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Wireless earbuds for 2022: Best picks no matter your budget

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Wireless earbuds are easy to use to stream music, movies, podcasts, and other media. There are many models to choose from, with Apple’s AirPods being the most popular.

The premium models are packed with audio tech, and make the list of our top noise-cancelling headphones. We’ve included some of our most popular mid-range and low-cost earbuds models, which are often less detailed in terms of features.

Continue reading to discover our top picks for wireless earbuds. You’ll find one to suit your needs.

Which are the best wireless headphones?

All the best wireless headphones offer long battery life, great sound quality, and comfort for your ears. Our best headphones to run and our best headphones to exercise are great options for you.

The Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds are the most popular. It has a customizable fit, a personalized sound, passive noise canceling, waterproof protection, and is available in a variety of colors. Apple’s AirPods Pro comes in a close second, with integrated active noise cancellation, seamless iOS integration, and sweat resistance.

Because of its excellent sound quality and ANC, the Sony WF-1000XM4 comes in third. The OnePlus Buds Pro is a cheaper option that delivers surprisingly high sound quality and ANC.

Do you want headphones that place sound first and foremost? Check out our top audiophile headphones.

These are the best wireless earbuds you can buy right now

1. Jabra Elite Active 75t

These are the best wireless earbuds.


+Reliable and balanced audio+Waterproof design+Long battery life+Active or passive noise cancellation


-Max volume is very loud

With the free over-the-air ANC update, the market’s top wireless earbuds have been upgraded to include active noise cancellation. Although you won’t get Bose-caliber results or any comparable to the Elite 85t, Jabra did a great job optimizing the algorithm to block out external noises.

The Elite Active 75t was the best model, even before ANC. It has a longer battery life, better sound quality, and more special features than the AirPods Pro, Apple’s biggest threat. Although the design is still sleek, it has been strengthened with IP57 certification, which grants waterproof protection as well as dust and sweat resistance. The sound is vibrant and can be customized using the Jabra Sound+ App. It is loaded with presets as well as other cool features that improve both sound quality and call quality.

2. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple users will find the best wireless earbuds



+Expressive active noise cancellation+Great sound+Easy-to-use controls+Comfortable fit


Better battery life

It’s amazing to see how Apple keeps improving the noise-cancelling earbuds through software updates. If Apple keeps up its good work, the AirPods Pro may climb back to the top on our list of best wireless earbuds. Spatial audio adds an amazing 3D soundscape that makes it easier to watch movies and play video games. Auto-switching, a simple but useful addition, makes a significant difference in functionality. It allows users to switch between iDevices connected to the same iCloud account.

The good news is that the AirPods Pro continues to operate at a top-tier level even without iOS updates. This is due to an improved sound, strong ANC, and a more ergonomic design that allows for better comfort and fit. The only complaint that can be made is the poor battery life. This has been a common complaint since the original AirPods were released.

Apple just unveiled the AirPods3. These are a hybrid of the AirPods Pro’s shorter-stem design, sweat/water resistance, and Spatial Audio support. They also have 6-hour battery life and offer more flexibility than the AirPods Pro. They are $179 cheaper than the AirPods Pro, although there is no ANC.

3. Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony’s wireless earbuds are the best yet


+Substantial yet balanced sound+Excellent ANC effectiveness+Improved battery life


-Loose fit-Expensive

The Sony WF1000XM4 is a significant improvement on the WF1000XM3. It has a new design, enhanced ANC, and a sound signature that allows for better frequency balance. The WF-1000XM4 is a more expensive product, but it sounds great enough.

These wireless earbuds are also very well-designed. LDAC support is available for high-quality music. There is also an ambient listening mode that can be customized, as well as support for all three major digital assistants. You can also customize the EQ. You can bring back the WF1000XM3’s rich bass sound. It’s possible.

4. OnePlus Buds Pro

Wireless earbuds that are best for OnePlus users


+Rich, balanced sound+Strong, powerful ANC+Luxurious design+Ridiculously fast charging technology+Unique audio features


-Poor ANC Playtime -Some features are exclusive to OnePlus devices or unreleased

We have tested many best OnePlus smartphones and we know that the Android mobile manufacturer can create a good pair of wireless earbuds. While the OnePlus Buds were a good effort, the Buds Pro surpasses all expectations. The Buds Pro has a beautiful design that will complement any OnePlus device. It also boasts excellent sound and the best ANC in its class. OnePlus users have access to special features like the Low Latency mode for mobile gaming, and Fast Pair for instantaneous communication with brand devices.

