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Why Are My AirPods so Quiet?

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You probably have high expectations about the performance of Apple AirPods if you’ve saved up and waited until just the right time to get them. They deliver, almost in every way.

Your Airpods’ quietness is due to earwax, dirt, and sweat building up on the speakers. Your AirPods will become louder if you use a Q-Tip or a dry toothbrush to remove any grime.

We’ll be discussing why AirPods become so quiet and how to get them back to normal.

AirPods are Quiet: What is the Difference?

Let’s start our investigation by looking at the possible reasons your AirPods don’t sound as loud as they used to.

We’ll then address five other issues that, although rare, could still be the cause of your AirPods not having the power you need to get through your commute, work, or exercise.

1. Earwax, Moisture, and Sweat

Gunk. You’ll hear the difference whether it comes from your ears, your environment or anywhere else.

This is the main reason why your AirPods don’t make as much noise in your ears as they used to. The volume of your AirPods can drop if earwax buildup.

AirPods that have been wet by rain or sweat will collect dust as they dry.

This is especially true for the AirPods Pro. The rubber tips collect dust, sweat and ear wax like nobody’s business.

Check the tips if your AirPods Pro suddenly has a decreased sound quality or volume. Pay attention! It can become so clogged up that it is almost impossible to see at first glance.

The Solution

Make sure to check the speakers of your AirPods regularly. AirPods Pro may require you to take off the tips in order to see if they are covered with gunk.

It’s easy to clean your AirPods of dirt and gunk. However, sensitive electronics can be delicate so you must ensure that you clean them correctly.

To gently remove dirt and grime from the AirPods, use a dry toothbrush or another similar tool. To clean your AirPods, you can also use a QTip the same way as your ears.

You should not use soap or water to block the speaker’s sound. This will only make it worse and could cause permanent damage.

2. Mode with Low Power

Your iPhone Low-Power Mode will reduce the volume of your AirPods. You may need to disable Low Power Mode in order to make your AirPods loud.

You may think this is a design flaw. However, because your AirPods don’t draw any power from your iPhone’s battery, Low Power Mode shouldn’t affect volume.

AirPods are powered by their own battery. Turning up the volume doesn’t affect your phone’s battery. But it can!

Despite there being no logic for it to occur. Your iPhone’s Low Power Mode will affect the volume of any headphones that you are using.

The Solution

Check your iPhone settings to determine if your AirPods have suddenly become so quiet. Turn it off and the volume will return to normal. Don’t forget to charge it up as soon as possible!

  1. Open your “Settings” app
  2. Tap on “Battery”.
  3. Next, toggle “Low power mode” ON.

3. Volume limit

Many phones and over-ear headphones come with a safety feature that prevents the volume from reaching too high and causing damage to your ears.

This feature is usually quite useful. You can stream music and audio very loud without affecting your ears.

AirPods can sometimes be quite restrictive in terms of volume.

This is especially true when the music or videos you are listening to/watching isn’t mixed properly, and when you’re in a particularly loud environment.

The Solution

Turn off your phone’s volume limit These steps will apply to iPhones running iOS15.

  1. Open your “Settings” app
  2. Tap on “Sounds and Haptics”.
  3. Tap the “Headphone Safety” button.
  4. You can then turn off your volume limiter using the “Reduce Loud Sounds” switch.

4. Software issues

You might need to update your software or you may have other issues.

It’s possible that your AirPods are also experiencing issues, causing them to play audio at lower volumes.

AirPods that are not connecting properly or playing in one ear may be a sign of a software problem.

The Solution

Make sure that the AirPods you are pairing with have the latest software installed and is free from viruses. Sometimes all you need to get your devices back in working order is a simple software upgrade

  1. Open your “Settings” app
  2. Tap on “General”, then “Software Update”.
  3. Verify if any updates are available

5. Hardware issues

This is the worst one, as it means that if your AirPods are having hardware problems, it can be more or less impossible to fix them.

Your AirPods will not produce the same sound quality and volume if they are damaged by water, heat damage.

You may have had the unfortunate experience of leaving your AirPods behind when you were washing your laundry.

This is because the AirPods have been damaged and are unable to perform their intended functions. It’s as easy as it gets, but more disappointing when it comes to solutions.

The Solution

To put it simply, buying new AirPods is the best solution for damaged AirPods. There is no way to repair damaged AirPods. This is perhaps the most frustrating thing about these headphones, which cost $200+.

6. Nearly Dead Batteries

They might act up if a pair of AirPods are almost dead (lower than 5% charge).

It is possible for the connection to be weak, or one or both ears may wander in and out of sync. They could also become irritatingly quiet.

The Solution

Your AirPods are charged! Apple AirPods can charge extremely fast and provide more than an hour of playback after only ten minutes in the charging bag. These pods can be fully charged in just thirty minutes

Pro Tip: Clean Ears Equal Clean AirPods

Do you want to stop your AirPods from ever getting quiet again? Get rid of the problem at its root – your ears.

Although it sounds absurd, keeping your ears clean will prevent the buildup of AirPods that can cause quietness. While it may sound like common sense, an estimated 90% of people don’t clean their ears properly.

About 10% of people actually have to clean their ears because of excessive earwax. The rest are fine, as the ears naturally clean themselves.

You’re right, it’s not good for your ears if you do everything you can to keep them clean all your life.

You can make buildups faster by regularly cleaning your ears with a QTip or your fingers.

This is bad news for your ears and for everything you put in them.

Experts agree that Q-Tips are the best way to clean your ears. Use them only when absolutely necessary, and leave your ear canals empty.

You run the risk of permanent damage to your ears with a QTip. They don’t even have to be cleaned!

Your AirPods will need to be cleaned over time. You are not doing your ears any favors by cleaning them too often. It only makes matters worse.

This is the point: If you want your AirPods to stay clean, make sure your ears are clean. The best way to do this is to leave them alone.

Wrapping up: AirPods and Ear Gunk.

You are not the only one wondering why your AirPods sound so quiet.

Apple AirPods’ most common cause of volume loss is due to earwax or dirt buildup.

Other factors could also be at fault, such as the volume limit or Low-Power Mode on your iPhone.

Keep your ears and AirPods clean. Also, make sure to always check the settings of your phone before you assume that your expensive wireless headphones are damaged.

Did your AirPods get quieter? Did you solve the low volume problem? Which solution worked best for you? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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