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Where can I locate photos and files that have been downloaded to my iPhone?

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Sometimes, your iPhone downloads files. These could be Word documents or PDFs. You can choose any file.

Where can I find all my files on my iPhone’s hard drive?

This guide shows you where to locate any content that you have downloaded from the Internet.

Images that you have downloaded can be found under the Photos app on your iPhone

Do you have trouble finding the file you downloaded to your iPhone?

This guide will help you find downloaded images for iPhone.

  1. Open the photo app.
  2. Select Library from the menu at the bottom. If it does not appear, you may need to tap All Photos.
  3. Scroll down to access your gallery, if you downloaded the image recently.

You can find downloaded files in the Files App of your iPhone

The photo will not appear in your Photos app if you don’t have permission. This will save the image in the Photos app.

It can be saved to the Files App. Continue reading


No browser is required, All files downloaded to your iPhone’s device are saved in the Files app

These steps can help you find your Safari browser and other browsers.

  1. Access the Files App.
  2. Tap iCloud Drive.
  3. Choose Downloads. All files are located in the downloads directory.

What if your files are not in the Downloads directory?

If you do not choose the default Safari storage location, Safari files cannot be downloaded.

You can change the default download location by going to Settings>> Safari and selecting Downloads. Your current download location should now be visible.

You can still locate files with third-party browsers

Swipe down from your iPhone’s Home Screen to launch Spotlight Search. You can also go to Files to search for your file using their top search bar.

Search quickly for downloaded files to your iPhone

You have many options to find iPhone downloads. The Photos application can access files such as PDFs.

You can stream TV shows and movies using streaming apps. These apps will require you to search for the content.

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