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India’s Public Education App Exposed Millions of Students’ Data

A safety and security lapse in an application run by India's Education Ministry revealed the directly determining info of countless pupils as well...

Russia’s Cyberwar Foreshadowed Deadly Attacks on Civilians

But for any individual associated with warding off Russia's cyberattacks on Ukraine over the previous 8 years, Russia's choice for private over army...

A Siemens S7-1500 Logic Controller Flaw Raises the Specter of Stuxnet

" This different crypto core is a really fundamental chip. It's not such as a huge cpu, so it does not truly recognize...

Russian Ransomware Gang Attack Destabilizes UK Royal Mail

A WIRED investigation today discovered that the application SweepWizard, which some United States police make use of to collaborate raids, was openly subjecting...

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