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Why Stock shortages in PS5 will continue through 2022

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Sony has confirmed that stock shortages will continue into 2022, which is bad news for those who have yet to get a PlayStation 5. It seems that there won’t enough consoles to meet the demand.

Sony is running low on PS5 Consoles

In its latest earnings reports, Sony revealed that it sold 3.9M PS5 consoles in 2021. This is a significant decrease from the 4.5 units sold in the previous year. This is because of the chip shortage problems Sony, and almost every other tech company, has faced over the past few years, mainly due to the ongoing pandemic.

A report by Eurogamer confirmed that Sony’s chief financial officers, HirokiTotoki, will continue to have a negative impact on PS5 sales through 2022. The company expects to sell more than 20 million units next year.

Why do stock issues exist at Sony?

Although it’s not Sony’s fault directly the PS5 sales aren’t looking good, especially when compared with last gen. According to Daniel Ahmad on Tweet, 20.2 million PS4 units were sold during that time period.

These sales are compared to the current PS5 situation. It’s obvious that Sony has not been able meet its expectations despite high demand. Why is this?


Sony is facing two major problems. The first is the global crisis in health. Another problem was caused by the global pandemic: a global shortage of chips. Many chip makers haven’t been capable of producing enough semiconductor chips to meet the needs of companies. These chips are used in almost every electronic device, so Sony hasn’t been able produce as many consoles for customers and the company.

Scalpers are the second most serious problem. Scalpers are unkind people who buy too many consoles in order to sell them at a higher cost. Even though there are laws against scalping, they still manage to seize a lot of consoles.


Combining these two issues reveals what many of us face: either we support scalpers or buy a PS5 for a ridiculously high price, or we play the waiting game.


Patience is key

There is nothing we can do to fix this problem except wait. While the chip shortage will continue to affect Sony and other tech companies in 2022, it is possible that this problem will be resolved sooner than expected. If you don’t have a PS4, it may be worth getting one.

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