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when Does the New iPhone Come Out 2022

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You’re getting ready to buy the first phone, contemplating a change to Android or simply looking to upgrade to the model you have most likely, you’ve got an interest in the most recent iPhone. No matter what your needs, you’ll surely, would like to make the right choice to purchase the latest and most advanced version. The question is when will the latest iPhone arrive?

When Does the New iPhone Come Out?

Finding out when the new iPhone is due to launch isn’t a precise science at least, not until Apple announces an expected release date. Based on past experience it’s possible to make an educated prediction.

Most likely, the latest iPhone models will be released during September or October each year (with the possibility of a few variations, which we’ll be able to see).

This can be based on the dates of release for previous iPhones:

You can clearly see that the initial four iPhones were launched in July or June. The situation changed with the release of the iPhone 4S. The reason for this change is because of the latest iPad models being launched in April or March and Apple does not want to release its flagship products this soon (though in recent years, iPad releases have become more unpredictable).

Although it was not clear at the time if the fall launch of the iPhone 4S was a one-time event, given the release in September of the iPhone 5 and almost all new models following it arriving on September 1, it appears likely that all the new iPhone models will soon come out in the fall.

The exception to the Fall Release Schedule: The iPhone

The autumn release schedule for new iPhones remained the same for five years, but the 31st of March, 2016, launch of the iPhone SE has thrown that routine into question. It could take a while before Apple announces an upgrade to the SE and it could be a while before we find out whether we should anticipate the release of a new iPhone in March, or when it is possible that the SE and its successors be part of the fall upgrade cycle too.

The thought that there might be a new iPhone in spring was confirmed by the launch of the second-generation iPhone SE in April 2020. It appears that Apple considers spring as the time to introduce low-cost iPhones However, take note of the fact that it took 4 years between the last models. It is unlikely that the new SE will be launched every year.

A Temporary Exception? The iPhone X and XR

iPhone X iPhone X presents its own uniqueness, given its release date in November. It’s likely the date will not last, however. It was reported that Apple was forced to delay the launch of the X until November due to difficulties in the production of the components that make up the phone. Since these components are becoming easier to make, we can bet that the next version from the X will launch in September also. Also, although it’s true that the iPhone X didn’t actually hit the market till November of last year, the iPhone X was officially announced in September, at the same with it was announced as part of the iPhone 8 series.

Throwing a slight wrench into the new iPhone every September rule is also the iPhone XR, with its October release date. The model was revealed in September, around precisely the same time iPhone XS and XS Max and XS Max, which means that people were at the very least aware of the model and were able to purchase it if they desired, beginning in September.

When Should You Upgrade?

Another crucial question is how long you should wait for the announcement of an updated iPhone model before making the upgrade.

We can say that we are certain that the latest iPhone models will be released in September every year so it’s logical to wait until the middle of September to upgrade. Why would you buy an iPhone that’s not going to be the most recent and best within a few years (or months!) If you can have the latest gadget without sitting around?

Your choice will be determined by the fact that your current device is able to last this long most likely not when it’s broken or isn’t working, for instance, However, If you have the option of waiting until the fall, go ahead. You can then take advantage of the latest iPhone.

What Happens to Older Models?

Although everyone wants the most recent and best model, it’s important to know the status of older models as Apple introduces new versions. Most of the time the most expensive model of last year remains in the stock at a lower cost.

As an instance the time Apple launched an iPhone 7 series, it ended the 6 series but it provided both the iPhone 6S as well as SE as well as the SE of the 6S reduced by $100 for each model. If you’re looking to upgrade but in search of a bargain, it could be an ideal idea to keep your eyes open until Apple comes out with a new iPhone and then purchase the best model of last year for less.


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