The 2019 Alienware Aurora R9: a sci-fi Power House

The 2019 Alienware Aurora R9 is a latest designed and model is of rev, premium gaming desktop. Its price starts from the $969.99 price but if you have enough amount you can buy in more upgradable its desktop with amazing features. It self has some cues designs and in market, with the powerful components of configurationlike: Nvidia, AMD and Intel.

 Meet the new and latest Arura R9

The Arura R9 is completely different from the previous designs and models. The company has included some new features and like, the way of designing the language of company’s reworked sci-fi look than previous ones as well as delivering sleeker. It seems you, Arura R9, small in photos but it is quite thin in reality. 18.9 by 8.77 in measurement, it is made of perfect design and in ideal design; it not tall nor very thin but in an ideal and perfect shape with latest features. It saves your space and will your room or the place more beautiful with its latest model and modern design.

Alluring LED: latest favorite flair

One most eye-catching and easy to use with comfort in playing. This LED is very different from DELL G5; its color is dark blue and in design, it’s not in quite big screen but very beautiful in look than the other designs. This LED is better from its counterpart LEDs and premium of Aurora in affordable amount.

Lunar light: an exclusive

The right side of this lunar light holds the branded etching and Alienware logo LED lightening towards the rear. It is noted that the color of LED is in only white color and its omitted on the alternative gray color “Dark Side of the moon” color option. more the lunar light adds a price bumper for this extra customizable lighting zone.

Functions of first interior

Pulling the doors of the aurora R9 is easy but it very surprising underneath. There are some clever aspects to the interior including the system of plug and the play while admiring the performance. The silver box holds the power supply and swings out so one can access the components and it saves the space in the way it is designed, also very easy to use.

Component choices: wide Range of power

The company, Dell, offers many wide arrays of configuration, almost all the its features are already mentioned. With many options of choosing the graphics side including Nvidia or AMD. The Nvidia range starts from GTX1650 up to very pricey 2080 also with five alternatives. The CPU side is all intel, with a wide range of options from the Core i3-9100 to top i9-900k in between core i5 and i7.

The front Ports

It has the features of two USB 3.1 ports and a USB C Port and jack head phones. It is not much fancy but it is convenient to have USB C included. More, USB C port, four USB 3.1 ports, five USB 2.0 parts , an ethernet jack , a display port connection and audio lines.

A futuristic Gaming Desktop

Thus, the Arura R9 desktop is eye-catching and very modern with its features and design on the exterior. It is like a general style, if you want to put it in your living room and it depends on your taste and want. Still , it is slim with wide range of components but also varies in design according to your choice and your budget.

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