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The best pink gaming headsets in 2021

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High-quality headsets place players at the heart of the action and enhance the experience. High-quality headsets are clear and have good voice quality. They can also last for a long time. You should find headsets that are comfortable and easy to use for hours, with features such as adjustability and thick padding.

Although there are many great gaming headsets on the market, most of them look identical. The majority of gaming headsets are black, and only a few companies offer colorful options. Only a few high-quality options are available from reputable companies for pink headsets. These headsets can be used for extended gaming sessions, and they feature Bluetooth connectivity and virtual surround sound.

These are the top five pink headsets for 2021.

Best overall headphone

Razer Kitty

Razer’s Kraken Kitty offers the same performance and features as the standard version but adds a splash of color. Bright pink is used in everything, including the earcups, headband, and microphone. This contrasts nicely with the grey finish of the inner headband and earpads. The look is completed with a pair of RGB cat ears that can be removed and brighten up the room.

The Kraken Kitty is very similar to other Kraken models in terms of design. It is a chunky cat with large ears that house 50-millimeter drivers. You can also use the on-ear controls to adjust volume and virtual surround sound. The thick, gel-infused earpads are comfortable for long gaming sessions, just like other Razer models.

The Kraken Kitty is not only beautiful, but it also excels in performance. The Kraken Kitty connects to the computer via a USB soundcard and features THX Spatial Acoustic surround sound. Virtual surround sound is preferred by some users because they feel more connected to their environment. Some users prefer stereo audio, while others don’t notice much difference.

The Kraken Kitty looks great and performs well. It is a bit too large for some users and can be quite expensive. The Kraken Kitty can only be used with a USB connector. It is not compatible with consoles that require a 3.5-millimeter connector.

Best multiplatform headphone

HyperX Cloud MIX


Some users may find full-pink headsets too bright. HyperX’s Cloud MIX is a combination of white and rose gold trim. This headset is more discreet than the full-pink version. This headset is affordable and has multiple connections, making it great for console or PC gaming.

Depending on the platform, users can choose from multiple connections, including Bluetooth or a 3.5-millimeter jack. Cloud MIX includes a USB charging cable and a line from 3.5 to 3.5 millimeters. There is also a splitter cable that runs 3.5 to 3.5 millimeters with separate microphones and headphones jacks. Bluetooth users can expect up to 20 hours of battery life and a range as high as 32 feet.

The Cloud MIX, like all HyperX headsets, has a solid construction. The metal frame runs through the padded headband made of plastic. The cables can be easily removed so that users don’t have to replace the entire headset.

This headset is a great choice for gamers who use more than one gaming platform. The headset is more elegant than other headsets, but it offers multiple connectivity options. It doesn’t have the 7.1 surround sound of the Kraken Kitty or G2 II.

Best wireless headset

Razerkraken BT Kitteh Edition


Although the Razer Kraken is a very similar name to Kraken Kitty’s Kraken Kitty, its capabilities are entirely different. The BT Kitty Edition connects via Bluetooth, unlike the Kraken Kitty which uses a USB connection. It’s compatible with many devices including mobile phones and PCs. With the lighting off, users get approximately 50 hours of battery life. It drops to around 20 hours when the lighting is on.

Several design elements taken from the Kraken Kitty have been carried over to the BT Kitty Edition. The BT Kitty Edition keeps the same pink design, cat ears, and grey trim. The BT Kitty Edition is smaller in size and weighs 10.5 ounces less. The BT Kitty Edition uses 40-millimeter drivers, whereas the Kitty Edition uses 50-millimeter drivers. The BT Kitty Edition does not have a cable and has on-ear volume controls.

The microphone design is another important difference between the pink Razer headsets. The Kraken Kitty comes with a boom microphone retractable, but the BT Kitty Edition has two microphones built-in.

Because of its small size, the BT Kitty Edition is a better choice for younger users or those with smaller heads. The BT Kitty Edition’s Bluetooth capabilities make it ideal for single-player and mobile PC games. However, it may not be the best choice for competitive gaming.

Best adjustable headphone

Cougar Phontum S Pink


The Cougar Pontum S Pink is a great option for buyers looking for a pink headset that can be used with multiple devices. It connects with a standard 3.5-millimeter connection, unlike the Kraken Kitty. This makes it compatible with a wider range of devices including mobile phones and consoles.

The Cougar Phontum S Pink’s design elements are quite different from those on the Kraken Kitty. Both have large earcups but they are not identical. It’s not surprising, given its low price, that the Cougar Phontum S Pink doesn’t have RGB lighting or cat ears. It has a detached cardioid microphone instead of a retractable mic. The Kraken Kitty headset has on-ear controls, but the headsets have inline volume controls.

The Cougar comes with two pairs of earpads in Phontum S Pink, despite its low price. The sets are both made of leatherette-covered memory foam. However, one set is larger than the other. Cougar states that the larger set can be used at home while the smaller one is for use on the move.

Cougar’s Phantom S Pink offers a lot. It can be used on many devices and comes with two sets of earpads. It is a bit too heavy for some users and only provides stereo sound, not virtual surround sound.

Best budget headset

Edifier HECATE G2 II Pink

Edifier is well-known for making high-quality bookshelf speakers. However, it also makes affordable gaming headsets such as the Pink and the HTML2 II Pink. This headset is a virtual Kraken Kitty, with 7.1 surround sound and USB connectivity.

Edifier’s G2 II Pink is made of all plastic and weighs 9.3 ounces. The headband can be adjusted using sliders. It has cat ears and a pink frame with grey trim, just like the Kraken Kitty. The G2 II’s lighting is bright and has a Hecate logo around it. It sits underneath a mesh grille. The microphone can be detached and the USB soundcard has inline controls to adjust the volume, microphone, and lighting.

The G2 II, like many virtual 7.1 surround sound headphones, works with a USB cable and requires software. The software is simple, but it allows you to adjust the equalizer or other settings. The G2 II pink headset offers surround sound and is the most affordable. It also has great value.

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