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AirPods Work With Android

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AirPods were launched in 2016 and have been a hugely popular earbud. They were released in tandem with the loss of headphone jacks on phones, making them a convenient way for you to listen to music and podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

You might be wondering if AirPods are compatible with Android. Perhaps you have switched from iPhone to Android or would like to use your Apple AirPods with an Android tablet. We will show you how to connect AirPods with Android and the features they provide on that platform.

Can AirPods be connected to Android?

Yes, AirPods can be used on Android. AirPods are Bluetooth earbuds that work with Android and Samsung devices. All Bluetooth-enabled devices, including most Windows laptops, can use the buds. As we’ll show below, AirPods can only be used with Apple devices.

This applies to all Apple headphones, not just the AirPods Pro and Max. The AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and AirPods Max both work perfectly on Android. We recommend that you avoid these devices due to their high price and the fact that they don’t offer all the features on Android.

How to pair AirPods with an Android Phone

It is simple to pair your AirPods and an Android device or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. These steps will help you pair your AirPods with an Android device or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

  1. On Android, open Settings > Connected devices > Pair new device. This will activate Bluetooth pairing mode.
  2. Place your AirPods Pro or AirPods in the charging case and ensure that the case is fully open.
    1. Take the AirPods Max out of their case if you have them.
  3. For a few seconds, hold the button at the back of your case.
    1. Hold the noise control button on the AirPods Max.
  4. Once your AirPods have been paired, a light will flash on either the front or the inside of the case depending on which model you have.
    1. The light for the AirPods Max is located at the bottom right earcup.
  5. In your Bluetooth pairing menu, you should see an entry for AirPods. To pair your AirPods with Android, tap it.

This is all that’s required to get your AirPods to connect to Android. These AirPods can be used just like any Bluetooth earbuds.

AirPods with Android: The Downsides

AirPods can be used with Android devices, but Apple makes them exclusively for Apple devices. AirPods are not compatible with Android devices.

One of the problems is the pairing process. The case has a special chip that allows you to connect AirPods with your iPhone or iPad by simply opening it near them and pressing Connect. Your AirPods will be ready for use with any other Apple ID-linked devices once you have done this.

  • Siri access As you would expect, there is no Siri control on Android for controlling your music and asking questions. AirPods don’t allow you to access Google Assistant.
  • Customizable double-tap functionality: You can make an iPhone do what the AirPods twice do. You can also skip songs, summon Siri, and play/pause. Android doesn’t support this feature so you will have to use double-tap for pausing and play.
    • You can customize the functionality of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac using one of these devices. Then, you can use the custom control with an Android phone. This is not possible for people who don’t have Apple devices.
  • Ear detection When you use Apple devices, AirPods can detect when your headphones are removed and pause music until they’re inserted again.
  • Quick battery check: After you have connected AirPods with Android, you can’t talk to Siri about battery life and you can easily check it on your phone. Android may display the battery life for connected Bluetooth devices in some versions, but it won’t tell if they are at different levels or how long the case is.

Apps to Improve AirPod Compatibility with Android

Although some of the most useful AirPods features don’t appear on Android by default (or even in their entirety), clever developers have managed to make up for them. You can add additional functionality to your AirPods with a few Android applications.

AirBattery is one example of an app that hasn’t been updated in years. AndroPods is a great all-in-one option. This allows you to see the status of your AirPods’ battery and the charging case. An indicator pops up when your AirPods are connected to your phone.

For a small amount, upgrade to the pro version to gain access to a Google Assistant shortcut that you can tap four times on your AirPods. You can also purchase the pro version to enable you to pause and restart your music when you take your AirPods out.

Although it isn’t perfect, the app makes using AirPods with Android much more enjoyable. You can also check out Assistant Trigger, which is a similar product. You can also use it to detect your ears and double-tap Google Assistant. However, some features are only available in the paid version.

Download: AndroPods for Android (Free, premium version available)

Download: Assistant Trigger for Android (Free, premium version available)

Superior AirPods alternatives for Android

AirPods can be used with iPhones, as we have already discussed. It is an easy way to connect both devices. The AirPods can be used with Android but are pretty much a standard pair of Bluetooth headphones.

There are many other wireless earbuds available at different prices. You can either get a cheap set or a better-sounding pair. Many of these earbuds have Alexa or Google Assistant support so you can always get a wireless assistant.

Can AirPods be used with Android? Yes, but with some caveats

You now know how to use your AirPods with Android or another Bluetooth device. Although the experience may not be as seamless as on iOS or macOS it still offers many of the same benefits as Apple’s earbuds for Android.

AirPods, as we said, are not the best option if you don’t have any Apple devices. Look into buying a product that is more compatible with your platforms.

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