All you need for the PS5 and PS5 Starbucks Edition: Power cords

Playstation 5 was launched on the 12th of November 20th, 2020, across a number of countries that included North America and Australia. Following a week, the console was made available to the rest of the world.

There are two versions that are available for PS5. PS5 Digital version. It’s the less expensive choice, but it does not come with an optical Blu-ray disc drive. It is included in the higher-end model. The cheaper version relies on downloaded games that have been digitally downloaded.

The PS5 comes with solid-state drives as well as an AMD GPU that can handle 4K resolution, and speeds up to 120 frames per second and perhaps , the most significant thing is that it’s backward compatible with the majority of PS4 games which includes PSVRgames. It’s an impressive piece of hardware.

However, despite the improvements in terms of graphics and loading speeds the console still requires cables to power it and also to connect with your display.

They are the most fragile part that could be easily damaged. But, the good news is that they’re able to be fixed. It’s true that the power cable for the PS4 PS4 will be similar to the power cable on the PS5 This gives many options, even if Sony doesn’t offer another cable.

Before buying a new cable, think about these things

If you’re deciding to purchase a new cable, it’s a good idea to spend your time and think about what you will purchase next.


Sony doesn’t offer an alternative cable for the PS5. Therefore, you’ll have to choose one of the many alternatives available in the market. If, however, the cable is damaged during shipment it is essential to notify Sony.

If you’re considering alternatives that are not branded aftermarket, make sure you know the company you’re dealing with. If you don’t identify the name, look into asking for help or looking through social networks. It’s just a couple of minutes to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality of cable and to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off.

Power is a necessity

Sony claims to have discovered that the PS5 digital version uses 350 watts while the standard version consumes 350 watts. The power cable is connected with an adapter box that is able to manage dual voltage. This permits the PS5 to be used in European countries, as also in the US with any voltage that falls between 110 and 240 Volts.

Original power cables deliver the power of 10amps to the PS5. So, make sure your replacement power cable has the capacity to deliver the same power.

Connect Type

The PS5 makes use of the typical C7 connector, which is split in one. It is possible to connect to the C7 connector, but it’s not set up. To ensure a reliable connection, it’s recommended to select a connector designed especially for application.

Before purchasing anything, it is recommended to do some study


The cost of a brand new cable for powering the PS5 is just 20 cents. If you’re planning to spend much more, you must consider the benefits you’ll get from the cost.

The majority of the cords are priced similarly and you are free to choose the service that you are comfortable with.

Power Supply for Playstation 5 Power Supply Replacement Cord

Top tech AC Power Cord

It is important to note that this cable is the top choice for Amazon; this makes it an excellent choice. The cable is available in different lengths, which range from 3.3ft long up to 12 feet. It can be useful if you need to relocate your PS5 but isn’t in the close proximity to the power outlet.

This cable is compatible in conjunction with PS3, PS4, PS5 and various versions of Xbox. It has an 18-gauge premium AWG 2-slot connector and has been UL certified. It also comes with the protection against overheat, voltage, and the protection against short circuits. This will make sure it is that your PS5 is in operating condition.

Tpltech offers a 30-day return policy and an extended 12-month warranty in the event of certain issues. If you’re having issues with the cable, you should be able to get in touch with Tpltech.

Trospow Power Cord

This Trosplow alternative power cord for your PlayStation 5 is an excellent choice. It comes with the standard 2-prong plug aswell being a C7 connector that can be connected directly to that connector on your PS5. It is able to provide the power of seven amps with 10,125 Volts by using the C7 connector from IEC-320. It’s about 8 feet long which allows users to put their PS5 virtually anywhere within the space.

The cable is designed to protect it and your PS5 and you from electrical malfunctions. This enhances its durability and guarantees efficiency. It weighs around 4 ounces and is backed by a 12-month warranty that makes it an excellent investment.

Bicmice AC Power Cable

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit shorter, the Bimicense AC Power Cable might be the best option. It’s actually sold in two sizes, either 6 or 12 feet, depending on the one you like best.

The cable has two prongs which are typical for NEMA 1-15P connectors, which can supply 7.7 amps of power as well as 120 voltages. It’s important to know that this cable doesn’t have polarization. This cable is the first PS5 cable Polarized. The other part of the cable is the standard C7 connector. The cable is constructed of plastic, and it is secured with a nut to reduce the risk of damaging the process of plugging into your PS5.

Bic Ice gives you a 30 days guarantee on money back and will replace the cable free of charge for a period of up to 2 years should there be any issue with its production. It weighs around 3 ounces and is strong enough to be carried around at any time you’re required to.

