Enhanced Brand Content vs. A+ Content: An Agency’s Guide to Decision Making

The evolution of the online marketplace has fundamentally changed how brands engage with their target audience. As the competition intensifies on Amazon, sellers continuously seek ways to distinguish their products and captivate their audience. A pressing question emerges for those navigating this vast marketplace: should a brand invest in Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Content? Let’s dive deep into this problem, offering insights from the lens of an expert Amazon marketing agency.

  1. Understanding the Basics

Before delving into the decision-making process, it’s crucial to understand both clearly.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC): Exclusively available to sellers enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry, EBC allows brands to enhance their product listings with rich images, text placements, and a captivating storyline. The aim? To offer a more vivid product depiction, reduce return rates, and boost conversion.

A+ Content: Previously reserved for vendors, A+ Content now offers advantages like EBC but has additional modular templates, providing more creative freedom. Brands can incorporate HD videos and comparison charts to drive engagement.

  1. The Agency Perspective on Enhanced Brand Content

From our hands-on experience at our Amazon marketing agency, EBC is an invaluable tool for emerging brands. The reasons are multifaceted:

Cost-Effective: EBC is free for registered brands, providing an opportunity to enhance product narratives without extra charges.

Boosts Organic Ranking: An engaging EBC can increase session duration, positively influencing organic rankings.

Reduces Return Rate: With enhanced visual content, customers better understand the product, leading to more informed purchasing decisions.

  1. A+ Content Through the Expert’s Lens

A+ Content, in our view, is the next-level solution for brands aiming to solidify their presence on Amazon:

Enhanced User Experience: The additional modules in A+ Content offer users a dynamic and immersive experience.

Higher Conversion Rates: With interactive charts, FAQs, and HD videos, brands can better address customer queries, leading to higher conversions.

Improved Brand Image: A+ Content reinforces a brand’s image, signaling premium quality and customer commitment.

  1. Making the Decision: EBC or A+ Content?

While both offer distinct advantages, the choice boils down to a brand’s goals and position in the marketplace:

Newer Brands: For those establishing a foothold, EBC is a cost-effective way to differentiate themselves.

Established Brands: For brands with a larger product range and a bigger budget, investing in A+ Content can provide comprehensive benefits, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition.

  1. The Role of an Amazon Marketing Agency

Brands may feel overwhelmed with the choices and technicalities of Amazon’s platform. This is where an Amazon marketing agency steps in:

Expertise: An agency brings a wealth of experience, knowing which content strategy aligns best with a brand’s objectives.

Continuous Optimization: Post-launch, an agency can monitor the performance and refine content, ensuring it remains relevant and engaging.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Amazon, brands are presented with many tools to enhance their visibility and engagement. Whether opting for EBC or A+ Content, the end goal remains: to offer customers value and stand out in the crowded marketplace. Engaging with an Amazon marketing agency can provide the insights and expertise to navigate these decisions effectively, ensuring a brand’s success now and in the future.

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