How To Undo iPhone Notes

Notes is a great app for iPhone and iPad. It can be frustrating to make mistakes or delete important data.

You have many options for correcting a Notes error. We will show you how.

Shake to Undo

You can undo any changes made to Notes text by shaking your iPhone/iPad.

It is easy to restore any text that you accidentally selected. All you need to do is give your iPhone another shake. You can delete the text or edit your last edit.

Shake To Undo functionality is by default enabled in iOS/iPadOS. The settings section Accessibility allows you to disable this feature.

This will disable it for all apps that use it, such as WhatsApp Messenger and Twitter and Gmail and Gmail. We recommend you leave it on, unless there is an extraordinary reason.

How to Undo in Notes Using an Undo BUTTON

The Shake to Undo function is useful, but it can also be irritating. You might find yourself looking strange shaking your iPhone depending on where you are.

An Undo button in Notes can also help you undo an error from your iPhone/iPad.

Click the Markup icon at the bottom to undo an error.

How To Undo in Notes with Finger Gestures

You can also undo an error with finger gestures using Notes.

Double-press while hovering your finger above the screen to undo any actions. This will undo the last edit. This will confirm that the previous action was undone.

To undo or redo an action, swipe your fingers to the right. The Redo notification is displayed at the bottom.

You could also use the gesture to swipe across your screen with three fingers. To perform an undo, you can click on the Undo button

How to Undo Notions Using an External Keyboard

It’s easy to fix a mistake when you use an external keyboard on your iPhone/iPad. Simply use the keyboard shortcuts you would normally use on an Apple Computer and use Notes: Shift + Cmd+Z to undo; Shift+ Cmd+Z if you want to redo.

Notes, an excellent application, is a great choice.

As mentioned, Notes can be very useful if you use it properly. Notes allows you to create lists, sketch, take notes, add photos, and share them with your colleagues.

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