Why Use A Corporate VPN When Connecting to Your Network

The resources of a web-based company are perhaps the single most valuable thing that belongs to their business. It lets their employees work properly, design their marketing successfully, and let them serve their customers as they deserve. With that being said, it is also the most attacked asset by cybercriminals.


Cybersecurity companies developed several ways to help organizations protect their internal and external resources, and it might be hard to choose when it comes to a variety of cybersecurity methods. However, there are clear winners that are holistic, secure, and easy to use. Corporate (Enterprise) VPNs are one of them, so follow along to learn what it is and why you need them when connecting to your network.


What is a Corporate VPN?

We all know something about VPNs, they protect us from malicious users online. Individual consumers use VPNs to ensure their activities are not being tracked by cybercriminals. Just like that, organizations also utilize VPNs to protect their private networks so the sensitive data on their database is not subject to any data breaches.


But company-level VPNs are not the same as consumer VPNs, after all, they have to serve dozens of people while providing high-quality connections and keeping up with all the activities within the great network of a web-based business.


That’s what corporate VPNs do, they allow companies to provide their employees with a satisfying and easy-to-work connection while also ensuring it is secure. They use end-to-end encryption to secure these communications, so they are also capable of providing secure access to cloud-based resources of a company.


Since the remote work model became a hit over the last two years, companies needed a better way than traditional hardware-based VPNs to protect their networks. They now have cloud-based resources as we talked about above, and they also have a number of remote employees. So basically, hardware-based and geographically limited protection methods are no longer working.


This is the main difference between a traditional VPN and a corporate VPN. The second one is perfectly able to ensure secure access to corporate resources even when an employee is connecting to it from thousands of miles away.


This way, web-based companies with smaller budgets can both look for talents around the world while also cutting down their security, labor, and operational costs. So using a corporate VPN not only help you with security but also contributes to your business and helps you cut down your expenses.


Another great ability of corporate VPNs is letting employees work on their personal devices. If you don’t have any remote workers with BYOD devices or if your employees are only in your HQ office, you would not normally need a VPN. But if you do have a hybrid work model, a corporate VPN would be sufficient to make sure the remote ones are as efficient as the ones in your office.

How can you benefit from a Corporate VPN?

The benefits of an enterprise VPN cannot be understood with just a few sentences. You need to understand the exact areas where you can use a corporate VPN and why you need to invest in one before taking a step forward. We’ve listed a few of these to make it easier for you.

1-) Eliminating geographical limitations

Businesses have all the tools they need to operate their companies internationally. They can hire talents around the world, benefit from the arbitrage, and cover a great timezone by hiring people from different continents.


But there is one thing left that is crucial; ensuring secure remote access to such employees. It does not mean a single thing if you have poor security in your remote work setting. This is why enterprise VPNs are crucial; they can create a fully secure office at the doorsteps of remote workers. They can use their own devices while still accessing all necessary sources.

2-) Scalability & flexibility

If you have used traditional hardware-based security methods until now, you do know the headache those methods create. You cannot scale those without almost setting up the whole system from scratch; flexibility is not one of the qualities of such VPNs.


Well, luckily corporate VPNs are mostly offered by cloud-based cybersecurity companies nowadays. They do not require expensive hardware, and they can keep up with your growing team or changing needs. If you are looking for a scalable and flexible cybersecurity structure, enterprise VPNs are just right for you.

3-) Cutting down security & operational costs

This might be the single most important reason to migrate to a corporate VPN solution. Cybersecurity has always been seen as a luxury expense, but you can’t really underestimate the penalty you will be paying if your private network is compromised.


However, you also do not need to spend a fortune on the latest model hardware or a fully equipped cybersecurity team. Corporate VPN providers offer you a way out that is cheaper, more secure, and more experienced. You have the chance to get the best advice from professionals who work on cybersecurity for a living while also paying a monthly subscription fee that is affordable to all sizes of businesses.

Key Takeaways

What do you do to protect your network, the most valuable asset you have as a company? If you are still opting for traditional cybersecurity methods that are no longer applicable to modern business operations, you might think about choosing a more advanced one.


Corporate VPNs are here to cover all your security needs, especially if you have remote employees that can connect from unsecured public wi-fi or unmonitored personal devices. You can ensure security regardless of location with only a cloud-based VPN solution.


Investing in one of these VPN solutions will not only improve the security of your company database but will also cut down your expenses by allowing you to make use of the cloud and the remote work model. Give a close look at some business VPN solutions if the benefits above sound like the things you need in your company.

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