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Why didn’t Android email synchronize with Android mail? 8 Things to Fix

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Your phone is not responding to messages after it has been inactive for hours.

You may not receive important emails due to such issues. These issues can quickly become expensive if you don’t fix them immediately.

1. Make sure Automatic Email Sync is Enabled

Automatic Sync is a feature offered by most email clients to allow you instant email delivery. Your Android phone will not be able to receive any email messages if sync was turned off in your email client.

You can check if this is an issue and then enable auto sync in your email software. The app will automatically look for new emails, and notify you when one arrives.

Auto-sync can be enabled in the settings menu of any email program. You can do the same for all email clients.

  1. Launch your email app, such as Gmail.
  2. Tap the hamburger (three horizontal icons) icon in the upper left corner. Select Settings.
  3. You can choose an email account from multiple accounts.
  4. Scroll down until the sync Gmail button or another similar option is visible.

Gmail can be enabled if Battery saver is turned on.

2. Perform a Manual Email Sync

Manual sync is possible if auto-sync fails to work. Your email app will sync with your phone to locate and then download any new mails.

This option works exactly the same as regular syncing. This option works the same as regular sync, but you’ll need to manually go into your settings and choose an option.

To manually synchronize Android email on Android,

  1. Use the Setting Android app to select accounts.
  2. Enter the email address at which sync issues occur.
  3. To see all features available for sync, click on the sync tab.
  4. Tap on the three dots at the top-right corner, and choose.
  5. Once your phone is connected, all data including emails will begin to sync.
  6. Check your email program to check for new emails.

3. Clear the Android Storage

Downloading email from your smartphone can take up storage space. If you download large attachments, your emails may not sync.

To fix the problem, simply delete all unnecessary files from your phone by following these instructions (specific instructions may vary depending on which device you have):

  1. To access storage, open the Settings app.
  2. It will give you the available and total memory.
  3. To locate files you can delete to free up more space on your device, tap Get More Space


This option isn’t available on all Android smartphones. If yours doesn’t you can To delete files, use Files by Google instead.

4. Verify that your Email app has the correct Password

Change your password to your email account. This will prevent you from syncing new emails to your phone.

You can solve this problem by opening your email application and entering your new password. Your email server will then connect to your account, fetching any new messages.

You must keep your password current wherever you use this account.

5. Clear your cache and data to your email app

Just like all other apps, your email app stores data, cache, and files. Clear these files to see if your Android email sync issue is resolved.

You can delete emails by clearing the cache and data. Your emails are stored on the server hosting the email provider.

  1. Click on Apps to open the Setting app.
  2. To locate your email app, click on Gmail.
  3. Choose the storage option.
  4. It will tell you how much storage your app uses.
  5. Configure your email application by opening it.

6. Check Your Email App for Updates

Make sure your apps are up-to-date to get the best performance.

Numerous bugs have been fixed with new updates. This update will fix the problem if your emails don’t sync as a result of such a bug.

  1. Download the Play Store on your phone.
  2. You can search for your email app using the search feature. Or tap your account icon at upper right. Next, select Manage apps and Devices. Click Updates to receive updates.
  3. Tap Install the latest version if it is available.

7. Re-Add your Email Account to Your Email Application

It is possible that your account configuration isn’t working properly. You can then delete your account and add it again to the app.

First, delete your email address. Or you can use the settings menu to select Accounts. Tap an account to delete it.

8. Allow Notifications to Your Email App

It may be that your email isn’t syncing correctly but your phone doesn’t send you notifications.

  1. To access settings > Apps & Notifications (use if you need to see all X apps), click on your mail app.
  2. Tap on the Notifications Tab.
  3. All notifications options should be switched to the On location. You can modify the following categories.

Your email is a great way to make more efficient

The following methods should have been used to fix the problem: If your phone isn’t sync, you may be missing important email messages.

Now that your emails are back up, it’s time for you to optimize your Gmail mobile app.

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