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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus comparison

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Which is the first-class phablet: Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7, or Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus?

Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is pinnacle canine for now, however its reign is coming to an end: the iPhone 7 launches subsequent month, and subsequent-gen opponents are coming thick and speedy. Among them is the broadly hyped Galaxy Note 7, a super-specced phablet from Samsung. In our Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus assessment article, we positioned the 2 smartphones head to head, evaluating them for capabilities, specifications, charge and greater.

Updated, 23 August 2016, to feature pace take a look at comparisons that display the iPhone 6s handsets are quicker in real-global scenarios.

Read subsequent: iPhone shopping for manual 2016. If you attain a decision, you may purchase the iPhone 6s Plus right here, and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 right here.

Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus: Design & construct excellent

At this stage of excellent, layout is greater a query of private aesthetic choices than whatever else: construct excellent could be exemplary in each cases. The first-class issue for us at this factor can be to get out of the manner and assist you to take a look at out the photography.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Design

For what it’s really well worth, we’re beginning to discover the layout of the 6s series (that is similar to the 6 era earlier than it, and consequently a layout we’ve been searching at maximum days for almost  years) a touch tired, even though the slim, clean strains are certainly elegant. We’re hoping for some thing a touch special from the iPhone 7 series.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Design

The 6s Plus is a touch thinner, even though you possibly wouldn’t notice – 7.3mm to the Note 7’s 7.9mm. A greater substantive bodily distinction is that the Note is lighter: 169g, as compared to the iPhone’s 192g. More on those varieties of info in our tech specifications segment later withinside the article.

Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus: Features

The  gadgets have a large wide variety of capabilities, and for an in depth evaluation of those it’s first-class to examine our person reviews. But right here are a few mind at the highlights:

Iris recognition

The Note 7 has a fingerprint sensor, as is not unusualplace those days (the iPhone 6s Plus has one too – and it’s the super-speedy second-gen model of Touch ID), however takes biometric safety to the subsequent stage with iris recognition. Pretty cool stuff, even though we’d want to spend a while checking out out its reliability and pace.

3-d Touch

Apple’s 3-d Touch tech – which makes the show attentive to variable levels of contact pressure, taking into consideration interactive app icons, interface shortcuts and the like – has no equal at the Note 7. We like 3-d Touch however at gift it stays a pleasing gimmick as opposed to an critical interface element. In element that is due to the fact best one era of iPhone has the tech, so app builders are reluctant to apply it for critical capabilities and exclude different users. Once the (possibly 3-d Touch-capable) iPhone 7 seems it could emerge as greater broadly integrated.

Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus: 3-d Touch

Likewise Live Photos, the lovable characteristic delivered with the iPhone 6s that (if activated) information 3 seconds of low-res video earlier than and after every nonetheless picturegraph you are taking. It’s gimmicky, it’s fun, it once in a while captures a cute and/or all at once candid video however (in your reviewer’s telecellsmartphone at any rate) spends maximum of its time became off. Samsung hasn’t introduced any type of comparable characteristic at the Note 7.

Always on display

If we are able to go back to the display, Samsung wins a factor returned via way of means of which includes an ‘constantly on’ show. Always on in a reasonably minimum sense, however the (neat) concept is that you may get notifications and essential updates with out waking up your telecel smartphone.

Retina Flash

The iPhone 6s Plus has a characteristic known as Retina Flash, which lighting fixtures up the display while you are taking a selfie in low mild rather for a hardware flash (neither tool has a flash on its front-dealing with camera; each have hardware flashes on their rear-dealing with cameras). The Note 7 doesn’t have an equal characteristic, however there are third-celebration apps to be had that offer a comparable function. We speak approximately this a chunk greater while we speak cameras withinside the specifications segment.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 7: Selfies

Fans of Apple Pay will manifestly should plump for the iPhone, however the Note 7 is geared up with NFC (and MST) and must be well suited with more than a few cell fee requirements.

microSD support

And if garage is a concern for you, it’s really well worth noting that the Note 7 helps microSD, providing you with the choice to reinforce your authentic allocation with detachable garage. iPhone customers are caught with what they purchase withinside the first place, so assume cautiously approximately whether or not you want pinnacle whack: 128GB. (The 6s Plus is likewise to be had with 64GB – solid – or a pitiful 16GB.)

S Pen stylus


Last up, stylus lovers could be thrilled to pay attention that the Note 7 comes with an S Pen, which meets the equal waterproofing requirements because the relaxation of the tool. You can examine greater approximately the S Pen right here. The iPhone doesn’t include a stylus (even though you can choose up a third-celebration stylus), and isn’t well suited with the Apple Pencil.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7: S Pen

The Note 7 is an Android telecellsmartphone, and springs with model 6.0.1 ‘Marshmallow’, the latest update. The iPhone 6s Plus is manifestly primarily based totally in iOS, and at time of writing will include iOS 9.3.3. (When the iPhone 7 launches in September, there’s an awesome hazard that the iPhone 6s Plus will stay offered via way of means of Apple, however its charge will drop and the handsets will include iOS 10 preinstalled.)

Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus: Software

The preference of iOS or Android is a totally private one. Android has greater apps, and greater of these are free; however the highest-profile apps generally tend to return back to iOS first, and less of its apps are riddled with adverts. Android lets in for greater customisation, however iOS gives a tighter and greater constant person experience, and is extensively greater secure (even though with careful, practical person conduct you must be first-rate with either). Ultimately, though, it’ll possibly come right all the way down to what you’re used to.

The execs and cons of iOS and Android are mentioned in greater element right here: iOS vs Android. But undergo in thoughts that that is an Apple-centered website, in order that article is necessarily written from an Apple-tilted factor of view.

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