How Much Will Apple Pay You to Trade In Your Old iPhone?

Don’t toss your old iPhone in a drawer. Trade in your iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac computer to make thousands of dollars. How much money can you get for your older devices? Is the Apple Trade In program worth it? This article will cover everything you need about the Apple Trade In program. It also includes how to prepare your iPhone, iPad and Mac computers before you trade them in.

What is the Apple Trade in Work?

Apple Credit can be exchanged for your old devices through the Apple Trade In program. This credit can then be used to purchase a brand new Apple product like an iPhone. You can also purchase an Apple Store Gift Card that you can gift to a friend, family member, or loved one.

Your estimated trade-in value will be added to the purchase price if you use an Apple Card or Apple iPhone Payments to buy a new iPhone. Apple may take up to 14 business days to verify your value after receiving your device. Apple will contact you if the trade-in value is not in line with the estimate and ask you if it’s okay to cancel or pay the difference.

Which devices can you trade in with Apple?

Apple allows you to trade in your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Your devices can be traded online or at the local Apple store. You cannot trade in your Mac computer however.

Depending on the condition of your device, any Apple Trade In exchanged device will be either recycled or reused. You can send in any Apple product you don’t qualify for a trade-in credit, gift card, or voucher, and Apple will cover all shipping costs.

When you trade-in your devices, you don’t need to include cables or power adapters. Apple will however recycle any cables or power adapters that you have included in your trade-in devices.

What is the best iPhone trader?

Apple will pay you $790 for the trade-in of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Although you can trade in any iPhone made in the last few years, older models will not be accepted. You will get $30 for an iPhone 6S, which is the oldest iPhone Apple accepts.

Apple won’t pay you money if you have an iPhone 5 or earlier. Apple will not allow you to recycle an iPhone 5 or older, but it will pay shipping costs.

Special Carrier Deals

Apple has teamed up with T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to offer huge discounts for customers who trade in their old iPhones now. Although each carrier offers different terms and fine print, you could save enough to get the next-generation iPhone free of charge.

AT&T customers have the opportunity to save up $1,000 on iPhone 13 Pro models and $700 on iPhone 13 Mini. T-Mobile customers could save as much as $1,290 by trading in their iPhone 12 Pro Max. This includes $500 in bill credits and $700 in Apple credit. Verizon customers could save as much as $800 which would cover the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Mini’s cost.

You will have to keep your service provider for at least 2 years, as all these deals require monthly payments. Apple credits cannot be used to buy a new iPhone 12 or 13.

You can find out more about the iPhone 13 as well as its cost by reading our coverage of Apple’s California Streaming event.

How to trade in your iPhone

To trade in your iPhone, go to, scroll down, and select Smartphone. Fill out the form and select your iPhone model. Click to trade it in for a gift certificate. Open your email and find the confirmation email. Click Confirm Quote.

To trade in your iPhone you need to know what model it is. Go to Settings >General > About to find out which model your iPhone is. You will then see your iPhone model alongside Model Name.

Can you trade in a cracked or broken iPhone?

Apple will give you credit if you trade in an iPhone that is in good condition. If your iPhone is not working properly, if the buttons aren’t working, if the camera isn’t working, or if there are significant dents and scratches, you won’t get as much credit.

An iPhone 11 Pro in good condition could be traded in for $450. If the touchscreen panel or camera aren’t working properly, however, you may only receive a trade-in value around $100. Apple may not grant you credits if your device isn’t powered on.

What is the maximum amount you can trade in an iPad?

Apple will pay up to $580 for the trade-in of the iPad Pro. The iPad mini can be traded in for as little as $225, the iPad Air up to $360 and the regular iPad up to $240.

How to trade in your iPad

To trade in your iPad, go to, scroll down, and select Tablet. Fill out the form and enter your serial number. Finally, click to trade it in for a gift certificate. Next, look in your email for confirmation emails and click Confirm quote.

Locate your iPad’s serial numbers on the back of your device. Or go to Settings > General > More. There you’ll see your serial number alongside Serial Number. You can also visit and sign in to view your device’s serial number.

This page also allows you to find the serial number and model name of any other Apple devices. You should select your Apple device on this page, then click Remove from Account

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