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Why Samsung TV Have No Sound

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Many Samsung TVs have the same problem: sound/sound is not working.

This issue has been reported by many Samsung TV owners. Some say it’s been an issue for years.

Samsung TVs sound problems can be solved easily with a simple solution.

Samsung TV sound not working – What can you do?

If your Samsung TV doesn’t make any sound, it is time to reset your Samsung TV. Wait for 60 seconds before you unplug your Samsung TV from its wall. After waiting 30 seconds, unplug the TV from the wall. Then press the power button and hold it down for 30 seconds. After a minute, plug your TV back in. You will be able to reset the TV and restore its sound.

Unplug Samsung TV wall

It’s a simple fix but it will get your sound back on track.

You should wait at least 60 seconds before plugging it in again.

While the TV is not plugged into, hold the power button for 30 seconds. Make sure you are holding the power button on the TV, not your remote.

This will draw any power remaining and allow the TV’s soft reset. This is an alternative to turning the remote on/off.

You will hear the sound once you plug the TV back in.

This should solve approximately 80% of cases. It can be more difficult for 20%. These are some ways to get your Samsung TV’s sound working.

Removable power cord for Samsung TV

Unplug your power cable from the back.

After unplugging it for approximately 60 seconds, plug it back in.

When you plug it in, make sure that the connection is secure. The connection should be secure. It is crucial to ensure the TV has stable power.

Turn on the TV by pressing and plugging the power cord in.

We hope that you can hear the sound and see your TV come back to life.

NOTE: While you’re at the outlet to reseat your power cord, it’s a good idea not to disconnect any connections to your TV.

Software Updates for Your TV

Regular updates are necessary to ensure your Smart tv functions properly. If your Smart TV’s software is not updated regularly, it can cause all sorts of problems. This includes but isn’t limited to no sound.

is all you need to search for the most recent firmware update on your TV model.

These are the steps:

  1. Visit.
  2. Select the appropriate option
  3. Go to Update
  4. Select the Software option.

Your TV will update automatically. This process may take some time but your TV will inform you when it is completed.

Notice – If you don’t see the Software Update option, you can use your remote to select INPUT/SOURCE and make sure that your TV is turned on. It should now be possible to select it by returning to Software Update.

Set the Samsung Sound Output as “TV Speaker”.

To turn off your TV speakers, you can adjust the setting. This is helpful if you have a soundbar.

Your Samsung TV will not have sound if the sound-bar isn’t turned on or your TV speakers are off.

To check if your TV speakers are turned on, press the MENU or HOME buttons on your remote. Scroll down to SETTINGS, then SOUND.

Next, navigate to SOUND OUTPUT and then TV SPEAKER. Make sure TV SPEAKER is selected

Perform a thorough diagnostic test

A sound test is necessary to ensure that your TV speaker has been properly chosen.

You can use your remote control to push the MENU or HOME buttons. Go to SETTINGS> SUPPORT>SELF DIAGNOSIS> STARTSOUNDTEST.

You will need to reset your Samsung TV if the test finds any problems with its sound quality.


Factory reset Samsung TV

It’s time to reset the factory if your TV still isn’t working.

To reset the factory settings of your Samsung TV, press the Home button on your remote. Next, go to Settings> General> Reset (older models can go to Settings> Support> Self Diagnosis> Reset).

Your security pin (“0000”) will be used to activate the initial setup screen on your TV.

If you have forgotten your TV’s pin number, your remote control can reset it.

Once the TV is turned on, you will be able to use the remote control to press the following buttons. This will reset your PIN to “0000”.

  • You can control volume, volume up, and volume down with the Samsung Smart Remote/Remote Control.
  • Standard Remote Control: Press the button > Volume Up > Press Return > Volume Down > Press Return

Give your Samsung TV time to complete restarting. Next, make sure that the sound works again!

Samsung TV Factory Reset Without Remote

If you do not have remote access, you can factory reset your Samsung TV.

You can activate by pressing the power button of your TV. Depending on your model, this button could be found on the right-hand side of your TV or on its bottom.

Turn on the TV and then press the Menu button to toggle to Settings > General >Reset

If you are having trouble finding buttons on your TV, or if your TV isn’t in a convenient place, there are options.

Connect a USB keyboard to your Samsung TV’s back.

You can use the keyboard to reset or navigate your TV.

You can also download the Samsung SmartThings App for your Samsung Smart TV.

To get support, contact Samsung Customer Service at 1-800-726-7864 (8:00-12:00 EST, 7 Days a Week)

  1. Navigate to the Support section by opening the menu on your TV.
  2. Select Remote Management, then read the service agreement. Enter the PIN number so that the screen will display.
  3. The agent will then access your TV.

Note. Remote Service won’t work if your TV doesn’t have an internet connection. If your TV cannot access the internet or your connection is slow, remote service won’t work.

Samsung TV warranty

To verify whether your Samsung TV is covered under warranty, you can inspect it online.

Samsung TV warranties typically last for one year. The majority of TVs that don’t have sound are older models.

It is still worth trying.


Samsung TVs can be very finicky when it comes to sound. Here are some ways to fix the sound issues on your Samsung TV.

  • You should wait 60 seconds before unplugging the TV from its wall.
  • Install the power cord located at the back of your TV.
  • Manually update the software on your TV to the latest version
  • Set Samsung Sound Output as “TV Speaker”.
  • Perform a sound diagnostic on the TV and then reset its sound.
  • Factory reset your TV with or without your remote
  • Contact the Samsung TV Support Team

If none of these options work, you might try the following solutions. You will need to verify your warranty.

Let me know if this helped you fix your Samsung TV. If you’ve had success with another method, let me know.

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