How We Fix a YouTube Black Screen

If you’re spending some time using YouTube and you are a YouTube user, you might be confronted with a black screen at any point in your experience. These issues can happen at any moment and are often caused by issues that are not related to each other. The most common causes are malfunctioning ads blockers, issues with the browser on your computer or computer, as well as issues with internet connectivity.

There is a way to repair YouTube playback issues However, it might take some time to trace down the precise reason the black screen appears. This is explained in the following article.

What Can Cause a YouTube Black Screen?

If you’re seeing an unresponsive screen when you view a black screen on YouTube It’s because the video didn’t load due to reasons. It could be a problem at your own end or caused by issues in YouTube as well as your ISP. (ISP).

If the issue is at your own fault You can typically solve it by updating your web browser, turning off the advertising blocker, restarting the system, restarting the computer as well as other easy solutions. If the issue is the fault of the internet provider you use or the issue with YouTube you can’t do anything. you can do.

These are the top frequent reasons for screen black on YouTube:

    • Add-ons for blocking ads Use an ad blocker to stop viewing ads in YouTube videos, however, there are times when things happen to be wrong. In the event that your Ad Blocker is erratic, it might stop the video, instead of just the advertisements.
    • Problems with the browser: The browser could be outdated or have corrupted data. This can be fixed by upgrading your browser and clearing the cache as well as restarting the browser.
    • Problems with computers If problems with your computer result in YouTube showing an empty screen instead of the videos, you can typically fix it by simply restarting.
    • Network issues: Insufficient internet speed or problems in your network could stop YouTube video content from loading properly.
  • YouTube mobile issues If you encounter an empty screen and there is no sound coming from YouTube for your mobile, delete the cache or app data or restart your phone.

How to Tell If Your AdBlocker Is Causing YouTube Black Screens

The Ad Blockers plug-ins are extensions for the browser that block specific elements on a website from loading. The majority of them block advertisements that are not part of websites as well as ads that appear in videos on websites like YouTube.

If an ad-blocking program functions well, it stops advertisements from loading and the rest of the site is loaded normally. If an adblocker is malfunctioning it can allow ads to load, or block page elements, like text or video that you wish to view.

Here’s how to determine whether an ad blocker creates dark screens to YouTube:

  1. Visit YouTube and then play the video.
  2. Temporarily turn off the ad blocker temporarily. The method you use to do this will depend on the browser you are using. For more information, click here:
    • How do I block extensions in Chrome
    • How do I remove Internet Explorer add-ons
    • How do I deactivate Safari plug-ins
    • How to disable extensions and add-ons for multiple browsers, such as Firefox.
  3. Reload the site, and begin to play the clip.
  4. If the video is playing check the manual of the ad blocker software to find out if there’s a method to stop this from blocking YouTube videos.

How to Tell If Your Browser Is Causing YouTube Black Screens

There are many computer and browser problems that can affect websites such as YouTube. Probleme with the browser, for instance, corruption of cookie data, or caches can stop YouTube video from playing. Issues with memory in the computer may also lead to problems with video streaming online.

If you want to rule out an issue in the computer or browser to determine if there is a problem, try things like reloading the web page and clearing the cache by switching to a new browser. If you are in a pinch restarting your computer often works.

Here’s how you can solve YouTube black screens if the issue is with your computer or browser:

  1. You can re-load YouTube videos if it won’t work.
  2. Log out from the YouTube account.
  3. Close the browser, then restart it.
  4. Check for browser updates. Download and install the most current version if you don’t have it.
  5. Clear the cache of your browser.
  6. Eliminate every YouTube cookie from your browser.
  7. Enable Hardware acceleration on the internet browser.
  8. Try a different internet browser.
  9. Restart your computer.

How to Tell If Your Network or ISP Is Causing YouTube Black Screens

In the event that your connection to the internet is broken, YouTube isn’t loading at any time. A variety of internet and network issues permit sites such as YouTube to load only partially, making elements like videos black boxes.

In order to fix a problem with your network that results in black screens on YouTube power cycling the router and modem typically is the best solution. Internet issues that stop YouTube videos from downloading are difficult to fix since they must be addressed by your Internet service provider. If you suspect that your internet connection is not working Contact your ISP to get help.

Here are some tips you can do to resolve YouTube black screens if the issue has to do with an internet or network connection:

  1. Turn off the router and modem.
  2. When you are connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi, change into a wired network, or move the computer closer to the router.
  3. Modify the Dynamic Name Server (DNS) setting to enable free DNS.
  4. Clear to clear the cache of DNS.
  5. Utilize a test of speed to determine the state of your internet connection.
  6. If you have problems connecting, YouTube may not work in a proper manner until your ISP solves the problem.

How to Troubleshoot YouTube Black Screens on Mobile

If you open the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet shows an unreadable black screen instead of playing video, or if you hear only audio without video There could be an issue with the application.

It is possible to fix this kind of issue by clearing cache or data in the app however restarting the device can help. Here are some suggestions to try if you’re seeing the screen black, or hear only audio on the YouTube mobile app:

  1. Clear the cache in the app.
  2. Make sure to restart the device.
  3. Remove the app, and then restore it using Google Play Store for Android or the Google Play Store for Android, or the Apple App Store for iOS.
  4. You can view the video with the web player on mobile by visiting on the phone’s web browser.


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