How to Use the HDMI Ports on Your Samsung TV Without a Remote

You are familiar with the remotes for old-school TVs if you were born in the 1990s. You would need to use the buttons on your TV set if you lost a remote.

Modern TVs still offer basic controls. It might be difficult to switch inputs with a remote. If your remote is lost, here’s how you can switch to HDMI on your Samsung TV.

Locate the TV Control Button

The HDMI input can perform many functions today. You want to use your PlayStation console? How is it connected to your TV? Of course, it’s connected to the TV via HDMI. Do you need to connect your laptop and the TV? HDMI.

You may think that there is no way to change the inputs on your Samsung television without the remote. Every Samsung TV comes with a TV control button. This button is also known as the Control Stick, the TV Controller or the Jog Controller.

It is difficult to find it because the position of the component depends on the model. You’ll notice a small red light on the TV’s frame when it’s turned off and plugged into. This is the location you will find the button.

Use the Control Stick

The Control Stick is located in three places on Samsung TVs. The Control Stick is located in the bottom-left corner of the TV’s back. To display the menu options, you can use the middle button just like you would with a remote. You can navigate the menu options screen using other controls. Locate the input change option, and change it to HDMI.

This button could also be located at the bottom or right of the screen. This button can look either like the one shown above or as a single button that contains multiple commands. These commands will allow you to navigate to the input option to change to HDMI.

The Control Stick is located on the TV’s bottom, or on its right side if you are facing it as usual. The Control Stick is a single button that works in a different way. To move between the menu entries, you only need to press the button once. To highlight a selection, you should press the button for a long time. This button will switch to HDMI.

Use a smartphone or tablet

Smart devices can do almost anything. They have become the most important tool in modern life. Someone came up with an app to add the remote function to a tablet or smartphone. You can easily turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote control for Samsung TV via the App Store or the Play Store.

This allows you to easily switch from HDMI to the input. The input can change due to third-party apps. The setting will be easy to locate, however.

Remember that your Samsung TV and your phone must be connected to the same network.

Moving to HDMI without a Remote

You can still access all functions of the Samsung TV even if the remote is lost or broken. You can use the Control Stick as a short-term solution. A Samsung TV remote control app can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone.

It doesn’t matter what, it is easy to switch to HDMI on your Samsung TV with no remote.

Did you try to find the Control Stick? Are you familiar with a remote app for your phone? Participate in the discussion below by commenting on your experience.

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