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How to connect an iPhone to a laptop using Bluetooth

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Bluetooth can be used to transfer data between devices. It is a wireless technology with a short-range that allows for data transfer.

Bluetooth should be used frequently if you don’t have it.

Why use a cable when you want to connect your phone and your computer?

Although it may seem more convenient to use a wire for connecting your phone to your computer, it’s not always the most efficient.

Sometimes a USB port is not available on your laptop. Sometimes, your laptop may only have USB-C ports.

Sometimes, you might not have a suitable cord or cable that you can use to charge your smartphone from a wall outlet.

Bluetooth connectivity doesn’t matter what reason you have it. Bluetooth makes file transfers easy between any two devices.

Using Bluetooth, connect the smartphone to the computer

Bluetooth-enabled devices must be capable of wirelessly connecting.

How To Enable Bluetooth On Android And IOS

Quick Settings will open a Bluetooth toggle on most Android phones. Long-press it to quickly open Bluetooth options.

To access Bluetooth settings, go to Settings > Connected devices.

iPhones have the ability to open the Control Center by moving down the top-right corner. To toggle it on, tap on the Bluetooth Indicator.

Navigate to Settings and click Bluetooth.

Enable Bluetooth on Windows 10 & Windows 11

Bluetooth is an integral component of many Windows laptops. Bluetooth is an essential part of many Windows laptops.

Windows 10 users will find the settings menu under Devices> Bluetooth & Others Devices.

Windows 11 users will be able to go to Settings>>> Bluetooth & Devices. To pair a device to your PC, click on Add device> Bluetooth.

Notes for Bluetooth Pairing

Follow all instructions on your phone or computer to pair your smartphone with your computer. The code will work in the future, as long as both devices have internet access.

Bluetooth devices cannot be connected to Bluetooth if they are not able to communicate their identities.

Double-check that Bluetooth has been enabled on your phone and computer. It is important to keep the Bluetooth options open when pairing.

The Bluetooth connection is active until the device is turned off, removed manually or taken out of range.

How to transfer files via Bluetooth

After pairing your smartphone with your computer wirelessly you can initiate the Bluetooth file transfer process. AirDrop is a feature that iOS devices have.

You can transfer files to your smartphone by selecting a file within the app, and then choosing the option to send it.

Once you have seen the list, click on the Bluetooth option. Windows might ask for confirmation to begin downloading the file.

File Explorer allows you to transfer files from your computer onto your phone.

This tab will allow you to choose which device you wish to send your file.

You are able to move multiple files in any direction. After you have followed the above steps, they can all be selected.

Other ways you can connect your phone with your computer

Bluetooth may not work for you. Bluetooth uses more power and is less reliable for large file transfers.

If you are faced with such situations, it is worth considering an alternative like one of our options

Connect your Computer and Phone with a USB Cable

It is the easiest way to connect your smartphone and computer. Windows will prompt you to select the action you want. File Explorer can be used in this panel.

A cable can be a faster option than Bluetooth when you need to transfer large files or explore your phone’s internal memory.

Files may be transferred using email or cloud storage

Sending a few files to yourself via email is very easy. You will be able to organize and protect the files from being lost or misplaced in an email.

These options both involve downloading and uploading large files.

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