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Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

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Instagram influencers want more followers and likes. It’s equally important to keep your existing followers. You may be wondering “Who unfollowed you on Instagram?” How can you find out who has unfollowed your account on Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t provide any official means to see your unfollows. While you can see your Followers count go down on your profile, you won’t be able to see who unfollowed or followed you on Instagram.

There are many third-party apps that can help you see who unfollows your Instagram account. These apps are Instagram trackers that allow you to see who unfollows you and give you an overview of who doesn’t think your posts are worth seeing.

The Problem with Third-Party Instagram Apps

These apps can be used to find out who has unfollowed you on Instagram. However, there are some issues. Instagram’s API restricts the possibilities for unofficial developers.

You will see data only when you download an app. It tracks every change to your accounts from the moment you set it up. However, if you lose followers before installing the app you won’t be able to see those. You’ll need to be patient before you can see who unfollowed your Instagram account.

Instagram does not authorize these apps, so your account security may be at risk. This could lead to data breaches or the app being sold to someone with malicious intent.

These apps could also stop working as Instagram can change its rules and API at any time. Many third-party apps that were good have been shut down due to Instagram’s changing rules. Unfollowgram was one of the most popular Instagram unfollowers apps.

These apps can be used to discover who has unfollowed your Instagram account, as long as you are aware of the potential flaws.

FollowMeter – Android, iOS: The Best and Easiest App

FollowMeter was our favorite app to discover who unfollowed you. We tried a few apps. It is very easy to set up, the interface is straightforward, and the Unfollower feature works without any restrictions. FollowMeter is also available for iOS and Android. It will only work from the point you set it up, so you won’t be able to find old unfollowers.

Log in with your Instagram account to see the dashboard. The dashboard displays unfollowers, new followers, accounts you haven’t followed back, accounts that aren’t following you back, and accounts that you don’t follow back. To see a complete list of Instagram users who unfollowed your, tap the Unfollowers tab.

The Unfollower List shows you individual accounts along with their followers. Clicking on an account will open it on Instagram. You can then unfollow them.

FollowMeter offers premium features that allow you to locate ghost followers (i.e. Inactive users, lurkers, top admirers, etc. are all available with FollowMeter premium features. These are available only if you subscribe, but they don’t affect the Unfollower function in any way.

You can also use other apps to find out “Who Unfollowed me?”

We also tested Followmeter and a few other Instagram unfollower apps. Here is a list of the ones that worked well. You can use any of them but we recommend following FollowMeter because it is more likely to keep up to date with changes to the Instagram API and rules.

  • Followers and Unfollowers for Android
  • Followers Tracker Pro iOS (Free).
  • Followers Tracking for Instagram for iOS (Free).

How to Unfollow Unfollowers

Certain social media users believe that “following back” is essential. Now that you are aware of who has unfollowed your Instagram account, it is time to do the same. You can also unfollow an account that you receive notifications about.

What about people who have done this before you downloaded the app? FollowMeter can be used to see who isn’t following you back, and then unfollow them.

This is how you do it:

  1. FollowMeter will connect to your Instagram account.
  2. Tap Unfollowers in the Homepage.
  3. Browse the list and click on any account that you would like to unfollow.

These changes will be immediately reflected in your Instagram profile.

How to stop losing followers on Instagram

One reason someone may have unfollowed your Instagram account is “Following back”. Here are some other reasons why Instagram followers are disappearing.

1. You have bought followers

You were promised millions or thousands of followers if you paid a small amount. Such manipulation is frowned upon by Instagram, which often involves fake accounts and a lot of bots.

These accounts are often deleted by Instagram, which could explain why your followers have dropped. These services are a waste and can negatively impact your credibility.

2. Shadow Banned You

Your account could be banned if you try to manipulate the Instagram ecosystem. This is when Instagram hides or lowers the priority of your posts. Your account and all your hard work could be rendered useless by a shadowban.

Instagram will ban accounts that try to manipulate the system through third-party tricks or buying followers. There are apps and services available that will automatically like, comment and engage with your posts. These apps and services should be avoided at all cost.

Ask your friend to unfollow your account and then search for the hashtag you have added under your post. Your account is safe if your post is found within the hashtag.

3. You are posting too often or too infrequently

Your followers will grow tired of seeing your photos on their timelines if you post too often. This holds true, especially for sponsored posts or brand engagements. Conversely, followers who don’t see you often will decide that you aren’t worth their time.

This is a hard balance to keep, but there’s no one right way or best practice. You will need to discuss this with your followers.

Social media experts now believe consistency is better than frequency. You should establish a posting schedule that you can keep up with.

4. These are the most common Instagram mistakes

These are the main reasons people unfollow you, but there are many other factors that could cause them to stop following you. Here are some examples:

  • You should not post about topics that aren’t relevant to your brand.
  • Posting controversial topics that divide opinions.
  • Do not engage with commenters on posts.
  • Poor captions and hashtags are not allowed.
  • Uploading poor photos and not properly editing them.

Do not obsess over Instagram followers

It is easy to become ensnared in a social media network’s statistics. There are many analytics tools that can help you see what your Instagram performance is. These things are important but don’t get too obsessed. It doesn’t really matter if someone unfollows your Instagram account.

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