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What you need to know about changing Alexa’s voice, accent, and language

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You can change Alexa’s default voice in the Alexa App if you get tired of her standard voice. You can also change Alexa’s accent or her entire language from there. There are also options to hear the voice of a celebrity. Here are some ways to alter Alexa’s voice: make her whisper, activate brief mode, and many more.

How to change Alexa’s accent and language

Open the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone to change Alexa’s accent or language. Next, go to Settings > Device Settings. Select your Alexa device. Scroll down and tap Languages to select the accent or language you wish to use.

  1. Open the Alexa app for your tablet or phone. You can get the Alexa app from either the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store if you don’t have it.
  2. Next, tap More. This will appear next to the three-line icon at the bottom-right corner.
  3. Next tap Settings.
  4. Tap Device Setting.
  5. Select the Alexa device that you wish to have your voice changed. Only one Alexa device can be changed at a given time.
  6. Scroll down and choose Language.
  7. Next, choose the accent or language that Alexa should speak. There are only a handful of English accents you can choose from, including Canada and India as well as Australia and the UK.
  8. If prompted, tap OK. A pop-up may appear warning you that certain capabilities might not be supported if your language is not compatible with Amazon’s account.
  9. Tap OK. It may take some time for the Alexa device to change its language.

Not all Alexa devices can change Alexa’s language. Echo smart speakers are the exception. Third-party devices cannot use the default language.

How to make Alexa Whisper

You can make Alexa speak by saying “Alexa, enable Whisper Mode.” To enable Whisper mode, tap the slider.

  1. Open Alexa.
  2. Next, tap More. This will appear in the lower-right corner.
  3. Next tap Settings.
  4. Next, tap Voice Responses. This will appear under Alexa Preferences.
  5. Tape the slider to Whisper Mode. If it’s blue, you will know that it is enabled.

To get shorter responses if Alexa’s voice gets too annoying, you can enable Brief Mode. Sometimes Alexa will simply play a sound to acknowledge your request, rather than responding verbally.

Open the Alexa app, go to Settings > Voice Responses and turn on Alexa’s brief mode. To enable Brief mode, tap the slider.

Not all devices can use the Brief Mode feature. Therefore, turning it on will impact all other Alexa devices.

How to make Alexa talk slower

Alexa can be made to talk slower by you saying “Alexa. Talk slower You can also increase Alexa’s speaking speed simply by saying “Alexa. Talk faster

Alexa can only be controlled by voice commands. This setting is not available in the Alexa App.

Samuel L. Jackson’s voice on Alexa

You can change Alexa’s voice from Samuel L. Jackson to Samuel L. Jackson by saying, “Alexa, welcome Samuel L. Jackson.” Alexa will then ask you if it is worth $4.99 to purchase the skill. You can set up “Hey Samuel”, a wake-up word, and disable or enable explicit responses.

Note: Except for the first-generation Echo speakers, the “Hey Samuel” wake word works with most Echo devices. You can also use the “Hey Alexa” wake word to ask Samuel …” if the wake word isn’t working for you.

Amazon’s website also allows you to change Alexa’s voice into Samuel L. Jackson. After you have purchased the skill, ask Alexa to activate “Hey Samuel.”

Check out the list of commands available on Amazon’s to see what questions you can ask and which commands you can use when the Samuel L. Jackson skill is enabled.

You can also change Alexa’s voice by learning other skills, such as Morgan Freeman and Gordon Ramsey.

Open the Alexa app, then go to Skills & Games. Tap the magnifying glass to type in a celebrity’s name. Select a skill, then tap Allow to use.

Who is the real voice behind Alexa?

It may surprise you to find that Alexa’s voice is not derived from any person. It was created using Natural Language Processing. This technology converts speech into sounds, words, and ideas. This technology is what gives Alexa her sophisticated AI voice.

Your voice is recorded when you ask Alexa questions. It is then sent over the internet to the Alexa Voice Service. Your audio is then converted into text to allow a computer to analyze what you have said. AVS then sends a command to your device telling Alexa what to do in just a few seconds.

You want to see what Alexa can do other things? You can find out more about in our post.

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