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Is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2022?

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The Nintendo Switch 2022: Is it worth the investment? The Nintendo Switch, the portable powerhouse of Nintendo, was a great success in March 2017. It was also the fastest-selling home console ever made by the company. However that was just five years ago. Since then, a whole new generation has been released.

The Switch’s impressive year-one lineup cemented its appeal. Launch titles such as The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild and early hits like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 helped Nintendo avoid the software drought that plagued the Wii U. This allowed the Switch to outsell its predecessor within ten months.

The console has seen incredible new games over the years. However, the Switch is showing its age. The handheld’s tech struggles with large open worlds like the one in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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The Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OSLED have seen console revisions that have helped to keep the system’s sales strong but not significantly increased its power. The Nintendo Switch Online subscription (and its premium Extension Pack tier), has only improved over the years. It now offers a cloud-based selection N64, Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles that are updated semi-regularly.

Although the Switch is a great choice for handheld gaming, it has some notable shortcomings that leave it behind other home consoles such as the Xbox Series , Xbox Series , and Xbox Series. If you are considering buying the Nintendo Switch, but have yet to purchase it, here’s a guide to help you decide if it is worth it.

Nintendo Switch is now widely available

(Image credit: Nintendo)

All three models of the Nintendo Switch were initially difficult to find at launch. The Switch sold out in record numbers at both high-street and online retailers.

The stock of the Nintendo Switch has stabilized in recent years and has not been as severely affected by ongoing component shortages like, for example, the PS5. Amazon currently stocks the Nintendo Switch Lite, base and Nintendo Switch OLED models, as well as some of the branded special editions. For the best deals today, you can also check out our Nintendo Switch bundles hub.

Nintendo Switch consoles – An overview of each model

Of all three available models, the standard Nintendo Switch model was the first to launch in 2017. The base Switch model is the most affordable and features the best. It can be used in docked mode with a 1080p TV or in portable mode at a lower resolution of 720p.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t support 4K resolution. This means that playing in docked mode with one of the top 4K TVs might result in a blurrier picture than you would like. We recommend that you use a 1080p monitor to enjoy Switch games in docked mode.

The rumored implementation of AMD’s open-source FidelityFX super resolution is strong on the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports. This algorithmic tech is capable of upscale lower resolutions to crisp 4K images without affecting game performance. FidelityFX could also be used by Nintendo for future titles, such as Xenoblade Chronicles III, Breath Of The Wild 2 andMetroid Prime4.

Recent screenshots from Nintendo Switch Sports showcase a 4K resolution. (Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great option if you need your Switch to be portable. The Lite is slightly cheaper than the base model and smaller. However, unlike the base version, the Joy-Con controllers of the Lite are not detachable and the console cannot be used on the TV.

The premium Nintendo Switch OLED offers the best image quality thanks to its crisp 720p OLED display. This is a great choice if your goal is to use the device as a portable computer. It’s more expensive than the base Switch model, and docked mode doesn’t offer any tangible advantages. The Nintendo Switch OLED is the best option if you want to enjoy your games in vivid colors while on the move.

Other perks come with the Nintendo Switch OLED. The internal storage is double the size of the base model’s 64GB. It’s not much, but it’s still a good deal. You’ll need to buy an additional microSD card if you intend on downloading and playing lots of games.

The Switch OLED has a new kickstand at the back. The OLED is now more portable and sturdy than the base Switch model’s.

Nintendo Switch Online

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch Online, the online subscription service for the Switch, was launched shortly after its launch. This paid service was required to access online multiplayer in 2018. It also provided cloud saves and access to a variety of NES and SNES games via dedicated apps.

This paltry offering was not well received and didn’t address the main issue of Nintendo’s notoriously poor connection quality. Disconnects were frequent and the service was far behind the online infrastructure available with PS5, Xbox, or PC.

With Nintendo continually improving its online connection quality, the service has made significant strides since then. In 2021, a premium tier was added, Expansion Pack. This allows players to play N64/Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, and also gives them access to DLC packs like Animal Crossing‘ Happy Home Paradise, and Booster Course Pass.

Nintendo Switch Online is definitely more value than it was a few years back. Although it’s not perfect, the Expansion Pack Tier will still be too costly for some. However, the service continues to improve each year and adds value to the package. You can even get it cheaper with these discount Nintendo Switch Online deals.

Is it worth the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch remains a worthy purchase due to its large game library and ongoing support from first-party developers. You don’t have to worry about buying a console that Nintendo will soon replace. The company has confirmed that the Switch is only half way through its lifecycle. The Nintendo Switch 2 (or Nintendo Switch Pro), is still a few years away.

Despite some shortcomings, such as the limited storage space and lack of 4K support and poor online infrastructure, the Nintendo Switch is still a great portable hybrid. It’s loaded full of excellent exclusive games and offers worthwhile subscription benefits at an impressively low price.

Although we wish Nintendo would release a new model, we are still impressed by the console’s durability and rich library of games. We believe that the time is right to buy a Nintendo Switch.


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