Top Best Gaming Mouse 2022: We’ve Tested The Best Gaming Mice

Get up the ranks of leaderboards by using the top Gaming mouse you lay yours on hands-on. It is possible to believe that any type of mouse will suffice, but investing in one designed specifically for gaming can significantly alter your gaming experience to the best of your ability. It could improve your gaming also.

Whatever the power of regardless of how powerful your gaming computer and gaming laptop is but if you’re not careful with the quality of your peripherals, you’ll likely end up being frustrated with the setup. If you’re looking to take on the top gaming on your PC as well playing free games You want the device you’re using to feel as if it’s an extended hand. This means you should choose a mouse that is ergonomic and has a design that is right for you, as well as the ability to move quickly and precisely. The best gaming mice are equipped with higher-quality sensors, more efficient polling speeds, and an increased DPI range. In addition, you’ll have the ability to personalize your mouse as well as utilize game-specific features to enhance your digital quality of life.

It’s the perfect time to make the switch to the top gaming mice and maximize your gaming gear. Don’t settle for the average mouse and think about some of the best picks below. Be sure to check out our built-in cost comparison tools to identify the most affordable mouse prices.

The most effective gaming mouse

1. Roccat Burst Core


DPI: 8,500

The Titan optical switch features a solid honeycomb shell with 35G acceleration

The Roccat Burst Core proves that it isn’t necessary to pay more than PS50 or $50 to purchase an excellent mouse. The affordable wired model is as good in design and performance as it is priced accordingly. Although it’s not overly extravagant It’s a standout in all other aspects, including ergonomics and light design. RGB enthusiasts might prefer to consider the more expensive Roccat Burst Pro If you don’t want something less cluttered and stylish, this is the best choice regardless of budget.

2. Razer Viper 8K


DPI: 20,000

Specifications: Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor, HyperPolling Technology,

Fast-paced competitive games require the use of a gaming mouse that can keep up with the pace, and for that, you’ll be wise to review the Razer Viper 8K. It’s among the fastest and most responsive gaming mice on the market with its 8,000Hz speed of polling as well as <0.125ms delay in clicks. It also inherits from the Razer Viper line’s impressive build and dual-directional design which some models feature. It’s going to require a fast monitor to reap the maximum benefits of the Viper 8K however and if you’re looking for one of the fastest and most responsive mice you can get it’s the ideal model for you.

3. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Wireless


DPI: 18,000

Features Wireless speed of sub-1ms and interchangeable side grips hyper-polling of up to 2500Hz

The most impressive wireless gaming mice aren’t a dime dozen. Because of their low latency, wireless gaming mice aren’t the best for games where every second of a second matter. This is the reason this mouse Corsair Dark Core RGB has amazed us more. With its sub-1ms performance and extremely low latency and its reliability, this is an instrument we can play with wireless or any other. It’s not even mentioning the extremely adjustable RGB lighting, and its extremely reliable software. It’s not the ideal choice for players who use claws because the palm rest is quite too flat. If you’re a palm gripper you’ll appreciate how it sits inside your hand.

4. Steelseries Rival 5


DPI Up to 18,000

Features: TrueMove Air’s high-precision game sensor with optical technology, five quick-action side buttons with 10 RGB zones

It carries the Rival 600’s top features while still keeping the cost of entry low, SteelSeries’ latest addition to its gaming mouse collection is more than just a solid competitor in the race for the top gaming mouse. This SteelSeries Rival 5’s excellence is evident in its design as well as its features when it comes to performance. It’s light in weight and has more buttons on the side – and, in addition, is it’s nearly perfect with its gaming performance which makes it an unquestionably excellent value for gamers.

5. Razer Basilisk V3


DPI: 26,000

Features 10+1 buttons that can be programmed, Multi-function trigger HyperScrolling tilt wheel

Highly versatile and fast Its incredibly versatile and super-fast Razer Basilisk V3 cannot help from being the perfect choice for those who are looking for a product with lots of features packed into it. Gamers who love macros will love the 11 buttons that are programmable One of them is a multi-function trigger that is designed to perform essential tasks, and those who are looking to speed will be delighted by its HyperScrolling wheel with four ways to move and optical switches that have 0.2ms triggers. Those who prefer comfort On the other hand will appreciate its comfortable design that includes an ergonomic thumb rest. The final thing to wrap all that into a beautiful package is the RGB lighting that has 11 zones you can personalize.

6. Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed


DPI Up to 16,000

Features such as 450 IPS track speed as well as up as 40G of acceleration HyperSpeed Wireless. 6 buttons that can be programmed

Up to 450 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode this Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is one of the longest-lasting wireless mice available. However, it has more to offer beyond just durability. It also has a high-performance performance, with 450 IPS tracking rate and as high as 40G speed. The main characteristic, however, is HyperSpeed Wireless that reduces the time needed to transfer data between your PC and your mouse making it 25% faster than alternative wireless technology for gaming.

