Watch Faces to Customize Your Moto 360 Smartwatch

The Moto 360 2nd Generation is a beautiful smartwatch. Android Wear’s ability for switching between different watch faces makes it even more fashionable. You have the option to choose from the many pre-installed Moto 360 watch faces or download one from the Play Store. For the latter, we are here to assist you.

These watch faces can be customized and have different looks. They also allow you to see more information at a glance. You can now see the top Moto 360 Watch Faces that you should install.

The Best Watch Faces For Your Moto 360

1. DressWatch

DressWatch allows you to create a watch face that matches your clothes. You can choose from a variety of color combinations, or take a photo of what you’re wearing to add colors. You can also choose from 6 different watch faces and get information like the date and weather.

Install: (Free)

2. Ustwo

Ustwo has 6 watch faces available for you to choose from. Each face is unique so that you can pick the one that suits your needs. You can see your calendar, weather and fitness information at once on the watch faces. All the watch faces are beautiful and have their own unique style of information.

Install: (Free)

3. Pujie Black


Pujie Black is a popular watch face for Android Wear and Moto 360, due to its watch face cum launcher. It comes with 11 presets, including interactive and simple watch faces. You can customize the watch face with the companion smartphone app to display information such as weather, fitness, and calendar events. It also features the ” tap drawer“, which allows you to add shortcuts for tapping targets on the watch face. You can use your Android watch face as a clock widget, among other features.

Install: (Paid $1.95)

4. Masque Simplicity

Masque simplicity offers minimalistic plain-colored watch faces that you can customize in any way you like. You can choose from different color schemes, hand styles and tick marks, as well as info circles. The info circles are watch faces that have different styles. They display information such as calendar, battery, weather, alarms, etc. You can download the app for free, but you can upgrade to Premium if your preference is for custom color schemes and more tick marks.

Installation: ( Premium Version available for in-app purchase at $1.96)

5. InstaWeather

InstaWeather offers 9 interactive watch faces that include weather reports, forecasts, and radar maps. Each watch face also has a battery indicator, battery indicator, Google fit integration, customization options, and weather reports. You can control every aspect of the watch face, including location, screen brightness, and weather stations, via a smartphone app. It’s basically the best weather watch face that you can find on Android Wear or Moto 360.

Installation: ( A free trial is available for one month when you subscribe to $0.87/month).

6. Minimal & Elegant

Minimal and Elegant are the apps for you if you’re looking for elegant, customizable watch faces. You can import presets from Google+ or create your own presets. You can also customize everything via the companion app, including fonts, background gradients and notification cards. You can also use the interactive watch faces to launch apps directly, control music, adjust brightness, and other features. The watch face has many more features than the average one, making it well worth the price.

Install: (Paid $0.73)

7. Skymaster Pilot

The Skymaster Pilot watch face is perfect for aviation watches. The Aviator watch face is a great option, offering excellent readability and information like date, weather, and battery indicator. It also has an ambient mode and a cool interactive face that allows you to change the dials with just one tap.

Install: (Paid $1.08)

8. Cool Circle

Cool Circle is a stylish yet functional watch face. It shows you information such as weather forecasts, alarms, indicators, and more. At a glance. You can customize the background color, peek cards, screen times, and other features of the smartphone app. While the free version is adequate, the premium version offers useful features such as app shortcuts and weather options.

Installation: ( No-cost Premium Version with an in-app payment of $0.65)

9. Mustache

Mustache is a unique watch face that you can customize with many options. The smartphone companion app allows you to customize the watch face. You can choose from a variety of themes, customize the active & ambient screens, notifications cards, and more. The watch face has been dubbed “mustache” for its cool badge. However, there are many other unique badges that can be added to personalize the look. The Premium version is available in addition to the free one. It includes 6 new themes and allows you to select colors for ambient, secondhand, and active screen durations.

Installation: ( No-cost Premium Version with an in-app payment of $0.80)

10. Willow

Willow watch face allows you to set your smartwatch’s background using custom images. You can either choose from the companion app’s web gallery or from your device’s gallery. Although there aren’t many options, the possibility to create a watch face from your own image is a great feature. The fonts used in this watch face look really cool.

Install: (Free)

11. Simple

The Simple watch face, as the name implies, is simple and straightforward. The watch face displays the digital clock and calendar with a simple but soothing transition in the background. This shows the seconds and minutes’ movements. You have the option to choose from a variety of background colors or set it to random chance. You can’t control the watch face via a smartphone app.

Install: (Free)

12. Street Art

Google created Street Art, a watch face that features some stunning art as the background. You can choose from an analog, digital, or minimal clock and enjoy a wide selection of street art images. If you love art, get it!

Install: (Free)

13. Runner

If you’re into running or fitness drills, the runner watch face is for you. The watch face displays your date, time, watch battery information, and fitness details such as steps counters and heart rate indicators. You can set custom colors and disable/enable sensors to conserve battery.

Install: (Paid $1.09)

14. Form

The form is a minimalistic but stylish watch face. We love its ambient screen. The digital clock face comes with a second counter, date, and count of unread notifications. You can’t customize the background or remove the unread counts. Although the watch face is not very useful, it looks great.

Install: (Free)

15. Watch Face 70s

Do you love the vintage look of the 70s? This watch face is for you! This watch face has a 70s-inspired look and provides information such as date and week-day. The watch face also features a cool dimmed mode that will help save your battery.

These watch faces can be customized to your Moto 360 Smartwatch

These beautiful and functional watch faces allow you to personalize your Moto 360 or other Android Wear smartwatches in the most unique way possible. What are you waiting for, then? These watch faces are available for you to choose from and we would love to hear which one you prefer.

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