Where is the Clipboard on iPhone: And Here Are The 5 Best iPhone Clipboard Managers

You should be acquainted with terms such as “Cut”, “Copy” and “Paste”. You may have utilized these tools by yourself. It helps you save time and energy when the same message must be entered in multiple settings, for instance, it could be the same message to multiple friends, account passwords or web links, and so on.

The iPhone clipboard manages everything. Where is the clipboard located on iPhone?

The Clipboard function is an internal feature of your iPhone that stores temporary copies of the content. When you copy a word onto your iPhone you can then paste it into any application. Your iPhone offers you the option to cut, copy, and Paste.

However, iPhone doesn’t let you edit clipboard contents while on the move. It also doesn’t let you view the clipboard by itself. There’s no way to enable this as a default.

Here’s the place where we can step up. The Tecvaluebrings you well-organized and simple methods of finding your iPhone clipboard and editing its contents.

This article will answer your questions about where to find the clipboard on your iPhone and how you can modify iPhone clipboard contents.

How do you locate Your Clipboard On the iPhone?

Apple ecosystem offers access to many tools and applications that enhance the user experience. But, there’s no app you can use to access an iPhone clipboard.

This is due to the fact that the iPhone clipboard is based on virtual memory. It isn’t part of the memory storage in the system. Clipboard contents disappear whenever you reboot your phone.

Because there isn’t an accessible option to edit and access your clipboard we need to use unusual ways to complete the task.

After that, we’ll take a look at what we can do.

  • Create a shortcut to your Clipboard
  • Using the Notes App
  • Utilizing clipboard managers from third-party providers

1. Create a Shortcut to Edit the iPhone Clipboard

The shortcuts app for iPhone lets you create task automation by linking various actions from multiple apps.

These default settings permit users to make use of a set of shortcuts that are already in use. Additionally, you are free to create custom shortcuts.

A customized shortcut can be easily made to allow editing and accessing items that are on the clipboard.

How to Create a “Show Clipboard” Shortcut on iPhone

Step 1>Open the Shortcutsapplication

Step 6>Browse through the site to find your new shortcut

7. Tap to the Adjust Clipboard shortcut to enable it.

This is a great shortcut to edit the clipboard’s content anywhere you go!

Instead of having to manually browse across the various shortcuts, you can make use of Siri to to create your own shortcut. It’s as simple as a voice command. For example, “Hey Siri Open your Adjust Clipboard”.

We hope that this clarifies your doubt about the location of the clipboard in the iPhone.

2. Utilizing Clipboard Managers from third-party providers

You’ll have to install third-party apps in order to manage your clipboard on your iPhone. There is a myriad of paid and free clipboard management applications on the iOS app store. Look over their features and choose the one which best matches your requirements.

You can also look into our suggested clipboard management applications.

For example, Clip+ is well known free application that permits users to make Affiliate links, instructions, and Apple Watch short snippets.

It’s an excellent multimedia clipboard application that permits users to copy and control the content they’ve copied. In addition, it detects the kind of media that you’re copying and will show you in a glance what the clippings are.

Other top-rated apps comprise Copied, Paste, Anybuffer, and many more.

3. Using the Notes App

The question of where to find the clipboard located on the iPhone or how we can locate and use it is a complex one. In the end, it is necessary to avoid and make use of some easy tricks.

In the meantime, let’s explore ways to create the iPhone clipboard more usable through the Notes application.

Step 1:Open Notes on your iPhone. Notes app to your iPhone.

Step 2>Open a New Note.

Step 3:Paste the content you copied previously onto the note you just created.

This is a clever and efficient method to track the clipboard’s contents and edit them at any time you need to. iOS clipboards allow you to store just one item at one time.

With the Notes method, you can store an unlimited number of items without needing to replace any one of them.

This method might seem to be a little tedious for certain people, so we suggest using the two previous techniques described in this post.

How can I remove data from the iPhone’s clipboard history?

