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Your iPhone Doesn’t Ring for Incoming Calls?

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Misconfigured settings, software bugs or hardware issues could cause your iPhone to not ring when you call. These issues can cause your iPhone to not ring for incoming calls. This is a problem that can be very frustrating.

But don’t worry. We’ll look at the reasons your iPhone may not ring and then discuss solutions.

Why does my iPhone not ring?

You can rule out hardware failure if your iPhone hasn’t been in a fall or suffered any other physical damage. Open YouTube, a music application, or something similar to verify. To increase the volume, use the Volume Up button located on the left-hand side of your device.

You can sigh relief if you hear the media sound. How to fix an iPhone speaker that isn’t working.

After you have confirmed that the speaker is functioning, the most common reasons your iPhone does not ring are temporary glitches or misconfigured settings. You can do this by placing your phone in silent or Do Not Disturb mode, reducing the volume, silencing unknown callers, or similar.

These problems will be solved by the solutions provided below. Let’s begin with the basics.

1. The Silent Mode can be turned off

Your iPhone will not ring if it is in vibrate-only mode. This can be fixed by putting your iPhone back into ring mode. To do this, push the silent switch at the top-left corner (above the volume buttons).

The slider will appear closer to the screen when in ring mode. It displays an orange strip in silent mode.

2. Confirm Do Not Disturb Is Disabled

The Do Not Disturb feature disables sound and vibration on iPhone for text, call, and app notifications. DND will disable your iPhone from ringing on incoming calls if you have accidentally enabled it.

Open Control Center to check if the crescent Moon icon appears purple with its lightbox lit up. If the icon turns purple, it means that DND has been enabled. Tap this box to turn it off. You should now hear the ringtone whenever you receive a call.

3. Disconnect Bluetooth Audio Devices

Your incoming call ringtone could be output through wireless audio devices such as AirPods if you have AirPods connected to the iPhone. This is most common with non-Apple headphones that don’t automatically detect when you are wearing them.

Open the Control Center, and tap the Bluetooth icon to disconnect all wireless devices. Instead, go to Settings > Bluetooth.

After the Bluetooth devices have been disconnected, your iPhone’s speakers should play the incoming call sound.

4. Increase the volume of your ringtone

You can increase the volume of your ringtone if you only hear a faint tone when you answer incoming calls. Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings, and tap Sounds. This is Sounds on older iPhone models.
  2. Drag the Alerts slider and Ringer to the right. The farther it is from the right, the louder your ringtone will be.
  3. You may also wish to disable Change With Buttons. This will stop you from lowering your ringtone volume by using the physical volume buttons. This option will disable the volume buttons. They only adjust the volume for media and not your ringtone.

5. Unknown callers should be silenced

iPhones running iOS 13 or later have the Silence unknown Callers feature that mutes any incoming calls from anyone not on your contact list. It can also block ringtones from people you have not contacted or received their number via email, text or phone call.

This setting can cause you to not hear the incoming call if you are calling someone distantly related or delivery person. Follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Tap Phone in the Settings App.
  2. You will see On near Silence Unknown Callers. Tap this field to turn the slider off.

You should now hear the ringtone of all calls, except if you have blocked the caller.

6. Double-check if you’ve blocked the caller

You can block a person’s iPhone by blocking them. They cannot call, FaceTime or text you. You may have accidentally blocked someone, or they don’t need to be blocked. Here’s how you can check your block list to unblock them.

  1. Tap Phone to open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Block Contacts.
  3. Swipe left on the entry you wish to block and tap Unblock. Alternatively, tap Edit red plus button Unblock.

7. Restart your iPhone

It is easy and quick to fix common problems with your iPhone. After trying these steps, if you still don’t hear a ringtone, shut down your iPhone for a minute and then turn it on again.

8. You can choose a different or louder ringtone

Sometimes, you may miss calls due to the insufficient volume or clarity of your ringtone. You should consider other ringtones, and choose the loudest or most distinct one.

These steps will change your ringtone.

  1. Tap Settings to open Sounds and Haptics.
  2. Tap Ringtone.
  3. Tap to hear all the tones. Once you have found the one you like, hit back.

9. Get custom contact ringtones

Unless you have set a different tone, the ringtone that you have chosen applies to all contacts. These steps will ensure that you don’t miss calls from certain people.

  1. Go to your contact list by opening Contacts, or the Telephone app.
  2. Tap on the name of the contact.
  3. You can add a customized tone to the Ringtone section. Tap Ringtone to choose a tone and then tap Done if you are satisfied.

10. Fix iPhone stuck in Headphone Mode

Sometimes, an iPhone might mistakenly believe it is still connected with wired headphones. You may experience no sound when you receive calls or play media.

11. You can try turning off calls on other devices

You can disable this feature if you have other Apple devices that you want to receive iPhone calls on your Mac. Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone and tap Telephone.
  2. Tap Calls to Other Devices.
  3. Turn off Allow calls on other devices.

12. Make sure to turn off call forwarding

If call forwarding is enabled you will not receive any notifications or hear a ring because incoming calls are diverted from another number. To ensure that you get calls as normal, here’s how to disable call forwarding

  1. Tap Phone to open Settings.
  2. Give it a few seconds for it to load by tapping Call Forwarding.
  3. To turn it off, tap the Call Forwarding toggle if it is enabled.

13. Examine Third-Party Call Blockers

Imagine you’re waiting for your bank to call. You may have installed third-party call identification or spam blocking apps that think the customer service number might be spam and robocalls.

Open the app and whitelist any desired numbers to fix this. You can also disable call blocking by opening the app, or following the steps below.

  1. Open iPhone Settings, and tap Telephone.
  2. Tap Call Blocking and Identification.
  3. You can turn off all call identification apps found here.

14. Additional Fixes if Your iPhone Still Doesn’t Ring

You should now have your iPhone ringing again. If you still have a problem with your iPhone not ringing, make sure to update it. This includes calling apps such as Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Even though you don’t get call banners or hear the ringtone, you can still receive notifications from the Phone app. To do this, open Settings Notifications Phone to ensure Allow Notifications as well as other options for the Phone App. If you don’t open strong>Settings> > strong>Notifications> > strong>Phone/strong> and make sure?strong>Allow Notifications/strong> is enabled for the Phone app.

If nothing else works, you can open Setting > General Reset. You will not lose any personal data, such as music, photos and apps. All settings that you have modified, such as Wi-Fi, Home Screen layout, notifications and others, will be restored to their default. Although it is a bit annoying, it confirms that your iPhone rings as normal.

Your iPhone Rings clearly now

Your iPhone ringing issue should have been resolved by now to ensure you don’t miss any future calls. Ask a friend to check your iPhone ringing problem. If necessary, you can also call from a Google Voice number.

You may now want to spice up your iPhone experience by making your favorite song your ringtone.

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