PWR+ Power Cord

First thing that you’ll notice about this PS5 Power Cord is the fact that it’s white. This isn’t a problem for it to do its job however, it’s perfect for the colors that come with the PS5. The cable is worth considering if you like simple lines when installation of your game system.

The cable is 6 feet in length and has the regular figure 8 connector. It also has three prong plug that are compliant with the IEC-60320 standard. The cable’s PS5 connector has a model C7 connector, and a power connector that’s 15-pin NEMA. The cable is designed to be capable of handling 300V and more power than the PS5 can handle.

Pwr+ provides 30 days to return your purchase, as well as the option of a 24-month exchange in case of manufacturing defects. It also provides the buyer with protection when they purchase. It weighs around 3 pounds.

PlayStation 5 Replacement HDMI Cable

While it is less likely that the power cord will get broken or snagged It’s worthwhile to take time to consider the condition of your HDMI cable. It is also susceptible to damage and provides a great opportunity to obtain an extra or replacement.

Here are some ideas worth considering.

Powerbear HDMI Cable

The most important aspect to think about when choosing the right HDMI cable is to ensure it’s compatible with 4K, as long as your PS5 can provide this resolution! The Powerbear HDMI cables can be used to handle 4K at 60 milliseconds. The cable’s length is 10 feet but it is also available in a range of lengths, which range from 0.5ft up to 50 feet. However, you may experience signal loss if you use more than 50 feet!

These connectors come with gold plating to protect against corrosion. The wire is copper of 30WG , and is encased by tripe Tin. It is wrapped with premium nylon, with double braiding. It creates a secure connection between your console and the screen.

It weighs about 6 ounces, and is available for use. Simply connect it to the internet and you’ll be able to start getting your OS5 up and running.

iVanky HDMI Cable

The IVanky HDMI Cable is stylish. The jacket is constructed of premium nylon braided nylon. It also shields copper wires. Tin shielding has also been available. This cable is able to be used repeatedly without the need for the plug to be replugged. The connectors are coated with gold to ward off corrosion.

It measures 10 feet in length and can support the Gbps transfer speed in 4K or Ultra HD. It is able to stand up to being bent more than 10,000 times, and therefore is ideal for carrying wherever you travel.

The cable weighs only 4 ounces as well as comes with the 30 day return policy. You can also contact a customer service team to assist you with any queries.

The lengths vary of PS5 power cords are offered

It’s likely that you aren’t always in the vicinity of an outlet when installing the console. It is possible that you are not near an outlet. TPLTECH AC Power Cord allows you to select the length you typically use. It’s because it’s available in various lengths, such as 3.3 6′ 10′, or 12′. This is compatible With PlayStation 3, 4, 5, Xbox One X Series S, Series X as well as Series X. It works with gaming consoles, LCD audio bars, TVs, printers, as well and other devices that need the use of an AC cord. It’s UL-certified which means it is protected against current overload, overheating and short circuits. The two slots contain 18 AWG 2.C. 2.C.


  • Key Features:
  • Available in four different lengths
  • Compatible with PlayStations 3, 4, and 5.
  • UL-certified

It’s always beneficial to have something that you can use on multiple occasions. The MODON PSD5 is a 2 prong AC Power Cord. For the security of your equipment It is approved by UL. It’s compatible with two-pin TVs like models made by TCL, Panasonic and Haier. It is also compatible with two-prong printers, such as HP OfficeJet PRO models that are available through Canon, Samsung, and numerous others. This is the most important feature. It is compatible to play with PlayStation 5, 3, slim, 2 VR, and Xbox One S. This is a comprehensive list of things you can connect it to. It is possible to choose between 3″ cords, 6″ and 10′ cables, based on the style you prefer.


  • Key Features:
  • Supports two pin TV.
  • Two prong printers are needed.
  • The length of the three options is 3 choices

Utilizes the handheld PSP

You can utilize your PSP with it with the Superer AC Power Cord. It can be used alongside PS5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. PS5 or PS4 consoles in addition to the PSP as well as the PSV. The cord has been tested for safety and has been UL certified. OSHA has confirmed the safety program and this cord is as secure as you can get. It can be used with any printer as well as consoles and monitors. It’s also not polarized and is built to last.


  • Key Features:
  • PS5 and PSP compatible. PS5 and PSP are compatible
  • OSHA has approved safety training
  • Non-polarized

The Bicice UL-Listed 6-Foot Power Cord is a great choice as an extension power cord. This power cord can be used with various devices thanks to its prong and pin design. It can be used with your PS5 as well as other PlayStation consoles. It is also compatible in conjunction with a boombox from the past. It can be used with any camera as well as notebooks, printers and notebooks. Before purchasing this, ensure that you examine the gadgets. It’s available in six foot and 12-foot models.