Warp Charge is the strongest technology for charging that we have seen. It can provide 10 hours of continuous use on a 10-minute charge. It’s going to be a necessity since ANC playtime only lasts 4.5 hours. You’re at least aware that it won’t take too much to get the buds ready before you rush out.

5. Apple AirPods 3

These are the best AirPods in general



+Adaptive EQ with well-balanced sound+Spatial audio support+Enhanced ergonomics+Best-in-class controls


-No ANC, Transparency mode or other loose fit

Based on expert predictions, and leaks we knew what the AirPods 3 would look like. But, Apple’s third-gen model was a surprise. These buds, which are almost identical to the AirPods Pro except for the noise cancellation and eartips, share many of the same features as the AirPods Pro. These include MagSafe wireless charging and a skin-detect sensor that detects when the buds are in your ears for auto-pause/play.

Apple’s exclusive technologies such as Spatial Audio and Adaptive EQ make music and movies a joy to listen to. The Force Sensor, a popular feature that allows for seamless operation, was added. Apple’s 6-hour battery life was the best. This gives you an extra 1 hour of battery life than other AirPods models, and 30 hours total via the charging case. The AirPods 3 is the upgrade iPhone owners have been waiting for, at least for those who aren’t interested in the AirPods Pro.

6. Master & Dynamic: MW08

Wireless earbuds that fit big budgets


+Stylish, durable design+Great sound+Active noise cancellation+Decent battery life



Master & Dynamic will grab your attention with its design and performance. ANC and its “Awareness” ambient mode work well. Battery life is excellent even with noise-canceling and sound quality is amongst the best in this field.

Although the MW08 is a more expensive option than the AirPods Pro, it’s still a great choice. You get a better design for your money, though, as the earbuds are made from stainless steel, aluminum, and ceramic. If you want to stand out, the black color option is a good choice. However, you can also choose from the white and blue versions.

7. Jabra Elite 85t

High-quality noise and sound cancellation


+Bold, dynamic sound+Strong active cancellation+Lots personalization features via companion application+Robust specification sheet


-Middle battery life

This is the follow-up to the wireless earbuds we love. It features 12mm drivers which produce powerful, balanced audio and the best noise neutralization. Jabra’s ANC technology can block out 90% of outside sounds, allowing for noise-free listening and audible conversations. To extend functionality, the Elite 85t can connect to Sound+ to offer a variety of unique features. These include adjustable noise cancellation and customizable controls. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, and Qualcomm’s powerful processor, connectivity is very stable.

Jabra could do more to improve playtimes. The Elite 85t is right between the AirPods Pro (4.5 hours) and Bose QuietComfort Earbuds (6.5 hours). The buds are great at managing the battery and squeezing every minute of it. Wireless charging is also appreciated.

8. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus

Superior sound for as low as $150


+Excellent sound+Long lasting battery life+ Elegant, splash-proof design


-No ANC-Mediocre voice call quality

The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus is a standout amongst a slew of great AirPods alternatives. Despite not having ANC, there are still many things to love about these wireless earbuds. Not least the excellent sound quality. If you activate the buds’ High-Performance mode, this will give it an additional boost thanks to the same amplifying tech Cambridge Audio uses in their CX hi-fi stereo amplifiers.

Water resistance, full EQ customization, and reliable voice assistant support are all included for less than what you would pay for a basic set of AirPods. The battery life is worth mentioning: High-Performance mode can provide between 6 to 7 hours of battery life, while the Low Power profile provides 7 to 8 hours.

9. Beats Fit Pro

Wireless sports earbuds that can cancel out noise


+Powerful ANC/Transparency modes+Dynamic Soundstage with Spatial Audio support+Respectable Battery Life+Comfy, secure fit


Some H1 features are exclusive to Apple devices. The Android app offers very few additional features

The Fit Pro is the culmination of Apple’s greatest successes and Beats’ most successful designs, combining AirPods Pro-like performance with an updated Studio Beats design. The sound quality is excellent, thanks to a proprietary transducer that keeps the bass strong while also balancing frequencies so you can hear clear mids and highs. Spatial Audio has been added to this Beats product, allowing for 3D immersive sound. The H1 processor has many popular features, such as automatic switching between Apple devices or FindMy to locate lost buds. The integrated wingtips that keep the buds safe during intense workouts are also appreciated.

