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Why Are Your Instagram Reel Views Low?

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Are your reels performing lower than you expected? A few reasons may affect the number of views on your reels.

The quality of your content and failure to understand Instagram’s reel algorithm or guidelines can affect your views. However, some internet solutions can help you boost your views, followers, and likes.

In the last few years, reels are the best way to grow your Instagram account.  According to Hootsuite, a popular Instagram scheduling tool, reels increase your account’s engagement and follower count. Users who consistently used reels as a growth strategy agree that reels grew their accounts exponentially.

Understand Instagram’s Reel Algorithm

Instagram is yet to release a detailed guideline on how to maximize reels. However, in a post on their account, it explained that it deprioritizes reels that bear logos from other companies like Tiktok to avoid cross-promoting. Instagram doesn’t promote posts that look recycled are of poor quality. The algorithm also strikes content that’s not in line with Instagram’s community guidelines.

How Does Instagram Count Reel Views?

According to Instagram, to get a view, users should watch your reel for a minimum of 3 seconds. If users watch your reel for less than 3 seconds and scroll past it, the algorithm concludes that it has a low engagement. If you watch your reels for at least 3 seconds, it counts as a view too. However, Instagram isn’t clear about views when a user watches your reel multiple times. Platforms like Blastup can also increase your views and improve your overall engagement. 

Strategies That Improve Your Reels’ Views

Add Keywords To Your Reels

Use Search Engine Optimized (SEO) words in your captions and hashtags.

Instagram has a keyword search tool that allows your potential audience to search and find your content. For instance, a travel account should use travel keywords like tourist destinations, in its reel. Avoid generic hashtags and use specific ones to reach your desired audience.

Take Advantage Of Trends

The algorithm identifies audios that users interact with most. Instagram exposes reels with such sounds to a larger audience and increases their views. Tap on audio at the bottom of the reel its number of views. Audios that garner thousands of views mostly trend. Also, post fun and entertaining content that fits your niche.

Mistakes That Cost You Reel Views

Although you may use each of the above strategies to the latter, your reels’ views may still stagnate. The following mistakes affect your reel views;


Mistake How To Fix It
Your video format is poor. Instagram is a visual platform and it requires quality videos. Eyecatching content stops your follower from scrolling past your reel. Invest in proper light and sound to create good content. 
You upload Tiktok videos. Upload videos without a Tiktok watermark. You may also remove this mark with online tools.
Your reel doesn’t have an effective hook. The first few seconds of your reel should capture the attention of your audience. These captivating seconds are called a hook. Address your audience’s problem in the first few seconds of your reel.
Using a trend wrongly. The latest trend may give other content creators views but if you don’t understand it clearly your reel may flop. Understand the tone and dynamics of trends and apply them to your reel accordingly.
Your reels are inconsistent. Instagram recommends 4- 7 reels weekly since consistency improves their performance. 
Your reel isn’t relatable, educational, and inspirational.  Create such content because it appeals more to audiences in your niche.


Why Do Your Reel Views Drop Suddenly? 

Several accounts may experience a sharp decrease in their engagement rate. Instagram may shadow ban if your posts are spam or if you violate their guidelines. The platform can block or partially block other users from your content because you used too many hashtags, blocked hashtags, and overused specific hashtags. 


Instagram reels are essential in growing your Instagram account. There are mistakes that impact your reel views but following Instagram’s guidelines fixes this problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I upload reels on Instagram?

Your Instagram probably needs an update. You can also clear storage space on your phone, check your internet connection then try to upload your reel.

  • What is a reel’s upload size?

Use a ratio of 9:16 or 1080 by 1350 pixels as a maximum resolution.

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