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Why Is Berlin A Hotspot For Tech-Based Jobs

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In the last decade, Berlin has become the silicon valley of Europe. It has rapidly grown its start-up scene along with its cultural and artistic aspects. By facilitating ideas and connecting communities, Berlin has facilitated a startup environment that few cities have been able to replicate. So why exactly is Berlin so popular for its tech-based jobs? What changed in the last decade for it to grow so rapidly. 

Tech startups in Berlin are as old as innovation. What is different is the amount of youth that is attracted to the city. Many factors draw people from around the world to this city. While some have been a part of Berlin for a long time, some of them have only popped up recently. 


In Germany, Berlin is the breeding ground of innovators and entrepreneurs that want to bring change to the tech world. In fact, a new company is founded in Berlin every 20 minutes. The tech community in Berlin is very open and welcoming to people from the world. Tech communities like Silicon Allee, Polish Berlin Tech, and French Tech Berlin are thriving. They also regularly conduct meetups to talk about their latest ideas and innovations. With such a supportive and open community, it’s no wonder that Berlin is the preferred destination of talents worldwide. 

Job Opportunity

Berlin has a very transparent system of recruitment. It cuts out recruiters and middlemen from the process. This allows direct interaction between the company and the applicant. Candidates get the opportunity to network out and learn more about their roles and company. There are also over 350000 companies in Berlin which mean applicants have a good chance of finding employment opportunities.  


A  deal-breaker for many. The overall cost of living in a city plays a very large role in deciding whether to move into it or not. And Berlin has one of the most affordable cost of living among all of Europe’s major cities. The cost of housing is not very extravagant,unlike in many large cities. You can easily rent an apartment in Berlin without much hassle.  With relatively affordable rent, Berlin tops the list for many adventurous entrepreneurs. The salaries offered at Berlin startups are also very conductive allowing for easy acquisition of Irving space for workers. 


Any immigrant will face a problem adjusting to a new city if they don’t know the language. However, in Berlin, that’s not a problem at all. Almost 80% of Germans in Berlin speak English. As long as a worker can order a drink in German, they’ll be able to have a career in Berlin. This plays a very important role as a lot of international talent doesn’t speak the local language. 

Networking and Events

Berlin provides a great opportunity for techies to network out into their space. There are numerous networking events conducted throughout the city every other week. These events facilitate contact between entrepreneurs in different companies and universities. Such events provide young talents an opportunity to grow and advance their training by providing them guidance from veterans. 


Berlin is the clear winner in Germany when it comes to the funding for startups. Almost 30% of all startups are based in Berlin. Yet in the first half of 2021, its startups raised 4.1 billion euros which are 54% of the total that was invented in Germany.  Out of this, fintech alone took 1.6 billion euros which are around 40% of the total funding. This unrestricted flow of funds towards Berlin has made it one of the favorites to establish a company.

Diversity and Culture

The city’s culture is very relaxed and welcoming to immigrants. The diversity in Berlin and its various attractions have made it a favorite among young entrepreneurs. Berlin is the embodiment of the cheat but cool culture which is a hit with the tech workforce.  It is an amalgamation of various cultures and a hotspot for food, music, and art. With numerous cafes, street art, and quick outfits to try, the attraction of life in Berlin keeps on increasing. 

Final Words

Berlin attracts qualified and young people from around the world. The promise of high-quality life with a low cost of living and diverse and inclusive culture is what attracts people from around the world. With perfect starting conditions for both company and workers, it is no wonder that Berlin is a popular international destination. It’s not surprising then, that Berlin overtook London as the founders’ choice for the best city to start a company in.

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