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WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business – What’s the Difference?

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WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. But did you know it also has a version that can be used by businesses?

Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has enjoyed a lot of popularity. It’s one the most well-known apps worldwide, with billions of users.

WhatsApp regular is a great tool for communicating with family and friends. WhatsApp Business is a great way to foster business relationships between your business and customers if you have a business.

What are the differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business? Let’s take an in-depth look.

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business: The Differences

WhatsApp’s popularity and ease of use has seen more small businesses adopt it to communicate with their customers. WhatsApp Business was created because the original platform was intended for personal use. You might consider WhatsApp for your small business.

WhatsApp Business Profile Features

WhatsApp Business allows users to customize their profile to reflect the products and services they offer. WhatsApp Business features more than regular WhatsApp. Instead of having a profile picture, name and description, you can have WhatsApp Business.

These are WhatsApp Business profile features you won’t see on the main app.

  • Categories for businesses
  • Hours of operation.
  • Address for business.
  • Link to your site.
  • Your catalog.

WhatsApp for Business Messaging

It is essential to build a positive relationship with your customers as a business owner. WhatsApp Business offers a number of additional messaging features that will allow you to communicate with customers.


These messaging features are part of the solution:

  • Labels.
  • This is your chance to send a message of greetings.
  • Rapid responses
  • You have the option to leave a message.

Below is a quick overview of each feature.

1. Label

A key aspect of any business’s success is organization. WhatsApp Business’ labels feature helps you organize your account. Each chat can have its own label and you can also assign multiple colors. This will allow you to track your orders and generate leads.

2. Greeting Messages

You can set up automatic greeting messages in WhatsApp Business. You can personalize the greeting text you receive from anyone who sends you a WhatsApp Business message.

3. Quick Responses

You might be asked questions by new customers as a business owner. Also, you will need to reply to and send messages to unassigned WhatsApp numbers.

You might be asked questions by new customers that you’ve answered before. WhatsApp Business has a feature called Quick responses to help you avoid repeating yourself. You can start by going to Settings > Short replies. You’ll be able answer many frequently-asked questions once you have this set up.

4. Send Away Messages

You can set up messages to notify your customers when you are not available. This feature can be activated by going to the Away messaging feature in WhatsApp Business. Next, you can set the messages your custmers will receive when you are unavailable.

Reach Your Customers

WhatsApp Business offers three features that you can use to reach even more customers. These features enable potential customers to contact you quickly after viewing an advertisement or learning more about your business via social media.

These are the features:

  • Advertise on Facebook using ads that link to WhatsApp
  • Add WhatsApp to your Facebook profile or business page.
  • Share your WhatsApp Business message link.

To learn more about WhatsApp, you can also download our cheat sheet on WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp Business: A new way to manage your company and customers

You will need to be able to better manage your customers as your small business grows. Although communication is essential, you cannot expect to be on call 24 hours a day.

WhatsApp Business is a way to quickly answer frequently asked questions and build better relationships.

WhatsApp for business is not difficult if you have previous experience with it. You know how to use it so why not start?

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