There are 3 ways to reset a forgotten Windows Administrator password

How many times did you forget your password over the last year? A website password can be lost with ease, as you can reset them using your email address. However, it’s very scary to lose your computer password as they are difficult to reset.

Do not panic if your password is forgotten for a Windows administrator login. There are many methods to recover your password. We will show how to reset administrator passwords for Windows even if your admin rights aren’t granted.

  1. Reset the Windows Administrator password with a Microsoft Account

One of the most important benefits to using a Microsoft account and Windows 10 is that your password can be reset by simply going through Microsoft’s tools.

First, verify that you are able to access your Microsoft Account. You can go to with your phone or computer. Once you’re signed in, make sure that you don’t type anything.

Continue with the process of resetting your Microsoft Password if you can’t log in. You can go to the Microsoft password page to start, but you can also reset passwords from the Windows 10 login screen.

Once you have verified your identity using the information you provided on your account, you can proceed to reset your Microsoft account password. Once you’re done, enter the new password and sign in to your PC.

It’s important to note that Microsoft accounts require you to take a few moments to update your security information on your Microsoft account webpage. It’s easy to reset your password by adding a secondary email address or a phone number. A little planning now will make it easier to reset your admin password in future.

  1. Lock Screen Workaround: Reset a Local Windows Admin Password

You will have to reset your password for local accounts if you do not use a Microsoft account. Windows 10 allows you to set security questions for local accounts . This will allow you to easily get back in from the lockscreen if you forget your password. They won’t help you if they aren’t already set up.

If your locked account is the sole administrator account on your computer, you will first need to create an elevated Command prompt. This is how it works.

If you have an administrator account on another computer, you don’t need to do all of these steps. You can log in to another admin account on your computer and change the password with the command line. It doesn’t take as much effort.

Password Reset Workaround

First, you will need to make a bootable Windows 10 DVD on a flash drive. Since you can’t access your computer, this will require another computer.

Once you have completed that, insert your drive into your computer so you can start the new installation. Most machines require that you press F12 or another key when you turn on your computer to select a device to start from.

To open a Command Prompt, boot from the flash drive.

Next, identify the partition on which Windows install is located. This is usually the C. drive. But it may be different for you. You can check by typing the following command. This will change the Command Prompt’s current directory to the root C: drive or the letter you insert.

If the command returns Unable to find the drive specified by the system, the letter is not correct. After finding the correct drive, you will need to modify the directory with the cmd command. To access the System32 Folder, type this line:

If The system cannot find the specified path, then you have chosen a drive that is not the one Windows is currently on. You can try changing drives to a different letter until you find the correct one.

Once you’re inside the System32 folder you can perform a few tricks. Windows comes with an accessibility feature called Sticky Keys. To launch this feature, you simply need to hit the Shift five times quickly. To reset your password, swap the executable that runs Sticky Keys and the link to the Command Prompt executable file.

You can do this by typing these two commands one at a. The first backups the Sticky Keys shortcut located in the folder (the .. is an option to move to the parents folder), so that you can restore it later. The second replaces the Sticky Keys shortcut by a Command Prompt. If you are asked to approve either of these shortcuts, please do so.

You can change your password by running a command prompt

To access a Command Prompt, you could run the renamed shortcut from the login screen. Microsoft Defender has now made it impossible to do this, so you will need to take an extra step. You can use Windows 8 or Windows 8 to access an older version or Windows 10 version. To open a Command Prompt you can press Shift five times on the login screen.

Modern Windows 10 versions will require you to reboot into Safe Mode in order for this to work. To do so, click on the Power menu at the bottom-right of your login screen. Next, hold down the Shift button and click Resume. If you see the warning that restarting could cause people to lose jobs, click Start Anyway.

Next, you will see the advanced settings menu. Click Troubleshoot>> Advanced Options > Startup Settings. Then click Restart. The computer will then reboot and ask which startup option it wants to use. To select Safe Mode, press the 4 keys. This will install Windows only the necessary drivers, and prevent Microsoft Defender from blocking this workaround.

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