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Why do you need a cover letter? How to write one?

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Experts say that a cover letter shows how interested and sincere you are about the job. Often, employers might say that a cover letter is optional, but is it really optional? Unfortunately, no. A cover letter is a critical part of your job application process


Yet most struggle writing one proper cover letter. It might look like a tedious task, but with a few tips and guidance on writing, you can come up with a convincing cover letter. In this article, before we get to the how-to part, let’s figure out why you need a cover letter.


Why do you need a cover letter?

Most recruiters reject when only resumes are sent. They expect you to send a cover letter along with your resume submission. It is the main reason you need a cover letter. Resumes are like documents that list all your education and experience. But it is the cover letter that creates a human connection and makes it easier to communicate with the hiring manager.


It is a professional explanation that is also personal. Therefore, it should have a relatable and friendly explanation. So now, this blog will provide you with a fantastic read on how to write a cover letter.


Cover letter outline

Cover letters have a typical outline, regardless of the job role, position, or field. It is similar to the letter-writing exercise we had in school. It is simple and presents all the necessary details. Let’s split the cover letter into minor headings to make this process easier.


A cover letter outline includes:

  • From header
  • To header
  • Date
  • Greeting
  • Body of the letter
  • Sign off


These six headings can quickly help you draft a cover letter. Here is how you can draft a cover letter and optimize its value.



The ‘From’ and ‘To’ header space addresses your information and the recipient’s information. It includes name, occupation, place, and contact details. It is vital to furnish the correct details without any errors. You can also fix a font style and size in the header that you will follow for the entire cover letter.



Many people spend a lot of time figuring out how to start off the conversation. You can do so on a friendly as well as a professional note. In the greeting, you address the recipient directly and start by mentioning Dear XX. Sometimes, you may not know the individual’s name. In such circumstances, you can either mention their position name like HR manager or address the team as the Hiring team.


Body of the letter

The body of the letter is where your major focus should be. The primary aim is to attract the reader and hold their attention till the end of the body. This section of the cover letter is further divided into three subparts.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion



Under this section, you get to introduce yourself and mention the key qualifications that make you a potential candidate. You should structure it in a way that you do not just dump the information but give it the proper flow making it intriguing to read.


You can also mention your current role and your interest in the opportunity. Here, you also get to show how much you know about the organization.


Example – network administration

Working for xx years at startup xx, I have learned the value of network administration and the intricacies involved in the field. Your proactive approach and inventive strategies have piqued my interest, and I would like to bring my expertise to your networking team and explore the opportunity.




You can describe how you are a potential candidate for this post. Wondering how to do this? You can explain your contributions in the previous roles and provide a brief about your abilities, skills, and achievements. Finally, you can show why you will be an excellent addition to the team.


Example – sales manager

I graduated from xx University with a placement in the top company yy. It has been three fulfilling years of experience where I was introduced to the different practical concepts in selling high-value products and perfecting my sales pitches. I have also attended several conferences, constantly updating with the industry trends.


I have brought about a new record of increasing the sales in my space by 60% and attracted 35 additional customers every quarterly. I have been awarded the most successful employee award for the past two years because of my sales success rate.


Now, I am looking forward to scaling my career. I have created and delivered different sales pitch ideas, and I am very familiar with social media marketing. In addition, my marketing brochure template has helped increase the results rate.



Starting and ending struggles are real! After providing compelling details of your work and potential, how do you write the call to action and impress the recruiter? It should show your passion and confidence but not look desperate or pushy.


Example – writer

Your organization is one of the best in reporting sports news in the city. I have enclosed my portfolio of cricket articles for your perusal and would love the opportunity to discuss what I would bring to the team.

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