How do you fix it if your PS5 won’t turn on

This article will help you resolve the issue when the PS5 won’t turn on.

Causes of a PS5 Not Turning On

The PS5 is affected by a glitch that might prevent the console from starting when it is in Rest Mode. The most simple solution to this issue is to turn the power button for 15 seconds. There are other causes that could be the reason your PS5 not to start:

  • Power supply issues
  • Issues with the PS5 software for the PS5 system.
  • The console’s interior is filthy
  • Troubles with your console’s inner hardware

If your PS5 is booting to Safe Mode, then it’s most likely an issue with the software. If your console is totally non-responsive, you may have an issue with the hardware.

The reasons why your PS5 isn’t turning on or isn’t working.

However, If your PS5 was functioning perfectly prior to this issue, but it’s now not able to turn back on and is not responding or doesn’t respond when you hit the Power button, it could be due to an issue with the malfunction in the hardware or a major issue in one of the components inside the console.

It’s possible that there could exist some problem with software which is stopping the system from starting up correctly.

Remember that this guide exists to provide a quick explanation for no power issues only.

If your PS5 isn’t turning on because of faulty hardware or components that are damaged It is possible to return the console to Sony or an expert technician on your own.

Repeat these steps until your PS5 begins to work as usual.

  1. Manually restart the PS5. If the console does not turn on after entering Rest Mode, hold down the power button for 15 minutes. The console will turn off with an alert message.

  2. Try inserting a disc. If you own the Standard Edition PS5 and the disc drive isn’t working Try gently inserting games; do not try to force it. When the PS5 automatically inserts the disc, the console might start as usual.

  3. Power cycle your PlayStation5. If the console is on, but it doesn’t begin to turn on then press on the power switch until the blinking light disappears. Remove the power supply, and allow the console to sit for 20 minutes before you reconnect it, and then try turning off the console.

  4. Unplug the power source. Unplug the power supply to your PS5 as well as the electrical outlet to the power source for thirty seconds. Connect the power supply again and then try to turn the console on

  5. Make sure you use an alternative power cable. The PS5 utilizes an identical IEC C7 power cable used by the PS4 and PS3 employed. If you own one of the older consoles, swap off the power cords to determine if it resolves the issue. You can purchase the replacement cable in any electronics store if needed.

  6. Make sure you use a different outlet. There may be an issue with the power strip, your surge protection, or your wall socket. If your other devices cannot draw electricity through the outlet you have, you can try connecting your PS5 to another outlet.

  7. Make sure you manually update your PS5 program software. If you are able to start in Safe Mode, try downloading the most recent version of the software onto the USB drive and installing it by hand.

  8. You can reset the settings on your PS5 using Safe Mode. Resetting your console will return the console to its factory settings and erase any game saves So, consider this as your last option.

  9. Try to Reboot Your PS5 in Safe Mode. If your console is able to power on, switch it off and hold your power button till you can hear another beep for it to go into Safe Mode. Then you can press the PS button on your controller, and select to restart the console.

  10. Cleanse the insides of the PS5. Dust can collect within the console, causing overheating and other issues with the hardware Therefore, you should utilize compressed air to clean your PS5. Its PS5 casing is simple to take off, but it is important to be cautious when cleaning small internal components.
  11. Repair or get your PlayStation 5 replaced by Sony. If that doesn’t work then visit Sony’s PlayStation 5 Fix and Replace page and follow the steps to determine if the PlayStation 5 is eligible for no-cost repairs or replacement.

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