  • Key Features:
  • Available in 12 and 6 sizes.
  • Your boombox can work
  • Approved for safety

You can purchase a less expensive power cord to save money.

The TONIWA 3.0FT Power Cord Cable is suitable for a variety of purposes and can easily fit in the pocket. It’s affordable, and the length that is the shortest is the most efficient. You can also purchase it with a 6-foot or 12′ length. It can be used on a wide range of devices and features the 18-AWG. This item is safe and certified by UL.


  • Key Features:
  • Three lengths are available.
  • Affordable: 3.3 is an excellent option
  • 18 AWG

PS5 Starbucks Edition: Take A Look at the Latest Playstation 5 Starbucks Concept

Since the first video for the PS5 Starbucks Edition was released it has become the talk of the town. Learn more about this PS5 Starbucks Edition.

Fans are in awe of the PS5 and the PS5 new generation consoles. A lot of gamers have been disappointed by the dearth of consoles, however memes and videos on consoles aren’t stopping from appearing. The concept videos were made by a variety of individuals. Many have been interested concerning this edition of the PS5 Starbucks Edition.

PS5 Starbucks Edition

A PS5 video posted recently became popular. The video shows the Starbucks model of PS5. This video shows the player starting on to the PS5 and looking stylish in the Starbucks accents in white and green. The video also includes an intriguing feature that has caught the attention of everyone. The video demonstrates that this PS5 Starbucks edition is not only a console with a next-generation design, but also a device to serve the Starbucks premium Coffee.

The video got all attention because it can be used to dispensing Starbucks Coffee. However, the video is only a concept. an idea for a Starbucks Edition PS5. The concept was created by a fan video. The video has also raised a lot of questions, including the cost for Starbucks PS5 and when Starbucks PS5 will be available. But, there aren’t pricing or dates yet since this is a concept video.

Sony PS5 was designed to be bigger than it currently is. today.

The PS5 is now weighing close to 15 pounds and measures one foot high. Yujin Morisawa, Sony Senior Art Director was adamant that the console should be taller than it is. Yujin Morisawa came up with the concept for the console. Engineers suggested he reduce it since it was big. The PS5 is light and slim however it’s high when placed on its side.

It immediately grabs attention and draws people to the space. Since the PS5 is quite large, Sony ships it with the stand. This lets the console be placed in a comfortable position and decreases the possibility of falling over. It is crucial to put your PS5 in a slant because it will be prone to wobble if not supported.

Restock update for PS5

Since the beginning of the day, players have been waiting for PS5 stocks to replenish. The PS5s have been out of inventory not because of the production reductions due to the pandemic. The market for PS5s is dominated by scalpers who want to have access to the consoles before they obtain the consoles. Sony will do everything it can to stop scalpers purchasing PS5s, however it’s not enough.

The market for PS5 remains high, many retailers are working to bring it back in stock. A lot of PS5 games from other countries are waiting for their launch date. The date of release for India has been fixed and customers can pre-order for the PS5 in India from the 12th of January.

The video is a great way to make viewers think whether there is a PS5 Starbucks Edition really exists.

On social networks, a picture of a PlayStation 5 Starbucks Edition has been posted. The video is the Starbucks theme of the PS5 that seems to have an inbuilt coffee maker. People are left wondering whether there’s any Starbucks PS5 given the effort it took to create the video. Some may be disappointed at the fact that Sony offers consoles with special editions given the difficulty it was to get a PS5.

Do you know of any Starbucks PS5 models that come with a built-in coffee maker?

It was the case that in past times, something similar to something like the PS5 Starbucks Edition would have been a given. After the launch of this KFConsole that comes with a built-in bird warmer, it’s possible. Today the possibility of a console with the ability to make coffee isn’t impossible.

Although we can’t verify it, it is likely that Starbucks PS5 may not be functioning. While it appears real, the fan appears to be situated in which the larger fan is supposed to be. It’s challenging to get the fan as well as its assembly across the console.

This video would not be complete without another element. You can activate the mechanism that creates coffee by pressing the DualSense touch bar. It’s unlikely that Sony will allow Starbucks and/or any other firm to alter the console in order to incorporate new features. The only method to accomplish this is to open the OS and then have the dispenser turn on whenever it is hit. This isn’t practical. There are two other aspects to make Starbucks PS5 not as authentic. First, we haven’t seen the console play games, and it’s got a lot of CGI money.

The design is great, however it’s not a Starbucks PS5. While the design is awesome however, there’s the absence of a Starbucks PS5 Edition. The video being distributed currently appears to be a CGI mockup.


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