Top Best Action Camera Microphone Attachments

There are many challenges to using an action camera for videography. One of these is sound quality. Many adventurers and action sports videographers have complained that they get poor audio from using internal microphones when filming on action cameras. Is there a way to improve the sound quality while using an action camera?

You can use the appropriate action cam microphone attachment to attach an external microphone to your camera to improve sound quality during filming. How can you locate and use microphone attachments for your camera action? This guide will cover everything you need to know.

Our Review of the Top 5 Action Camera Attachments

GoPro Media Mods for Hero 10 and 9

  • The in-built microphone can be used to record from both the front and back.
  • For use in harsh outdoor conditions, weather-resistant design
  • Pleated 3.5mm microphone port external mic that delivers clear sound.

GoPro Media mod, an official accessory for all new Hero 10 and Hero 9 GoPro action cameras is available. This device is our top choice for microphone attachments, as action camera users often prefer the latest GoPro gadgets.

Here’s how the media module works. It is packaged in a weather-resistant bag that fits the Hero camera body. The internal connector for the USB type-C USB port acts as the audio input to your camera. Next, the built-in microphone serves as the audio input to the camera. It can be found at the top of your mod.

The GoPro’s front and back microphones can be switched. The back screen displays audio levels and acts as an indicator. The GoPro Mod also includes a microphone windscreen that helps reduce ambient noise outdoors.

The GoPro media mod can be used by itself as an audio upgrade for Hero action camera Hero. External microphones can be used through the 3.5mm mic port to improve sound quality. It can accept standard and powered mics. There are even two cold-shoe mounts on the top for external mics.

GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter

  • 3.5mm aux port for connecting external TRS microphone.
  • USB-C port to connect to media transfer
  • An analog-to-digital converter ends to provide better audio delivery when filming on a camera.

This is the accessory for older GoPro action cameras, such as Hero 8, Hero 7, Hero 6, or Hero 5. Pro Mic adapter for GoPro action camera is an OEM device. It includes a USB-C plug that connects directly to the camera and a stereo head with 106dB conversion which connects directly to the microphone jack.

The 3.5mm audio microphone port can be used to connect microphones and other sound sources, such as a mixer. The USB-C connector to the camera acts as both a data transfer path and a power source for the converter. This allows you to use standard and powered microphones with the device and will provide crisp clear audio for your video recordings.

You can connect the GoPro Pro microphone adapter to a sound source via the USB connector on the converter head. This device is known for amplifying sound and delivering low noise. This is a great tip for using the GoPro action cam. First, power it on and then plug the adapter into the external microphone. This will ensure that the camera recognizes your device as a sound source, and you won’t have any connection issues.

Dual 3.5mm USB-C Mic Adapter for Osmo Action by CYNOVA

  • An auxiliary port with a gold-plated connector for improved sound delivery
  • The camera body is compact and robust, so it fits well.
  • USB-C port allows for media transfer quickly.

DJI’s official microphone accessory for Osmo action camera Osmo is the Cynova microphone adapter. This microphone adapter, like the Pro Mic adapter to GoPros, comes with both a 3.5mm mic and a USB C port. Although the adapter’s design is quite bulky, it won’t add much weight to your action cam setup.

The Cynova adapter allows you to use an external microphone with a DJI Osmo action camera with a USB port. You can select the type of microphone you want to connect, including a standard or powered mic. The 3.5mm port connects to the mic jack, while the USB outlet allows media transfer. Videographers can also get clear sound from other sources such as a sound card or mixer. You can also transfer media files to your PC from the camera.

Movo MC4 TRRS-to-TRS Adapter

  • Female TRRS to male TRS microphone adapter for connecting external TRRS microphones.
  • Auxiliary ends are made of gold-plated metal that produces a crisp, clear sound.
  • This is a great tool for increasing the length of microphone attachments.

Many videographers have the problem of their microphone aux not fitting into the camera adaptor port. It doesn’t just matter about the length of the 3.5mm jack, but also the number and type of connectors. Here are the TRS and TRRS audio jack types. This connector is not required for use. You can connect any 3.5mm audio jack to your camera with the microphone attachment.

You will likely need a microphone attachment that has a 3.5mm auxiliary input. This product won’t work with your camera alone. You can then plug your microphone’s longer TRRS jack into the female port.

This microphone attachment has gold-plated ends that reduce interference and distortion. Your microphone’s sound quality will not be affected. This is great news for videographers who care about using external mics with good-quality jacks.