7. Corsair Sabre Pro


DPI 18,000 or more

Polling rate of 8,000Hz, Quickstrike buttons, PTFE glide pads

Its Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series may not have all the fancy features and frills of another gaming mouse However, its minimal design is matched with its performance. It was designed by gamers who play esports the mouse is designed to be swift thanks to its 8,000Hz ping rate, AXON hyper-processing technology, and Quickstrike buttons that have fast actuation. It does this without costing an enormous amount and is a good alternative for gamers who are looking to save money.

8. Logitech G305 Lightspeed


DPI: 12,000

Features: Reappable buttons, Lightspeed wireless connectivity Wireless dongle

It’s Logitech G305 Lightspeed may not appear like a gaming mouse due to its cute exterior and the various colors that it is available, but it’s an impressive performer. It not only gives the user the ability to achieve up to 12,000 DPI but it also gives you the option of remapping the mouse to suit your needs desires. Take into account that it’s priced reasonably and you’ll see that there’s plenty of value in this mouse. Like any other peripheral priced lower, it comes with certain drawbacks like the absence of a Bluetooth connection, and battery life isn’t anything to boast about.

9. Cooler Master MM720


DPI: 16,000

Features Solid honeycomb shell RGB Onboard memory

The unique design and design of this model Cooler Master MM720 may harken to Cooler Master’s earlier designs, however, there are many additional features to the mouse other than just the design. It’s extremely light due to its honeycomb back and it performs well because it has up to 16,000 DPI in the system. It also features RGB but it’s small and also has limited onboard memory. It’s also remappable, but like any gaming mouse but its DPI cycling button is oddly located on the lower part in the middle of the device. If that’s not something you’re concerned about the mouse is an excellent mouse that is priced at a reasonable cost.

10. Razer Viper Ultimate


DPI: 20,000

Highlights: 0.2 ms response time Lightweight 74g design with a 70-hour battery life

Razer has been on the move and has given some of its most popular models new life with new colors, but the 2019 Razer Viper Ultimate deserves a place in this list despite its new shiny wraps. It’s one of the most reliable wireless mouse-to-play games available is packed with greater than normal 20K DPI. It also has 0.2 milliseconds response time and a slim design. It also comes with internal memory that can hold up to 5 profiles as well as 8 buttons that are programmable to make gaming more enjoyable. In terms of ease of use, it’s also programmable. Razer Mouse Dock Chroma is designed to continue to charge without hassle (though it’s more expensive without it for those on a budget) This is good because you’ll need to charge each 70-hour period. Of course, the other three colors that are available – Quartz, Mercury, and Cyberpunk 2077 – could make this a more appealing purchase.

What is the best gaming mouse?

Although you’ll surely locate the most effective gaming mouse to fulfill your gaming desires it could require time and energy. It’s normal; there are a lot of technical terms that are used in the best gaming mice, phrases like polling rates and DPI ratings that a typical purchaser might not be familiar with. To be clear it’s best to have a greater quantity of both when these terms refer to quite different things.

If you are a newcomer in the field of PC gaming, you’ll encounter the term DPI which stands for “dots per inch. The higher that number is the greater the range of options to determine the degree of sensitivity your mouse has. If you’re short of desk space, however, you want accuracy and precision, select the most reliable gaming mouse that has a higher DPI rating, which can be switched to a lower DPI in the event that you have larger desks.

In addition, a higher polling rate implies quicker reaction times. The rate of polling is expressed in hertz and usually ranges between approximately 125-1000Hz. This means that the mouse’s position is transmitted to your computer 1000 seconds at a time.

Other crucial gaming mouse aspects you’ll need to consider include ergonomics – particularly for left-handed users – as well as RGB lighting.

Gaming mice: How do we test them?

Gaming mice are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and specifications and we examine every one of them at our desks. We have a lot to do to ensure that each mouse meets the expectations of gamers. But first, we look at the design. We examine its aesthetics and its ergonomics and user-friendliness and make sure it is as comfortable as it appears. If it’s RGB lighting and we check that too and determine if it’s functioning in the way it is supposed to.

We then move to the performance of the device – from its responsiveness to its accuracy and speed. We frequently utilize it to play the latest and most popular games, making sure it performs as it says. If it’s a software mouse that comes with adjustments to RGB lighting macros, lighting, or key remapping, then we’ll test these too. If it’s a wireless gaming mouse We also test the range, connectivity as well as battery’s longevity.

We then gather all the data we’ve gathered and then decide if the product is worth the cost and if it’s beneficial to the intended audience.


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