How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TV | Top 7 Ways

Philips smart TVs are not just for watching TV shows, movies, or sports. With an increasing number of apps becoming available at the Philips Smart TV Store, the experience has become superb online streaming videos. Well, if you are up to date with the latest technology news then you must be knowing that Android is the best option for Smart TV since you can download your favorite apps on it easily. So let’s get started and see How to Download Apps On Philips Smart TV | Top 5 Ways.

1. Using The Remote App To Get Apps On Your TV

If You own a Philips Android TV? Then your android device will work as a remote control that is connected through WiFi, so when your android device is connected with the same network where your smart TV is, then you can easily use this feature. It’s the best option for those who do not like to install and download apps on their TV. All you need is a Remote App and an android device with a WiFi connection and Smartphone will work as a remote control. This app allows you to browse content directly available on your TV. It has some free apps which can be downloaded from the store without any cost but most of them are paid applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc which will charge money after the trial period.

2. Using Search Function To Find Apps On Your TV

This is another way of finding apps compatible with your smart TV model which runs Android OS. For doing this just go to “Settings”. Now select “General”. After this, go to “System” and tap on “About”. Now you will get a list of your TV’s OS and firmware versions. Just select OS and you can see all the android apps compatible with your TV. Just select any app and download it easily.

3. Using Google Play Store To Get Apps On Your TV

At present, some of the latest models of top brands like Philips, Sony and Panasonic etc. run on Android 4.0 or later versions. This means you can download apps directly from the Play store. But again it depends on your compatible smart TVs; this is because not all android TVs will allow access to the playing store due to security reasons. You can’t open up anything without permission which you need to get after making sure that everything is set properly for this purpose.

4. Using Email Trick To Download Apps On Philips Smart TV

If you are using any old smart TV then most likely it’s running Ice Cream Sandwich OS (Android 4.0) or an older version so here comes trick number 2. In this, you have to use your email address which is registered on a Google account, and just add a new line in the email address with “ID: android” at the start of it. After that go to settings, then click on general, and after that system information then about. You will get a new screen where all your OS details will be displayed. From here you can see an option called “Android ID”. On clicking it, you will get a string of number/letter combinations which can be used as “Google Play Store ID”. Just copy-paste it in the download link from the browser on smart TV and download apps from the play store directly.

5. Using XBMC To Get Apps On Your TV

If you are using an old smart TV which does not have a play store or any other Android market compatible with it then trick number 4 will not work. It’s obvious that older versions of TV have limited apps and games available on the Play Store. If this is the case then here comes the solution to get all your favorite apps on your TV for free. Here I am talking about XBMC (Xbox media center) which can be installed on almost every android device. This app provides an interface like a play store but without front-end ads, while browsing, searching, and downloading apps directly on your TV set thus bringing more fun while watching movies, videos, photos, etc. So if you own Philips android TV sets then just install the Android version of XBMC. It will run on your TV like a games console.

6. Using Miracast Method To Get Apps On Your Smart TV

Miracast is the new standard that allows sharing or displaying photos, videos, etc between devices without a WIFI connection. So if you own an android phone running Jelly Bean (Android 4.1+) and smart TV with updated firmware installed, then this method will work for you. All you need is to connect your smart TV with a mobile device using Miracast provided on both devices. So if you are looking to share files then this method is for you.

7. Using Local cast Method To Get Apps On Your Match TV

The local cast is another app that can be used on android phones having Android version 3.2+. Just install it and run it, you will get a list of your TV’s brand name which will show up on the top of the screen. From there just select the desired model of your smart TV. After that, all apps present on your mobile device installed will appear on TV so here you go …just download any app directly on the TV set using your mobile phone or tablet. So if your smart TV runs Android OS v4.0 and above then this trick will be working for you.


So here are 7 methods to get android apps on smart TV and am sure you won’t be facing any problem with one of these tricks. So just try your favorite method and enjoy downloading an unlimited number of apps for free on the big screen of your TV.

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