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Xbox refund: how to get your money back on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games

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The Xbox refund policy is available if you have any issues with your Xbox Series or Xbox Series H game console. You don’t have to settle for a broken or incomplete gaming experience.

Xbox refunds do not apply to Xbox Game Pass or the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which is available through the premium Xbox Game Pass tier. You can install and uninstall any game you want without having to pay a penny more than the monthly sub cost. However, you may be eligible for a full reimbursement if you have any issues with a game purchased through the Xbox Store.

It is a horrible feeling to spend $70/PS70 on a game and then find out that there are problems blocking the game’s progression or rendering it unplayable. Microsoft has a refund policy that will take the pain out of buying a new game and make it more affordable for you and your wallet.

You can find out how to get a refund for your Xbox console. Also, which products are eligible and what criteria you will need to fulfill in order to get your money back.

What you need to know about Xbox refund

You may be familiar with Steam’s return policy. However, Xbox’s policy is not as generous. Neither is the PlayStation refund policy. You can return a game to the PC platform within 14 days of purchase as long as it has been played less than two hours. Steam will often allow you to return the game if these conditions are met.

Digital purchases on Xbox are generally final. Microsoft may allow refunds in rare instances, such as the Cyberpunk2077 launch version that was plagued by bugs This is only possible if the company determines that a product is not suitable for purchase.

An Xbox refund is only possible if the product was defective or bought by mistake. You may be eligible for a refund if you are unable to launch the game using the dashboard or have severe bugs or glitches that render the game unplayable.

The above should be enough to allow you to request a refund. However, you must make your request within 14 calendar days of the purchase date. Also, only if you have played less than two hours. Additional content, such as season passes or DLC, cannot be refunded.

It is much easier to cancel a pre-order. You can cancel your pre-order as long as it is received at least 10 days before the game launches.

How to ask for a Xbox refund

First, go to the request page on the Xbox support site. Sign in to your Microsoft account to see the list of eligible games for refund.

Click the checkbox next the game that you wish to refund and then click the highlighted button titled “Request a Refund.” You might also see the yellow exclamation mark icon with the text “Request conditional” next to it. If you do not meet the Xbox refund criteria (e.g., owning a Xbox game for more than 14 days), this will typically appear. This is a reason Microsoft might deny your refund request.

Once you click “Request a Refund”, a new window will open asking for further information. From these options, you will need to choose a reason to request a refund.

  • Accidental purchase
  • Billing error
  • It doesn’t work with purchased content
  • I didn’t buy the item.
  • Cancel pre-order


Each option has its own dropdown menu. In which case, you will need to choose the reason that best fits the above criteria.

Don’t forget to include the “Additional Details” field. It may help increase your chances of getting a refund. After providing as much detail as possible, click “Next”.

Finally, you will see a breakdown for your refund request. This allows you to confirm all the information you have entered. Click ‘Submit’ if everything is correct.

Within 72 hours of submitting your request, you will usually receive a reply. Microsoft has the right to deny refund requests for any reason. However, if your question matches the criteria above, you have a good chance to receive your refund without further questions.


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