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Where do FaceTime Photos go? How to find your FaceTime photos

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How to enable Live Photos in FaceTime. Also, where FaceTime photos go. And how to fix them if you don’t like them.

A great way to keep track of your favourite conversations is to snap a photo while on FaceTime. Just tap the white shutter button. What happens to your FaceTime photos after you have taken them?

If you’re unsure how to take FaceTime pictures, don’t know where to put them after you’ve snapped them, or can’t get FaceTime to work, this tutorial will help you.

Where are FaceTime Live Photos?

While it’s great to snap a picture while FaceTime is active, you must know where the photos are stored to ensure you have access to them after the call. Answer: FaceTime photos are saved directly to your Photos app on your phone.

To view FaceTime photos, open Photo and scroll to the tab. Next, select the All view. This will ensure that your device does not filter them out. Scroll down to the date and hour you took the photo to locate it.

It is possible to view only your Live Photos. Go to the Albums Tab and search for the album. This album is automatically created by your iPhone, iPad, and Mac as soon as you add Live Photos to your library.

Make a smart album for all your FaceTime Live photos

To automatically capture all of your FaceTime Live photos, creates a Smart Album. You will need the Photos app for Mac to create a Smart Album. Smart Albums can’t be created using the Photos app on an iPhone/iPad.


Select Smart Album and click the plus button ( +), that appears in the sidebar when you hover over My Albums. Next, name your Smart Album and then set the filter by using the dropdown menus. Lens includes FaceTime.

Because FaceTime is not an option in the dropdown menu, you will need to manually type it into the third box.

To create your Smart Album, click OK. The album should contain all your FaceTime Live Photos. All new FaceTime photos should be automatically added to the album.

If you sync photos over iCloud this Smart Album will also be available from the Albums Tab on other devices.

How to take photos in FaceTime

Live photos can be taken during FaceTime calls using the shutter option. This is done by tapping the screen of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or hovering your mouse over the FaceTime window in a Mac. It appears like two white circles inside each other.

To take a photo in a group chat using FaceTime on iOS, first select the tile that you wish to photograph. Next, tap the Fullscreen icon to reveal the shutter option. Double-click the person that you wish to photograph in a group chat for Mac. Next, click the shutter icon.

Because it doesn’t capture FaceTime’s user interface, a Live Photo is more effective than a screenshot. You can also save a few seconds of audio and video from just before and after taking the photo.

How to take a FaceTime photo without telling the other person

FaceTime sends a notification to the phone to inform them that you have taken a photograph of someone. You can’t avoid this notification when you take photos, but you can make a screenshot to get around it.

To do this, press Volume up together with the side button on an iPhone or iPad. Or press the Home buttons with the side button if you have a Home button. To open FaceTime on a Mac, press Cmd + Shift+ 5 and then click on the FaceTime window.

How to enable live photos in your FaceTime settings

FaceTime Live Photos must be enabled in FaceTime Settings by both you and the other person taking the photo. You can disable this option if you don’t wish to allow others to take photos of your face in FaceTime. You should keep in mind, however, that others will still be able take a screenshot.

Go to Settings > Facial Recognition on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Scroll down to turn on Live Photos.

Open FaceTime on a Mac. Then, select Preferences in the menu bar. Turn on the Settings tab to allow live photos to be taken during video calls .

Troubleshooting FaceTime Photo Issues

There are many issues that could prevent you from taking a live photo during FaceTime calls. These iPhone, iPad, Mac troubleshooting tips will help you find the shutter button or fix any issues with FaceTime.

1. FaceTime Live Photos can be enabled on both devices

FaceTime Live Photos must be enabled on all devices in order to take a photo of someone on a FaceTime call. To do this, go to Settings > FakeTime. You should also ensure that the person taking the photo has checked their settings.

2. Open the Photos app on your device

Live Photos are automatically saved to your Photos app when you use FaceTime to take them. To get started with Photos, make sure you have it installed on your phone before FaceTime can save photos.

3. Upgrade to the latest Operating System

Apple temporarily removed Live Photos from FaceTime in previous iOS releases. This was likely due to an FaceTime security flaw. FaceTime photos are now available, but you will need to make sure that your device is up-to-date in order to use them. You must also update the software on the device of the person you are taking a picture of.

Go to Settings > General > Update on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Go to System Preferences >Software Update on a Mac. There are any updates available that you can install.

4. Restart your device

No matter the FaceTime issue you are having, restart your device to resolve it. This is an extremely effective and quick way to troubleshoot. After powering off your iPhone, iPad or Mac, wait for 30 seconds before starting it up again.

5. Restart FaceTime on your Device

Last, you can turn FaceTime on and off in your device’s settings. This may require you to log in again to your Apple ID account.

Go to Settings > Facial on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Then toggle the FaceTime switch at the top.

Open the Facebook app on a Mac and select FaceTime > Preferences in the menu bar. To re-enable FaceTime, check the box in the Settings tab.

FaceTime allows you to multitask while using FaceTime

Swiping up or pressing the Home button to access your Live Photos can be used to check them out without having to quit FaceTime. All you have to do on a Mac is open Photos from Launchpad or the Dock. FaceTime will pause your video feed until the moment you return.

Multitasking allows you to talk to people and listen to what they have. However, it will freeze your video feed. It works in the same way as using another app on your iPhone while you talk to other people.

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