Top 5 best Emoji apps for Android

You can envy your Android-phone friends who send you custom emojis of themselves. This feature is called Memoji and you can get it on Android.

What is Memoji?

Memoji, Apple’s iPhone feature that allows you to create an emoji that is exactly like you, is called Memoji. You can choose from different categories such as hairstyle, eyes and head shape to build your likeness. This is your Memoji.

To entertain your family and friends, you can send a Memoji to iMessage. Memoji can also make use of the True Depth camera on iPhone to be animated and match your expressions and mouth movements.

Although it is impossible to create an Emoji Android replica, these are some of the best methods. You can use our guide to create and utilize emojis if you own an iPhone.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a Snapchat app that you may be familiar with. Both apps are owned by the same company. You can create a cartoon avatar with your entire body. Google’s keyboard Gboard used a Memoji alternative. Now it directs you to download Bitmoji.

Bitmoji can scan your face to automatically create your avatar. You can also build your character yourself. After you have completed the process, you can choose your clothes and view your avatar in a variety of situations.

Bitmoji can be integrated directly into Snapchat. However, it is also available on Gboard’s Stickers Tab. You don’t need to switch between the app and Bitmoji while messaging – just send Bitmoji as you would any other sticker.

2. Samsung AR Emoji

You can go through the wizard to select your gender and customize your outfits. After you are done, you will find the AR Emoji section.

The AR Emoji will be available at the bottom of the selfie camera. The emoji can be used to capture photos and videos that mirror your movements.

There are many stickers and GIFs that show your emoji in various poses. These can be used as funny reactions or for fun. These can be added to photos or sent using the default keyboard of messaging apps.

3. Face Cam

Face Cam does not scan your face to create an emoji. Instead, you create it from scratch by using the various categories. Choose your hair color, eye shape, or other similar characteristics.

The app functions as a camera once it is created. Instead of your face, the app will show you a huge emoji version. It will mimic your facial movements and try to imitate your eyebrows, eyes and mouth.

To achieve the perfect look, you can apply color filters to your camera. You can also choose photos from your gallery to apply your emoji face.

Although the free version is limited in customization, it does not add a watermark to your photos. The photos can be saved to your phone and sent straight into other apps.

4. MojiPop

EMoji Pop turns your face into a cartoon-styled cartoon, then adds it to countless scenes and stickers. MojiPop allows you to imagine how you would look standing on top of a star, with a cat, in famous paintings, and more.

There are many stickers and they all have animated themes. These include friends, love, travel, love and seasonal activities such as Halloween. While some content is behind a paywall there are plenty of free content.

Up to three different emoji avatars can be created. These stickers may include multiple people so other avatars might appear. You could also send stickers to friends that include you and them.

EMoji Pop comes with its own keyboard. This makes it easy to use stickers in other apps, but it’s not something worth spending your time on. Instead, you can send the emoji directly to the app, either through your gallery or via other apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

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