We typically copy a lot of sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, banking information, and more. On the iPhone clipboard. The removal of that data off your iPhone clipboard is vital because third-party applications are able to access it without you being aware.

For you to erase your copy history on iOS start the app that has text fields, such as Notes or Messages, or the particular clipboard app. Then delete all the information stored there.

You can remove the history of copying on the iPhone once you’re completed using copies of data.

The 5 Best iPhone Clipboard Managers

This article will show you how to manage your clipboard using your iPhone as well as how to find the best iOS clipboard manager to increase its functions.

You’ve likely utilized your iPhone clipboard more than you can remember for copying or pasting text between apps. While the built-in clipboard can be useful but it’s not without limitations. Particularly, it can only hold just one item at the same time.

There are many third-party clipboard applications that can come in to provide an additional feature. Let’s examine the clipboard built into the iPhone can do and then provide alternatives to iPhone clipboard management apps.

A Look at the iPhone Clipboard

On its own in its own way, the iPhone clipboard isn’t very amazing. There’s no official clipboard application and there’s no method to know what’s in the clipboard within your iPhone. This is because iOS can only store one item of data –the copy of the last piece you copied when you press the cursor, then select the option to cut and copy.

If you choose the option to paste in the menu that you are using, data from the clipboard will show anywhere you are able to insert text. Check out our tutorial on pasting and copying on your iPhone to get more tips.

For complete erasure of your iPhone clipboard, hold down and tap a blank area until the cursor appears. Press down, then select the option to copy in the drop-down menu. This empty space will remain in the memory of the clipboard afterward.

The built-in clipboard feature available on iPhone is basic and not very effective, here are some better clipboard applications to kick your work process to the next level.

1. Paste

The paste is among the best iPhone clipboard management apps. It can store all the information you copy — including images, text, links as well as files for fast and easy access.

If you’re looking for an exact item You can look through the history of images and look at the preview to ensure it’s the content you’re seeking. The search for content is simple thanks to the intelligent filters. In the clipboard history section within the app you can simply tap right to add the content to the iPhone’s internal system.

To organize various types of content, you are able to make and modify various pinboards. Information from the app can be accessible to other apps through sharing Sheet. A nice addition is that Paste will also inform you of the date you added the data as well as the source. It also will display a count of characters on any text.

With iCloud compatibility, it is possible to transfer content to the Mac by using the Paste for Mac application. The multi-platform nature of Paste is a reason to think about for those who work using simultaneously iOS as well as macOS.

Although the application is one of the best to use for the job, however, it has a major negative. The paste was originally a one-time purchase, however, it has been converted to the subscription model. If the thought of paying $10 per year for a clipboard management service makes you hesitant, check out the following alternatives.

Download Cut and Paste on iOS and Mac (Free trial, no subscription required)

2. Copied

Copied is another option in the clipboard manager area. The app can save texts, links, or images that you copy from any application as clippings. If you’re ready to use the clipping you want, simply start the application and copy it onto the clipboard on your iPhone.

One of Copied’s most distinctive features is its third-party keyboard. It offers a fast way to open all clippings whenever you have to type text into any app, like Messages and Safari. It allows you to select text within any app, and then format it without having to open the app again. It is also possible to save text to an image directly from the keyboard.

Apart from being able to look over and edit any clippings, you are also able to modify the text using various options for formatting. This allows you to format text using a template. Power users can also create their own formatter using JavaScript. Formatters for these are available via the Copied keyboard.

A built-in web browser comes in useful and helps save any information copied from a website. With the Share Sheet, you’ll be able to benefit from a variety of actions, such as the saving of data to Copied and much more. Users of messaging apps can utilize images from the app to transform them into fun stickers that they can make use of during conversations.

Purchase in the app unlocks additional features, such as the possibility of saving and organizing clips by creating lists, setting different rules to better manage clippings, as well as iCloud sync with the other iOS devices.

