Dell G7 15 7500 Review

They are all pretty comparable to other gaming laptops in price. There are always a few that stand out. This is not easy for the Dell 15. This laptop has impressive specs and a design I love. But at Rs. This machine costs Rs. 2,07,990 and is not affordable. If you are interested in the Dell G7 15 7500, please read on.

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The specs of the G7 are impressive, as I mentioned earlier. The G7 comes with a high-end processor as well as RTX-enabled GPUs. However, there are no 30-series. You also get some other amazing things. Have a look.

Processor Intel Core i9-1085H
Display Full HD 15.6 inch

300Hz refresh rate

Storage 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD
GPU Nvidia RTX 2070 Max Q
Connectivity WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.
Ports and I/O SD card reader, 2x USB Type-A ports, 1x USB Type-C port, Mini DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0, RJ-45 ethernet port, headphone jack
Price Rs. 2,07,990


The Dell G7 is closed and doesn’t look like it has any design flairs. It looks great in its black chassis. There is a simple Dell logo on it, as well as airflow vents at the sides and back. As you can see, the chassis is a magnet for fingerprints.

Although I like the sleek design of this laptop, it is only when you actually open it that you can see the true beauty. The hinge is not your typical type. Dell used an origami hinge, where the rear of hinge opens slightly when you open the lid. This, Dell claims, improves stability and airflow through the laptop’s body.

It doesn’t matter if it does, but it sure helps. Except for the chin, which is fairly standard now on laptops, the screen is surrounded with thin bezels.

The keyboard is also very well-designed. It doesn’t have a numpad, which I find fine. However, some laptops with 15-inch screens do have one. The design of this laptop is what I love the most. It uses the inverted T arrangement of the arrow keys, which I don’t like using on my MacBook Pro.

Dell also has embedded a fingerprint scanner in the power button, so you can use Windows Hello to log in to your computer. Face recognition is not possible because there’s no IR scanner.

The trackpad is another thing I appreciate. This is one of few Windows laptops I have used that has a trackpad I actually like.

There’s also the usual stuff. There are a few ports on the sides of your laptop and a couple vents for airflow. That’s it.

RGB is a key component of the design. While the G7 15 is not as minimalistic as other gaming laptops, Dell doesn’t make it as obvious. The front of the laptop has a RGB strip, and the backlight can be customized to change the colors.


The Dell G7 7500 has a 15.6-inch Full HD screen. This laptop is one of the best Full HD screen laptops. Its matte finish allows you to use it without any glare issues and it looks great overall. It can be very bright when you need it, and it can also get really dark when you need it, all without breaking a sweat.

The G7’s screen has excellent viewing angles and a 300Hz refresh rate. Everything looks smooth and fluid. This is not only true for games, but Windows UI animations as well as transitions look much better on this screen. It does a great job of separating colors, which is something that not many screens can do.


The G7 is a powerful gaming machine that packs high-performance hardware. The G7 comes with a Core i9-1085H 10th-gen processor. It is paired with 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 1TB PCIeM.2 SSD. The RTX 2070 Max Q graphics card is also included. This means that this laptop can handle any task you give it and it will do it very well.

The best thing about the laptop is that it never lets you down. The G7 seems to be able to handle long gaming sessions without crashing. This could be due to the thermals, as the laptop seems to keep its high performance levels for hours. Cyberpunk 2077 was something I wanted to test on my laptop but I decided not to. My usual testing games, Far Cry 5 & PUBG, were enough to test the laptop. However, PUBG seems to consume way more resources than it should.

To test it out, I ran PUBG in all graphic presets. For a smooth experience, I recommend using Medium or High. Although the G7 runs PUBG in Ultra well, there were some drops in frames and random lag. This is not something you want to deal with, so keep High graphics.

The G7 also handles Far Cry 5 at the highest graphics settings. The average frame rate for Ultra on Far Cry 5 is 91fps, as you can see in the in-game benchmarks. If you prefer higher frame rates or lower frame drops, drop this number.

To be fair, Far Cry 5 Ultra was played on my laptop for a while and the game didn’t drop any frames nor lag.

The Dell G7 is also very capable in other areas than gaming. This machine can play back 4K video and render it really well. I edited some videos with Premiere Pro. Although Premiere Pro was not used for testing, the render times were quite fast.

This laptop is capable of handling everyday tasks such as browsing, writing, and other activities.

Trackpad and Keyboard

In the design segment, I mentioned that I love this keyboard because of the inverted T arrow keys. There’s more. It’s a comfortable keyboard to type on. It is well spaced so that you don’t accidentally press keys across. The keyboard also responds very well when you actually type on it. These are all great things.

It would have been even better if the page up/down keys were not located next to the arrow keys. This is a huge disadvantage to a full-size arrow key layout. You’re more likely to press the page up/down keys accidentally than the up arrow.

The backlight of this keyboard can be customized, as I have mentioned previously. Below the keyboard, you will find a 4-zone RGB. Although there is no per-key customization, the Alienware Command Centre can do some really great things with the 4-zone RGB.

This trackpad is also very nice. It is very spacious. This allows for Windows 10 gestures if you use them often. It is also responsive which is great. The G7 does an excellent job of palm rejection on its trackpad. Even with the large trackpad, I have yet to experience any accidental touches when typing or using my keyboard.


The Dell G7 15 7500 comes with bottom-firing speakers, as is the case for most gaming laptops. This is not an issue for gamers as you will likely use your own speakers or headphones.

These speakers are not a problem. They are, however, not recommended for listening to music. They can be quite loud and don’t distort too much, which is great for streaming movies from Netflix. This is something I do quite often these days due to the pandemic. The laptop has been great for that.

However, I prefer the speakers to be up top and firing from the front. This would have made them even louder, and that is what I want in a laptop speaker. The placement of the speakers isn’t something that I care about as they do the job.


There are many ports on the Dell G7 7500, as well as some great connectivity options for wireless connections. There are two USB Type-A ports and one USB Type C port. This allows you to easily plug-in USB C accessories.

You’ll also find an RJ45 ethernet port to host LAN parties and a Mini DisplayPort 1.4 port for external displays. You also get an SD card reader and a headphone socket.

This means that you will not find yourself in a situation without the right ports. There are so many options. You can also use the Type-C port to extend the ports on your laptop, if necessary.

You can connect wirelessly with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. Although I have nothing to say about either of these things, it is nice to have them as future-proofing tools.


The battery is usually the most vulnerable part of gaming laptops, as users will likely have their power bricks connected at all times. The battery of the Dell G715 15 is quite good. My usage was mostly mixed so I got around 5-6 hours of battery life. This will vary depending on your actual usage, so it’s possible to get a different number. However, this is still a good number, especially for a gaming laptop.

Both the pros and cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons for the Dell G7 15.


  • 300Hz display
  • Performance excellence


  • Bottom firing speakers

Dell G7 15 7500 Review: Should you Buy It?

The Dell G7 15 7500 gaming laptop is quite solid. The G-series gaming laptop has been redesigned by Dell. It features a sleeker chassis and improved hardware. This makes it a great machine. There aren’t many options for similar features at this price. I also wish that the G7 came with a 30-series RTX GPU. However, it still offers pretty much everything I need.

For Rs. This machine is an excellent choice for gamers who want a machine that can double as a work computer without looking out of place in the office. It costs Rs. 2,07,990. The MSI GE75 Raider (Rs. 290) is a larger laptop that can bring per-key RGB. The MSI GE75 Raider (Rs. 2,09,990) has a 17 inch display, RTX2070 Super and a 10th-gen Core i7 CPU.


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