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What’s the difference? vs. 3060T

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The GeForce 30-series GPUs are a great choice for beginners and to replace older cards such as the GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1080.

Nvidia GeForce models have a reputation for being extremely powerful.

The Nvidia GPU siblings GPUs look similar. The GPUs of Nvidia are similar in name, size and cooling system.

Specifications: RTX3060 Ti vs RTX3060 Ti

Image Credit: Nvidia

Both cards use Samsung’s 8nm technology. Faster processors will have more transistors.

The RTX 3060T is the latest model. It is based on the Ampere GA106 CPU-dead.

The most notable difference between them is their memory sizes. This is higher than the 1,665MHz of the 3060Ti, which makes it the fastest GPU.


The RTX 3060 is equipped with 3,584 CUDA cores and a core speed performance at 1,320 MHz. The core speed performance of the core speed performance is 1400 MHz. While the 3060 Ti has 4,864 CUDA cores and a performance clock of 1410 MHz it still contains core speed performance of 1400 MHz.

The RTX 3060Ti is superior in performance despite having a lower memory and a slower boost time. This reduces the overall bandwidth and results in a smaller data transfer between the 3060, the GPU and the 3060.

This table compares the specifications of both cards.

RTX 3260 RTX 3260 Ti
GPU Die GA106 GA104
Architecture Ampere Ampere
CUDA Cores 3,584 4,864
RT Cores 28 38
Tensor Cores 112 152
Memory Bus 196-bit 256-bit
Core/Boost CPU 1,320 MHz/1.777 MHz 1,410 MHz/ 1,665MHz
Transistors 13.25 billion 17.40 billion
TDP W 170 200
Interface PCIe 4.0 PCle 4.0

The cooling system specifications affect card performance (temperature and power specifications). Graphics Cards Power and Recommended Power System for the 3060 Ti are 600W each.

Both GPUs can reach their maximum temperatures at the same temperature, but the 3060 Ti consumes more power than the 3060 Ti. Because it uses less power, the 3060 Ti could reach its maximum temperature faster.

RTX3060 Ti vs. RTX3060 Ti: Performance

The Add-In Board model determines the performance differences between the RTX 3060Ti and the RTX 3060Ti. Comparing the MSI GeForce RTX3060 VENTUS3X OC with a MSI GeForce RTX3060 VENTUS2X OC 12G OC, it is clear that the 3060Ti offers slightly better performance.

Both cards deliver 60 frames per second at 1080p, 1440p, and 1440p, respectively. The performance differences between the cards are barely two-digits.

Both cards can run intense games without noticeable performance differences.

Prices and availability

The MSRP for the RTX3060 and RTX3060Ti is $329, while the RTX3060 Ti costs $399. It is difficult to find these GPUs at the recommended retail price. The 3060 Ti is available for purchase at approximately $800 to $1,000. Third-party retailers can sell the 3060 Ti.

RTX3060T vs. RTX3060T: Which one is better?

Gamers should be aware of the VRAM available on their graphics card. The GPU’s hashrate will be of greater concern to crypto-miners.

The RTX 3060 is slower than the 3060 Ti but it has 12GB VRAM. It is therefore very efficient in gaming.

Benchmark results of 3060 vs.3060 Ti show that the Nvidia RTX3060 Ti GPU is superior but loses by a small margin.

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