How to Remove a TV From a Wall Mount

There are many reasons to take your TV off its wall mount. You might be renovating your home and need to remove your flatscreen TV from its wall mount. Perhaps you have just bought a larger TV or want to move the TV to another location. Whatever your reason, here are the steps to take your TV off without breaking your back.

These are the things you should do before you disconnect your TV.

  • Manual for your TV wall mount
  • Refer a friend to help you
  • A screwdriver
  • Place a blanket on the ground or a soft surface to place your TV after you have removed it from its wall mount.

How to remove a TV from a Wall Mount

Unplug the Wires

Unplug everything before you remove the TV from its wall mount. You should disconnect any accessories, such as a movie player or video game console, from your TV and put them away. It is also a good idea to unplug power cables.

Tilt and lift

It is best to bring a friend along, depending on how heavy or small your TV is. Grab the bottom of your TV, and gently tilt it towards you. Make sure the top is against the wall.

Do not force the TV to be lifted after tilting it. The safety lock mechanism on your wall mount may be activated. Before you remove the TV from its wall mount, make sure that it is unlocked.

The TV wall mount may come with a pull-string lock, a bar or a screw. The correct information should be found in your wall mount manual. The screw lock is located at the bottom. Before you move on to the next step, unscrew the lock with the appropriate screwdriver. The bar lock on your wall mount will slide horizontally along your TV’s back if it has a bar lock. The pull-string safety lock has strings that are placed on either side. To unlock the TV’s wall mount, you will need to pull the strings.

Take your TV off the Wall Mount

Now it is time to remove the TV from its wall mount. To get the best results, let a friend hold the TV’s one side while you hold it on the other. Slowly lift the TV up until it is free from the wall mount. Place the TV on a blanket or other soft surface.

Unscrew Mount Bracket on the TV

Use a screwdriver to remove the TV mount bracket. Be careful not to scratch the back of your TV.

Remove Wall Mount

Use a screwdriver or other suitable tools to take out your wall mount. If you’re looking for an extra step, paint the wall and then spackle it.

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