Android users can enjoy the sonic updates, but all other iOS-related features are reserved for iPhone and iPad users. There are limitations to Fit Pro’s capabilities on Google’s mobile platform due to the lack of Android features.

10. Amazfit PowerBuds Pro

Wireless earbuds that are wireless and smart for fitness.



+Rich sound+Effective cancellation+Doubles for a fitness tracker+Stacked full of features


The accuracy of -Loose Fit-Fitness features is lacking

The Amazfit Powerbuds Pro isn’t just the best sports headphones. The Amazfit Powerbuds Pro’s outstanding sound quality, effective ANC and unique features make them one of the most affordable wireless earbuds available. The Powerbuds Pro sounds great straight out of the box. However, the Zepp app allows you to customize audio and activate special modes such as Motion Beat. This automatically raises the bass to create a more vibrant sound environment.

The Powerbuds Pro can also double as an activity tracker as well as a heart-rate monitor. However, we don’t recommend relying too heavily on recorded stats as they may not be as accurate or as accurate as your Apple Watch records. They’re still useful enough to track your exercise progress if you forget to charge your fitness monitor.

11. OnePlus Buds Z2

Budget-friendly, mid-range performance



+Punchy sound+High build quality+Adequate batteries life+Fast connection


Slow controls – Some features are not available on all phones

The OnePlus Buds Z2 delivers on the performance promises it made, and more. The sound is still loud but the OnePlus Buds Z2 has been fine-tuned to produce a more satisfying and less aggressive experience. Adding ANC to the mix is always a bonus, especially if it can be used for blocking ambient noises as well as these buds. Google Fast Pair allows for seamless connection to all Android devices. Although the battery life is not the best, the Buds Z2’s Warp Charging feature gives it an advantage over other models in the price range. It can provide 5 hours of playtime with a 10-minute charge.

OnePlus devices that are older than a year will offer a better experience due to special features such as Dolby Atmos support or Pro Gaming with lower latency. The Buds Z2 performs well on all platforms.

12. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Wireless earbuds that offer the best noise cancellation



+Unbeatable ANC+Exceptional call quality+Dynamic Sound+Strong, reliable connectivity


-Battery life is less than advertised.

Bose’s ability to give its flagship buds nearly the same ANC technology that the Bose 700 with half the microphones is an engineering feat. You can enjoy rich, balanced sound media such as music, videos, and IG clips without any distractions. The buds can blend ANC and ambient listening to give you full awareness of your surroundings. External noises are clearer and less harsh for the ears. A software update introduced new ANC modes that are tailored to specific places. Aware Mode reduces loud distractions and returns to transparency mode as soon as they pass.

Bose could have optimized the battery life, but we are disappointed that the AirPods Pro’s charging case has a shorter playtime and the listening modes use a lot of power.

How to select the best wireless earbuds

There are so many options for wireless earbuds that it can be difficult to pick one. There are many factors to consider, and your personal preference will determine which one is the most important.

Fit is an important factor. How comfortable are the earbuds in your ears? Are the tips of the earbuds different sizes so that you can adjust to your ear? If you plan to use wireless earbuds while exercising, it is even more important that they fit properly. If that is the case, you should also consider water and sweat resistance.

When choosing wireless earbuds, battery life is a key consideration. To ensure that the earbuds are safe and last for a long time, make sure you check the battery life. You can also check the sound quality of music and calls by looking at reviews from professionals and those who have purchased the earbuds.

Price is also a major consideration. You have more options if you are willing to spend more. If you are on a budget, however, you might consider purchasing a lower-priced brand or older models of wireless earbuds.

How to test wireless earbuds

When deciding on the best wireless headphones, we take into account fit, battery life, and sound quality. Also, we consider features such as how easy it is to pair the earbuds with your phone and how intuitive the controls are.

We listen to many samples of music from various genres including R&B, hip-hop, and jazz. In order to evaluate volume, clarity, and fullness, we also assess audio quality. To assess the quality of calls and microphone performance, we also make phone calls.

Our reviewers wore each pair of headphones several hours at a stretch over the course of the week. The battery life of each pair of headphones will be noted by reviewers.

Earbuds are evaluated using our 5-point system (1 = worst and 5 = best). An Editor’s Choice badge is given to products that meet all criteria.

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