If you work using a Mac and you have a companion Copied application for macOS allows you to access a central clipboard at work and while on the go. Be aware that as of the time of writing, Copied is not in development anymore and you must ensure that you have the latest version that works for you prior to updating.

Download: Copied for iOS (Free and premium version is available) • Mac ($7.99)

3. Clip+

Clip+ can do more than just save any data you save. It automatically detects various kinds of information.

If, for instance, you locate a phone number, you are able to call directly through the application. If you save a URL, just tap it to go to the website. You can also customize the actions you take, such as substituting the Gmail app with the default Mail.

The app, made for both iPhone iPad, uses iCloud to keep your information current across any iOS device. This helps make Clip+ even more useful for those already a part of Apple’s Apple ecosystem.

The entire content can be viewed through Search as well as through the Safari’s Shared Links tab. The clipboard can be accessed as a Notification Center widget if you utilize it. Surprisingly, Apple Watch users aren’t left out of the enjoyment. With the voice dictation feature on your watch, it’s possible to write your text straight into Clip+.

Download: Clip+ ($2.99)

4. Anybuffer

There’s another option worth considering if you’d prefer not to worry about a monthly subscription. A single purchase upfront will grant you access to the entire clipboard application’s features.

It lets you save images, links documents, documents, text email, and many more. To make it easier to organize your information you can drag and drop the clips on different shelves. Also, there’s a search option that allows you to quickly locate the information you’re seeking.

It has a built-in scanner that allows you to add documents into the app using an iPhone and iPad camera. You can also upload drawings directly into the application.

For fast and easy access to all the information within the app, make use of the keyboard that Anybuffer has designed to open your snippets from anywhere when you type. Also, Siri Shortcut users will be delighted to learn that Anybuffer provides automation capabilities. This allows for additional features that are activated by simply a voice command.

Download: Anybuffer ($4.99)

5. SnipNotes

SnipNotes integrates note-taking and an integrated clipboard manager. To add data from other apps into SnipNotes you just need to drag and drop it, then save it to your clipboard or copy it to the sharing sheet.

Notes can be made to be added to an iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch. The app also can remember the place you wrote notes. To help you organize all your data it comes with an archive and an inbox and the option to create categories that you can customize.

It is not necessary to open the app to view the information since it is possible to use Siri or a Today widget. The clipboard’s data and notes can be accessed via the app with no internet connection.

SnipNotes gives a seven-day no-cost trial that lets you use the features of the application. If you decide to keep using the app after this, you can get all of the features for a one-time purchase.

In addition to the iOS and iPadOS app, there’s also a Mac version of SnipNotes. You can also access all the information you need thanks due to iCloud sync.

Download SnipNotes ($3.99 Trial trial for free)

Expand Your iPhone Clipboard’s Capabilities

Although your built-in iPhone clipboard is an essential way of sharing an item of information across applications, these apps from third parties can make your iPhone improve its utility for your everyday activities.


You can save content to share it on any of the Internet using your Apple devices. Yes, that’s right, you can do it. Its “Continuity” feature allows people to paste and copy content between all devices. Apple devices.

As an example, you might be on the Mac and you need to transfer important notes or images to the smartphone and iPad. The Continuity feature allows this to happen. In the end, your productivity will increase dramatically.

Despite the vast features of Apple, however, there are some small flaws that hinder an Apple system’s quality of living. The clipboard is a prime instance. It’s way too simple to be useful, and it’s nearly obsolete.

It’s not much using it, other than cutting and pasting a few items. It is necessary to install third-party software in order to increase the capabilities of the iPhone ability to use the clipboard.

If you’re already content with the capabilities of the basic clipboard, you may take advantage of the build an alternative method. It allows you to access your clipboard more easily and doesn’t alter the capabilities of your clipboard.

If you follow this article carefully it will be easy to access the clipboard, and also improve it using the tips given here. Tech Chary brings you the best strategies and guidelines that have an excellent chance of success.

Questions addressed in this article: Where is the clipboard on the iPhone? How can I modify it? How do you edit the iPhone clipboard?

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