The PS4 Is Now FULLY JAILBROKEN–What Does This Mean For The PS5?

BANGKOK (THAILAND) – 2018/05/24 – A Sony PlayStation 4 video gaming console with a red wireless remote controller. The eighth generation of home consoles, the PlayStation 4 (or PS4) was developed by Japanese company Sony Interactive Entertainment. Since its release in November 2013, the console has been sold for approximately 74 million units.

Eight years after its first public appearance, the hack/exploit allows a PlayStation 4 console now to be jailbroken. This allows almost anyone to run homebrew apps and pirated games on their Sony PlayStation 4 consoles.

The exploit appears to work with the latest firmware version 9.00 or earlier.

The jailbreak, also known as “pOOBs4”, is the result of many people’s efforts: SpecterDev and Znullptr; ChendoChap who are hackers but likely consider themselves developers.

It is claimed that they couldn’t have done their work without TheFlow’s help. TheFlow allegedly discovered a bug in the filesystem of the console that allowed the exploit to work.

TheFlow, also known as Andy Nguyen, is well-known within the PlayStation community. He has posted numerous hacks on GitHub covering several older firmware versions of the last-gen console.

Here’s a Twitter video showing the exploit’s custom firmware on a console running the 9.00 firmware.

The pOOBs4 jailbreak has been made available to GitHub as of the writing.

First, we want to make it clear that Tech Times does not condone homebrew software or other hacks on your PS4 console.

This news may be welcome to anyone who has been using their previous-gen PlayStation consoles for the last year.

What will this PS4 Jailbreak mean for the PS5?

Is it possible that the PlayStation 4 will soon be jailbroken? Recent news suggests that it is very likely.

Taken November 3, 2020. Living room with a Sony PlayStation 5 home console and DualSense controller, along with a TV.

Fail0verflow, a hacking group, announced in November that they had obtained the encryption rootkeys for the new Sony console.

This brings them to the first PS5 jailbreak, though there is still much to do. You can find their Twitter announcement about the hack here:

Some people find the hack impressive, considering that the hackers claimed they didn’t need to modify the console to gain access.

Due to Sony’s security measures, jailbreaking a PlayStation console used to be difficult. A physical modification is required to break through. Fail0verflow claims they had to only tweak the software for this hack.

The PS4’s hacking has been complete, so there is a chance that a newer, better-built successor will be available soon. Sony will undoubtedly hear about this and take steps to protect their current-gen system even more from hackers.

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