for children.

This has a casual, yet vibrant appearance that would be loved by older children. Each person’s name can be added as well as additional information such as birthdates.

3. Additional templates for extended family tree templates

13 Family Tree

One template includes hand-drawn cartoon images of all family members. This template can be used for grandparents, great-grandparents, and children.

You can use this template to add photos. After they have been glued together you can glue them to each other.

It’s a great way to find out more about your family’s history online.

Blended tree template

Blended families can include children from multiple relationships. This template is for people who have created new families with people who have had children from previous marriages.

It is possible to adopt using blended family trees

Create a Family Tree using a Template

We have the perfect family tree template to fit any family size. Relax with your child and learn more about your family’s history.

We’re confident that you will be able to create an amazing keepsake using the templates in this collection.

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