Move PMA-1 DJI Osmo External Sound Adapter

  • It is a less expensive alternative to other microphone attachments, and it has been proven to work with multiple cameras.
  • Audio delivered in high quality.
  • Compatible with all cameras equipped with a USB Type-C port.


The Movo PMA-1 DJI External Sound Adaptor is the perfect addition to our list of microphone attachments. It is, as the product header already indicates, the most affordable microphone attachment on the market. This auxiliary sound device delivers a very clear sound.

Although the manufacturer suggests that the product should be used with a DJI Osmo pocket camera, many users have tested it with other cameras online and reported positive feedback. It works well with the DJI Osmo action camera, older GoPro Hero cameras, and a few Akaso cameras.

The microphone adapter has an auxiliary input to connect 3.5mm jack microphones. On the other end is a USB plug that goes into the camera port. It can be used with a variety of external microphones, provided the connection is correct. This works best with standard microphones.

How do you choose the best attachments for your action camera microphone

External microphones and microphone adapters, like all other camera gear, have their specific functions. A quality action cam microphone attachment should do the job of connecting an external mic to an action cam and should provide clear and crisp audio for recording the video.

Now the question is: How do you select the best action cam microphone attachments? What features and functions should you be paying attention to? This section will discuss all of these details.

TRS and TRRS jacks

Before you purchase a natural camera microphone attachment, you need to know what type of external microphone you are going to use for your recording. A majority of microphones have a 3.5mm auxiliary input. This connection type is determined by the number of rings on a jack.

To work properly, the TRS auxiliary input and TRRS auxiliary input need slightly different ports. This can have a significant impact on the quality of the recorded sound. The microphone will not work if the connectors aren’t compatible in most cases. You should pay attention to both your external microphone auxiliary end and the camera attachment auxiliary input.

Connector type

It is obvious that the type of USB connector on your camera will determine which microphone attachment can be used with it. It is not possible to purchase a microphone accessory with a USB Type-A connector if your camera does not have one. This is true for cameras with Type-C ports.

The good news is that most action cam microphone attachments are in USB Type C. They can be used with all the latest models of action cameras.

Distance from the camera during use

Most microphone attachments for the action cameras are made to fit close to the body. This is important for better audio quality. In some cases, the microphone attachment may include a long cord connecting the USB and aux ends.

You want the length to be as short as possible ( ). A wireless external microphone is a good option if you have to be far from your camera while recording.

Microphone compatibility

Each camera microphone attachment works with all microphones, as long as they have the appropriate aux male and female ends. Manufacturers may specify which microphone is best for your sound quality.

  • Lavalier vs shotgun

Many action camera microphone attachments can be used with lavalier mics. Because lavalier microphones can be used on the move, which is often the case with action cameras, this is why so many of the attachments for action camera microphones are designed to work with lavalier mics. A microphone compact enough to be worn on the chest is needed for recording while mountain biking.

A shotgun microphone may be more useful for videographers who work in stable environments, such as indoor shooting or vlogging. A microphone attachment that can hold a large microphone connection should be used in such situations.

  • Powered vs

A powered microphone needs a power source, while a standard line microphone can be used by plugging in an auxiliary. While powered mics can produce a clear and crisp sound, they drain the camera’s power quicker.

A high-quality microphone adapter is essential for powered mics. This will ensure the best quality audio. Move PMA-1 wire connectors are made for simple line microphones. These connectors are ideal for all top action cameras below $100. This camera consumes less power and maintains a standard video quality.

Action camera brand

Many action camera manufacturers have OEM microphone attachments that are designed specifically for their action cameras. These original manufacturer options are often the best because they are designed specifically to work with your action camera.

If the manufacturer does not offer a microphone attachment that will work with their action camera, filmmakers can choose to purchase microphone adaptors for multiple action cameras. In some cases, the OEM product may not be compatible with the microphone type you have. You can also try other products that are recommended by action camera users online.


An action camera’s microphone attachment should not be more expensive than the camera. This will also affect the quality of the audio you get to complement the action camera.

The microphone attachment is usually more expensive than the camera. This is so that you don’t compromise the sound quality of your camera. The price it will command depends on the quality of its USB and microphone attachments.


This is another important aspect to consider when purchasing a microphone attachment for an action camera. Compact design is essential if you plan to do a lot of outdoor shooting or extreme sports. You need one that is durable enough to withstand the elements, such as rain, falling off and prolonged use.

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